10+1 questions photographers ask about Arcadina Labs


1 Dec 2021

Since last spring, Arcadina Labs has been working on your photography website where, in a simple and practical way, you can offer your customers the printing of images in various formats more professional and exclusive than ever. This innovative service will also help you attract more potential customers looking for more innovative photo printing.

The acceptance of Arcadina Labs has been fantastic! And the truth is that there are already several photographers who have contacted us to tell us how well you are doing with this extra service that you can offer to your clients.

If you have a photography website created with Arcadina and you still haven’t told your customers all the options offered by Arcadina Labs and its new printing formats, here we are going to solve 10+1 of the most common doubts about this new service.


“What are you waiting for to try Arcadina Labs and the new printing formats?”

Videotutorial: Learn how to configure the Arcadina Labs service


1 Dec 2021

Today we want to share with you one of the latest video tutorials that you can find on our Youtube. This time we wanted to explain, through a simple video, how you can configure the Arcadina Labs service in the management panel of your photography website.


In just a few minutes you will be able to offer your customers the possibility to print their best photos in Canvas and HD Metal format to decorate their homes or to give as a gift to their loved ones. And very soon you will have 4 new formats available, including the prints on photographic paper so requested by your customers.

And most important of all. Your customers will be able to place their orders conveniently from anywhere, at any time and without the need to travel to your photo studio. And in the meantime, you can carry on with your daily tasks as a photographer, or enjoy your free time.

“Learn how to set up the Arcadina Labs service and earn extra money with photo shoots this summer.”

New formats Passepartout and Desk Block: your photos in methacrylate

1 Dec 2021

Today we are (once again) in a premiere, and since just a few days ago you already have at your disposal (and your clients) the new formats Passepartourt and Desk Block to print the photos of your sessions, or the images that you have for sale in your online store, through the Arcadina Labs section of your photography website. And we already anticipate that these will not be the last printing formats that you will be able to offer to your customers in a few months.

Because in Arcadina we know very well that one of the aspects that you have to strengthen to advance in your photography business and differentiate yourself from the rest of your peers, is to be able to offer your customers more exclusive products and services than the rest of your fellow photographers. And for this very reason, we are working every day to offer you an all-in-one business solution. Because we want you to be able to provide your clients with the most complete and high quality photography service possible.

Passepartout and Desk Block

“We present you the new Passepartourt and Desk Block formats: your most amazing images now also printed on methacrylate.”

New format Retro Wood Prints: wood print for your photos


1 Dec 2021

What do you think about the idea of being able to offer your clients a wood print of the most special images of your sessions without having to leave their own homes? Now with the new Retro Wood Prints format that you have available since a few days ago in Arcadina Labs, this idea is already a reality.

Because your customers deserve that you offer them the most exclusive printing formats, such as this new Retro Wood Prints format. Now on your photography website created with Arcadina, besides being able to promote your services, show your best reports and sell your photos, you will also be able to offer your customers a printing service images without having to go to your photo studio.

Select the photos, choose the print formats and send the order to the lab. That’s how simple Arcadina Labs is.


“Because there are photos that deserve to be printed in a much more special format. Now with the new Retro Wood Prints format from Arcadina Labs, your customers can decorate their home with their photos printed on wood.”

New Express Print and Eco Poster formats: prints on paper


1 Dec 2021

Did you know that in Arcadina Labs you have more and more printing formats available to offer them to your customers through your photography website? On this occasion, we want to introduce you to the new Express Print and Eco Poster formats, where speed and quality in printing on photographic paper will be the main protagonists of these new formats available in Arcadina Labs.


“Making it possible for your clients to have their photos printed directly from your website is something that not all photographers can offer nowadays.

Differentiate yourself with Arcadina Labs and increase your (passive) income with the new Express Print and Eco Poster formats.

New formats Canvas and HD Metal to offer your customers 🖼️

1 Dec 2021

A few days ago we told you the great news of the new alliance between the photo lab Floricolor and Arcadina. And although at the time we already told you about the great advantage that this was going to mean for you, today we want to explain in even more detail how are the new formats Canvas and HD Metal that you can now offer to your customers so that they themselves send to the lab print your most impressive or emotional photos in very elegant and professional formats.

The new formats Canvas and HD Metal are now available through Arcadina Labs if you are from Europe (euro zone), where your clients’ images will be transformed into small works of art to decorate any kind of room in their home or workplace. What are you waiting for to go and tell your clients about it?


“With Arcadina Labs you will be able to offer your customers all kinds of decoration with photos thanks to the new formats Canvas and HD Metal available in your online store and private customer area.”

How to sell digital files in different sizes and licenses?

30 Nov 2021

If you want to know how to sell digital files in different sizes and licenses through your website, in this article we are going to explain what this new feature is really for and how you can implement it today.

For the sale of files over the Internet to work, it is essential to know the needs of each customer and to have the right platforms to offer this service. With Arcadina, your private client area and your online store are already prepared for this. Do you want to know how to sell digital files in different sizes and licenses? In this post we will explain all the details you need to know.


“Discover how to sell digital files in different sizes and licenses and make more profit from each of your photo shoots.”

Arcadina Labs now available in Europe


24 Nov 2021

Yes, you read that right, Arcadina Labs is now available in Europe. From just a few days ago, all fellow photographers residing in any country in Europe (within the euro zone), will also be able to offer their customers the star service of this year. The printing in professional formats of Arcadina Labs.

Because we could not say goodbye to this year 2021 without having Arcadina Labs available in Europe and offering to most of our customers our star novelty of this year.


Arcadina Labs is now available in Europe, what are you waiting for to try it?”

New free marketing resources to promote your sales


3 Nov 2021

How about being able to have a series of free marketing resources to promote your pre-determined sales? And to be able to explain and show your clients the formats of the new service you are offering them from Arcadina Labs with some of the photos from your sessions?

You can take advantage of this Christmas campaign to advertise to your customers this exclusive service of professional format printing available in your private customer area and online shop.

In this article we are going to explain what these free marketing resources we have created for you consist of, where you can download them and for what kind of occasions they can be very useful.


“Don’t waste time creating compositions of the new Arcadina Labs formats, download today the free marketing resources we have prepared for you and customize them to your liking.

Create a free downloadable photo gallery for your clients


12 Oct 2021

Thanks to the possibility you have to create a photo gallery for your customers to download for free in your private customer area, the bride and groom of the last wedding you attended, the directors of a congress or the members of the last marathon in your town, will be able to offer their guests/attendees the possibility to download the photos of the event for free (after payment of your customers, of course).

That’s why today we want you to discover how you can create a photo gallery to download (for free) in your private area and how your customers will be able to access these images easily.

“Learn how to create a downloadable photo gallery and offer a much more complete and quality service to your clients.”