How to sell my images in a website of photography 📸


18 Jun 2019


It is a query that we do our users very often, how can I sell my images on my website? And the answer is very simple, integrating an online photo store on your website. A website of photography must be designed thinking about getting the most out of your business of photography. You must show the best of your photographic and creative portfolio, describe what your photography and video services are, clearly indicate your contact details and offer the selection, download and/or sale of images to your customers from an online store or private customer area, as the case may be.

Your future clients search directly on the net, and that’s why you should have your website of photography, video or creative prepared and optimized to be as profitable as possible.


Do you want to discover how to sell your photos in the most effective way through your website of photography?


How to sell my images in a web of photography


How to create a professional photography blog 🏆

Como crear un blog de fotografía de éxito

3 Jun 2019


At this point we know that you are very aware that designing a professional photography blog is absolutely necessary to enhance your career as a professional photographer and disseminate your images and videos over the Internet. But even if this idea is clear in your head, do you really know what the keys are to create a professional photography blog that really works with your visits?

That’s the key to everything. One of the reactions you should look for when creating a professional blog is that your visitors interact with it. What for? So that your website is shared on a daily basis and this helps you position yourself as close as possible to that long-awaited first place on Google. In addition, many of those visits that discover your blog will end up contacting you.


How to create a successful photography blog


«To create a successful photo blog you must get into the head of your ideal client and offer them a solution to their problem


5 websites of boudoir photography with a lot of glamour

31 May 2019


Today we want to talk to you about boudoir photography, a type of report that comes «stepping on strong» and that is increasingly demanded by the female audience.

If you want to become a good boudoir photographer you will have to recreate certain moments of intimacy that the woman lives when she dresses with her «bedclothes«.

They will be very sensual images that will enhance the feminine side of the woman in a subtle and elegant way. Where both the choice of wardrobe (lingerie or clothes with which the model feels more attractive), accessories (heels, necklaces or earrings), as well as the location (interior or exterior), will play a very important role in these reports boudoir photography.


websites of boudoir photography with a lot of glamour


🎨 8 artistic photography websites that will surprise you


15 Abr 2019


Artistic photography is a style of photography that is used to communicate a message or tell a story to the viewer.  For this reason, it is also called documentary photography, since the pictures should always tell a story hidden behind them.  Photographers who work with this type of photography usually create their own fiction with characters in a ready-made setting.

Today we bring you list of artistic photographers who love this type of conceptual photography, where all of them try to convey an emotion, an idea or a message through their pictures.  Some of them will be more difficult to understand than others, but we encourage you to discover them through their websites.


8 artistic photographer’s websites


Artistic photography has gathered momentum over the last few years.  Due to the saturation of photography of the smartphone era, where we are seeing pictures every second, it is important to know how to capture attention in a flash.  This is where this type of photographic genre comes in which is becoming the latest choice for marketing and commercial campaigns and in attracting new customers, and where the professional photographer takes advantage of their talents to create photographs that attract the audience’s attention at a glance.


YouTube for Photographers: Tips to succeed with your channel


8 Abr 2019


Have you thought of YouTube as an ideal platform for photographers and videographers? Whether you are an amateur or an image professional, having a YouTube channel is a great tool to expose and publicise your work.


YouTube for Photographers


From Arcadina we want to give you a series of essential tips so that you can succeed with your YouTube channel if you are a photographer or amateur photographer. Here goes.


Instagram for photographers: Tips and advice to succeed with your profile


28 Mar 2019


As we told you a few days ago, social networks are fundamental when it comes to publicising our work. We already explained all the advantages of Twitter for photographers and today we want to tell you about one of the best social networks for a photographer to succeed: Instagram.


Instagram for photographers


Instagram is the most popular of the social networks for photography and is the perfect tool for a photographer to get their work out into the world. In this social network there are thousands of potential customers who are looking to see high-quality photographs.


Facebook for photographers: Tips and advice to succeed with your profile


4 Mar 2019


We’ve already explained to you recently the importance of social networks to present your photography work. As you already know, Twitter and Instagram for photographers have multiple advantages. But this week we are going to talk about the most widely used social network in the world and how to get the most out of it.  We are, of course, talking about Facebook.


Facebook for photographers


Facebook is the social network with the most users across the world.  And although it is true that Instagram for photographers is perfect for showing your work, Facebook is ideal to be able to create a community.


The most-used watermarks by photographers 🌊

19 Feb 2019

Nowadays, watermarks have become a fundamental element for photographers who want to protect their images from falling into the “wrong hands” on the internet. Above all, they are designed to protect your work, and to ensure that your pictures aren’t used without your permission.  But they are also used to sign your creations (just like artists sign their work).


“Watermarks are your best option when it comes to protecting your photographs on the internet.”


Sometimes you might decide not to use them, so you don’t “disturb” or “stain” one of your pictures with a mark that can sometimes spoil the great work. Or because you’re not too bothered if people use some of your photographs (without your permission). The choice is yours.

But if you decide to include watermarks on your photographs, below we show you various options about the different types of watermarks that are most-used by Arcadina users.


The most-used watermarks by photographers


👰 7 spellbinding Wedding Photographer websites


15 Feb 2019


In recent years, wedding photography has become a specialism for many professional photographers within the world of images.

Today, we have compiled a selection of 7 Wedding Photographer websites for you, all of whom manage their websites through Arcadina. Our colleagues stand out because of the quality of their work, and for the elegance and simplicity of their photographs and videos.

From the point of view of their websites, the 7 chosen photographers stand out for their use of simple structures, for not having too many photographic categories and because they provide a lot of graphic information (photos and videos). These simple, yet efficient, structures help to capture the interest of those who visit their websites.

If your visitors like your photos and videos, and you display them in a simple way, you will have a better chance of winning the contract.


We hope that you enjoy this selection of wedding photography websites.


7 Wedding Photographer websites

💡 How to create a professional photography website

How to create a successful photography website

4 Feb 2019


One of the first tasks that you need to carry out when starting your photography business is to create a professional photography website so that you can show your work and provide your potential clients with the information they need in order to hire you.

Your photography website is your virtual shop window. It is not only the best way to acquire new clients, but it is also a marketing tool that you should take advantage of to communicate with clients more effectively. It is also a business tool from which you can offer clients value added services, such as the private selection of photographs or the sale of photographs and services.

There are countless options on the market for creating websites, but it is always best to opt for a specialist service which allows you to create a photography website that includes everything: website, blog, domain name, email, hosting, online shop, private client area and much more. And thanks to the experiences of other professional photographers, Arcadina can adapt to your true requirements as a photographer.


How to create a successful photography website