10 websites that offer a family Christmas photo session


13 Oct 2022

If for this year you have also decided to offer a family Christmas photo session and you are still finalising the last preparations, we are going to create a series of posts for you that will be very useful to: plan your shoot, organise a marketing strategy, see what works for other colleagues and many more ideas to make your Christmas 2022 photoshoot a success.

In this article we are going to show you 10 websites where right now they are advertising a family Christmas photo session on their photography website created with Arcadina.


“What are you waiting for to advertise your family Christmas photo session on your website? Today we introduce you to 10 photographers who are already getting their first bookings.”

How to plan a family Christmas photo session full of magic?


In a family Christmas photo session the important thing is that the children have a great time. To achieve this, it is essential to dedicate some time to designing the Christmas decor for this 2022. As a recommendation, you can incorporate several elements that the children can play with into the props for the family Christmas photo session. It could be a cuddly toy to hug, ornaments to put on the tree or any other Christmas-themed toy that the children can touch.

This way, on the one hand, you will be gaining the trust of the little ones. And on the other hand, you will be able to make Christmas 2022 reports that are much more natural and that parents and other family members will love.

For family photos, you can show parents how to stand, encourage parents to give their children a kiss on the forehead, a hug or simply touch their face. It is a way of breaking the ice in these first family photos. Afterwards, the endearing situations will arise as you go along.

As an idea, you can leave a photo with just the parents. They will love the idea of having a couple’s photos without children in the middle 😉.  And to end the session, if you want to make sure they hire you again for next years’ Christmas campaigns, you can surprise them with a little Christmas gift for the kids or even some Santa-shaped biscuits. Mums love those things.

How to make your Christmas 2022 reports stand out from the rest?


If you are going to offer Christmas 2022 reports in your studio, we can’t help you much when it comes to planning it and on the Internet you can find many original ideas for Christmas decorations. However, here are a few examples:

  • Typical American fireplace with half-decorated Christmas tree.
  • Cottage where the children can look out.
  • Snowy forest including reindeer.
  • Use garlands of lights in the sessions. They will add a beautiful touch to the photographs.

What we can do is give you ideas of locations to innovate your family Christmas photo shoot this year 2022. If this year you don’t want to complicate decorating the studio, you can organise an outdoor family Christmas photo shoot. Here are some suggestions:

  • Take families on a stroll through the brightly lit streets of your city.
  • Find a Christmas market and meet them there.
  • Take them to a nearby forest and bring Christmas props, such as baubles to decorate a tree, tinsel and other decorations.
  • If you’re lucky enough to have snow forecast in your area, make the most of it and take your families to a nearby park. A snowball fight in Christmas clothes will be the perfect backdrop for these magical photographs.
  • And if snow is not expected, organise a picnic in a natural setting with the elements in shades of red, green and gold.

As you can see there are many ideas. The important thing is to try to be original every year in your family Christmas photo session and surprise your clients with fun ideas that they won’t find in other photo studios near you.

How can I sell my family Christmas photo session on my website?


When advertising your Christmas 2022 reports, it is important that you also plan a marketing strategy with the widest possible reach. Here are some ideas:

  • Get your website ready for Christmas.
  • Create publications in networks.
  • Take advantage of your blog to gain positions in Google.
  • And create paid advertisements to appear in all the places where your ideal customer is at the moment.

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For these temporary campaigns, you can also use more traditional means of advertising:

  • Hand out information leaflets in shops near your studio or, for example, in children’s fashion shops.
  • Decorate the window of your Christmas studio.
  • Pay for an advertising spot.

The idea is to let all the mums and dads in the area know that you offer Christmas sessions in your photo studio.

Meet 10 Christmas-themed photographers for inspiration

To give you an idea of the level of the family Christmas photoshoot this year, we are going to introduce you to 10 partner websites that are already launching their Christmas 2022 photoshoots.

1# Ñ Fotógrafos



Behind Ñ photographers are Juan Carlos and Mar, great photographers with a studio in Valladolid since 2000. These photographers are specialised in wedding, pregnancy, newborn, baby, children, family, communion and Christmas photography.

In Ñ Fotógrafos they know very well that a good publicity is essential for the success of your family Christmas photo session and that’s why, as soon as you enter their website with Bangkok design the first thing you will find is a page of services where they explain (through a blog post) how these sessions are, the available packs and the steps you have to take to make a reservation.

