5 tips to get clients as a photographer this holiday season


18 Oct 2022

If you’re still planning for the Christmas 2022 season, we know you’re looking for ways to get clients as a photographer to make the effort of organising these temporary shoots worthwhile. That’s why today we’re going to give you 5 tips to help you fill your diary before December arrives.

Because to get clients as a photographer at this time of year, it is important to have ideas and be more inventive than the rest of your colleagues. And as any help is not enough, today we want to share with you 5 tips to get clients for your Christmas 2022 sessions.


“Discover how getting clients as a photographer for your Christmas shoots is easier than it sounds.”

Learn how to get clients as a photographer before Christmas

If you don’t know how to get clients as a photographer for your Christmas campaigns, the effort of: thinking about the decorations, materialising them in your studio, creating special packs, looking for suppliers and laboratories that offer you a range of Christmas-related products, etc. will not be worth it. It won’t have been worth it.

Because all campaigns are important, but the Christmas season 2022 lasts just a few weeks and is one of the most interesting and beneficial of the year. Families can’t wait to see their little ones in Christmas settings and to receive their Christmas cards so they can be the first to hand them out to their families. So make the most of that excitement and fill your Christmas diary to the brim.

5 ideas to get clients as a photographer in 2022

It’s decided, if this Christmas season 2022 you want to hang the “full” sign before anyone else and get clients as a photographer, we are sure that these 5 recommendations will help you to be one step closer to your goals.

  • Plan several sets.
  • It organises different service packages.
  • Launches special offers.
  • Solve your customers’ doubts at all times.
  • Fill your diary before any other Christmas photographer.

Let’s look at all these ideas in a little more detail.

1# Create several Christmas 2022 decorations


We know that setting up a Christmas decoration is not easy and that it takes up a lot of time and work. But as an idea, so that you can offer your clients several options when booking a Christmas session (and raise the prices of some of your sessions), you can consider using 2 different sets. So that it doesn’t take up too much of your time, use backgrounds with different Christmas motifs, include a specific prop in each set and approach each scene with a different colour palette.

If you want to take a look at what other colleagues are doing this season, in the following post we show you 10 photographers who are currently advertising their Christmas shoots. As we always advise, it’s important not to copy from your peers, but to take an idea from here and there and create your own Christmas campaign.

>> 10 websites that offer a family Christmas photoshoot

2# Plan different packs for your Christmas sessions in 2022


You have everything ready. The studio is already decorated and you have already decided on the different products you are going to give to the families this year (Christmas cards, personalised magnets, calendars for the whole family and enlargements). As an idea, with all these products you can create 3 packs to satisfy the needs of the different clients who are interested in this service.

  • Pack 1: you can offer only the photos of the session without any kind of reminder.
  • Pack 2: offers several printed and digital photographs and the product you know that dads always order. For example, Christmas cards.
  • Pack 3: in this pack you can include all the photos and products you have planned to offer.

This will make your Christmas campaign more attractive to many more customers.

3# Create special offers to get clients as a photographer before Christmas


One way to ensure a minimum number of bookings of this type of sessions so that these temporary reports are profitable, could be to offer some kind of discount or gift to the first clients who book their Christmas 2022 session.

By the way, did you know that it is also possible to add discount coupons in your Business section of your website? The whole process is explained in the following help article.

>> How to use promotional codes and discounts in the online shop and customer area of your website

These first clients can help you to engage other families in these sessions. Here are some examples of how you can do this:

  • Creating private galleries with public covers. In this way visitors will see the volume of work and a sample of this long awaited report.
  • Show photos of this year’s Christmas reports in a special gallery. This way parents will be able to see the different decorations in detail.
  • Ask them to write you a review on the website. Testimonials never fail and are perfect for encouraging other customers.

>> Do you want to make an impactful delivery of images to clients?

As an idea, you can also offer them free extensions if a client comes to your studio on their behalf.

4# Have all information well prepared


As a general rule, in any kind of activity with young children, parents are always going to have a number of questions. Although you may not think it’s necessary to give details of your Christmas 2022 sessions to fill your diary, it never hurts to keep your clients informed of all the details.

How long do the Christmas photo shoots last, how many photographs do you deliver, can more than 1 child attend the shoot, can costume changes be made, etc.

These are some of the doubts that most clients will have when deciding whether to book this type of photo shoot. If you solve them on your website, you will make sure that you are not discarded for not showing the information that parents need to know to book a session with you.

If you answer all their questions on your website, you will ensure an increase in the number of bookings for the Christmas sessions this season 2022. And if you add the direct sale of these sessions in your Business section, the figures will improve even more.

>> Selling photographic services on the Internet: all the keys here

In the following article we explain many more options you can implement to let everyone know that the Christmas 2022 season in your studio has already started!

>> Improve your Christmas photo shoot sales 2022

5# Agenda almost full? Let your followers know


Although it may seem incredible, the truth is that most people are quicker to buy a product or service if they discover that it will only be available for a limited time or that there are only a few units left for sale.

To close more sessions in the final stretch of your 2022 Christmas campaign, take advantage of the “law of scarcity” and manage to close the remaining available sessions before the month of December begins.

You can post about it on social media or even create a pop up ad on your website informing that there are only a few places left in your Christmas session schedule.

What are you waiting for to get clients as a photographer before Christmas?

You have already seen that you can implement many strategies to get clients as a photographer during these next few weeks. Close 2022 with some amazing numbers thanks to your Christmas sessions.

On this occasion we are going to share with you the testimony of Omar Huerta, a photographer specialising in children’s reportages who has already made a strong start to the Christmas 2022 season in his photography studio.

>> “My website helps me show a professional image”, Omar Huerta

And to say goodbye for today, let’s have one last question. When it comes to getting clients as a photographer, what do you find most difficult? We’d love to help you in the comments.

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