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15 Feb 2019


In recent years, wedding photography has become a specialism for many professional photographers within the world of images.

Today, we have compiled a selection of 7 Wedding Photographer websites for you, all of whom manage their websites through Arcadina. Our colleagues stand out because of the quality of their work, and for the elegance and simplicity of their photographs and videos.

From the point of view of their websites, the 7 chosen photographers stand out for their use of simple structures, for not having too many photographic categories and because they provide a lot of graphic information (photos and videos). These simple, yet efficient, structures help to capture the interest of those who visit their websites.

If your visitors like your photos and videos, and you display them in a simple way, you will have a better chance of winning the contract.


We hope that you enjoy this selection of wedding photography websites.


7 Wedding Photographer websites

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1. Lovart Studio – Chiapas (Mexico)

Carmen and Ramiro are a young couple of wedding photographers who live in México. They are a fantastic example of the new style of wedding photography which is taking place today in this lovely country. Their photographs demonstrate their great skill in using light and colour.

On their Venice-designed website, you can enjoy their work and their services through the website’s simple and well-organised structure. In the Lovart Studio gallery they have chosen to display their images in the carousel format.

When publicising themselves, their Social Networks are one of their strengths. They already have 36.000 followers on Facebook, and over 11.000 followers on Instagram. As you can imagine, each time this couple share a new photograph or promote a new article on their blog, the impact is impressive and their opportunities for success multiply exponentially.



www.lovartstudio.com. Design web Venezia + Gallery Carousel + Blog


2. Wedding Photographer CG – Suffolk (United Kingdom)


You will find Cristina behind the lens at Wedding Photographer. She specialises in artistic wedding photography and she is based in England.

On her Venice-designed website, you will find a fantastic gallery of images full of spontaneous moments, although always possessing a creative touch. There are also various sections about her services where she explains what a day at work is like and the different options that couples can select.

Cristina has included a section in her website where clients can leave their comments which, without a doubt, is a great social testimony.



www.weddingphotographercg.com. Design web Venezia + Services Page + Testimony Section


3. La fabriquilla de Dani Sousa – Toledo (Spain)

Dani Sousa is a wedding photographer from Toledo who has invested heavily in natural wedding photography without too many frills. This wedding photographer is always searching for the spontaneity of the moment and capturing the magic of each instant.

You can enjoy his work on his Tokyo-designed website. The images, which he displays in his gallery in a carousel design, are full of feeling and spontaneity. Dani also has a private client area where he can quickly and simply provide a photographic report for the bride and groom.

From 2017, Dani has held the QEP wedding certificate which is awarded by the Federation of European Professional Photographers (FEP). An achievement that is within reach of very few photographers and which demonstrates his high level of technical expertise.



www.lafabriquilladedanisousa.com. Design web Tokyo + Cover Page Elegant + Gallery Carousel + Blog + Customer Area


4. Color Foto – Fátima (Portugal)

The team of Portuguese photographers that make up Color Foto is dedicated to making reports on weddings, pregnancies, newborns, children and families. Both outdoors and in the studio.

In the gallery with Carousel format of its website with Venezia design you will discover elegant and artistic images where they play with lights, shadows and colours.

Color Foto also has a private area for clients where they can manage all their photographic reports.


Arcadina-fotografos-bodawww.colorfotofatima.com. Design web Venezia + Gallery Carousel + Customer Area


5. Dream Big Estudio Fotografía – Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Dream Big is a photographic studio situated in the city of Buenos Aires (Argentina). It consists of Gabriel y Laura, partners, friends and family, or, as they define themselves in their ‘Who are we?’ section, “a duo”.

In their weddings section (the gallery) their spontaneous and unique images stand out. They know that these are the ones that will make the bride and groom most excited. Their photographs have a very elegant style, reflecting their great sensitivity and intuition.

On the Bangkok-designed website, as well as providing a detailed account of  the way they work they also explain who they are, and this engenders a great deal of trust in them from the couples they work with. The website also has an online shop from which you can contract their different photographic services.



www.dreambigestudio.com. Design web Bangkok + Gallery Infinite + Online Store


6. Carlos Lova – Alicante (Spain)

Freshness and elegance go hand in hand in the work of this photographer from Alicante. Their photographs show perfect control of light, and some works are true works of art. Good taste, class, a natural approach and work that is up there with some of the best, without a doubt.

On his Arizona-designed website, you can find all the information you need, in a well organised and structured way, perfectly combined with the essence of everything to do with the photographer (the images in his gallery designed with the infinite format), various sections explaining his fees and recommendations from his clients.

He also includes a blog where he presents his latest works, and a private client area where his clients can review and select their photographs and videos. This is an additional service that makes this photographic studio in Alicante even more exclusive and innovative.



www.carloslova.com. Design web Arizona + Cover Page Elegant + Gallery Infinite + Blog + Customer Area


7. Igor Bortoluzzi – Salgareda (Italy)

Igor Bortoluzzi was born in a small town in the province of Belluno (Italy). Today, he divides his time between his love for landscapes and wedding photography, night-time images, candid portraits and ruined cities.

On his Bangkok-designed website, you can enjoy his wide-ranging, yet organised gallery of works, such as wedding photography (among other things) where he demonstrates his skill at capturing feelings, light and shade.

On his website, Igor has various sections for products and services where he describes all the information relating to his sessions for his visitors.



www.igorbortoluzzifotografia.com. Design web Bangkok + Gallery Pages


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