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2# Omar Huerta



Another photographer who has decided to create a service page just to explain this year’s family Christmas photo session is Omar Huerta. This photographer also does maternity, newborn, baby, first birthday follow-up, smash cake, in box session, fine art portraits and communion.

In his website with Cairo design, both those who have already been clients and know how this photographer from Asturias works and the visitors who land on his website for the first time will find detailed information about the Christmas 2022 sessions.

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3# Retamosa Fotografía



Behind Retamosa Fotografía is José Luis, a children’s and wedding photographer based in Torrent (Valencia) who loves to tell stories through his photographs.

On their website with Venezia design, you will find all the information about their Christmas 2022 reports in detail. Undoubtedly a great success to ensure almost immediate bookings from their clients.

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4# Maru Serra



Maru Serra is a fantastic Valencian photographer, friend and ambassador of Arcadina who does all kinds of sessions for children, communion, Christmas, boudoir and falleras and also offers training through her website.

Maru, as well as having her own image gallery on her Sydney-designed website and a commercial pop-up advertising her family Christmas photo session as soon as you enter her website, also has a gallery on her promotions page (online shop) with Christmas packs.

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5# Rebeca G Col Fotografía



Since Rebeca G Col became a mother it was clear to her that what she wanted was to specialise in children’s photography (newborn, pregnancy, smash cake, children, family, communion, babies, fine art and Christmas).

If you visit their website with Sydney design you will be able to discover a beautiful gallery of images for each of their sessions, including the Christmas one.

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6# Carmen, Fotos con Corazón



In the Foto Carmen photography studio, which is located in Lleida, Carmen and Anna are in love with children’s photography and weddings, among other reportages.

To let their clients know that they are offering Christmas 2022 shoots, these photographers have created a gallery of images solely to showcase this temporary shoot. And if you go to their client area, you will also be able to see a sample of some of the shoots they are delivering thanks to the possibility of adding a public cover to a private gallery.

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7# Javier Alcaraz Fotografía



Javier Alcaraz is a photographer from Murcia who specialises in social photography (weddings, maternity, communion and themed photography). On his photography website with Arizona design, you will also find a section in his gallery section specially dedicated to his Christmas sessions from the last few seasons.

Last season, Javier offered a set simulating the window of an old toy shop in a snowy setting. If you look closely, you will see that the little protagonists can interact with various accessories, a detail that will make them more distracted and relaxed. We can’t wait to see how this year’s new family Christmas photo session turned out.

8# Vicente Esteban Fotografía



Vicente Esteban is a fantastic children’s, portrait and boudoir photographer with a studio located in Alicante who also teaches courses to other fellow photographers.

To promote this year’s Christmas campaign, Vicente has included in his Tokyo design website a gallery of Christmas-themed images and has also written a short explanatory paragraph for mums and dads who are looking for a family Christmas photo session.

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9# Torres & Torres



In Torres & Torres you will find Francisco Javier, a photographer from Murcia who specialises in offering all kinds of children’s sessions with a very particular and creative style.

If you visit their Arizona-designed website you will be able to visit a services page dedicated solely to explaining their family Christmas photo session this year and a section where you will be able to take a look at many of last season’s photoshoots.

10# Sara Alba



Sara Alba is a photographer from Madrid specialising in children’s photography (baptism, communion, Christmas, smash cake, pregnancy, newborn and family), weddings and professional books who knows very well how to capture the attention of her visitors with temporary campaigns.

As soon as you enter her Arizona-designed website you will see a pop-up window announcing the new Christmas 2022 campaign. Then, on her website Sara has included a services page just to explain these temporary sessions and a Christmas-only gallery.

What are you waiting for to offer a family Christmas photo session on your website?

With all these ideas we have given you in this article to create your family Christmas photo session, we are sure that, if you organise yourself and create an original decoration and affordable packs, your Christmas photoshoot 2022 will be a success.

On this occasion we would like to share with you the testimony and experience of one of today’s protagonists. This is Maru Serra and this is her opinion about our business solutions.

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To end today’s article we would like to know if you know of any other website created with Arcadina that is currently advertising its family Christmas photo session. We’ll read you in the comments.

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