Christmas Campaign 2022: the ultimate guide for photographers


25 Oct 2022

In order to close the Christmas 2022 campaign with some amazing figures, today we want to share with you a guide with 8 practical tips that will help you to get the most out of this temporary reportage that you offer in your photography studio.

Because if you are a children’s photographer, we don’t need to tell you that Christmas reports together with Black Friday 2022 can offer you great benefits for the end of the year and that’s why we know that you will find this guide to improve your Christmas 2022 campaign very useful and interesting.


“Find here the photographer’s guide to help you close your Christmas 2022 campaign with the best numbers.”

Guide to planning your Christmas 2022 campaign

We have created a fantastic guide with 8 recommendations to make your Christmas 2022 campaign a success. We know that you have already started to advertise these Christmas reports but at Arcadina we are sure that thanks to these last 8 tips, you will be able to close even more sessions.

Even so, if your Christmas campaign is not going as well as you had hoped, the following article gives you more ideas on how to improve your income thanks to the Christmas sessions.

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1# Email marketing for Black Friday 2022


To get a boost to the number of bookings you are getting in your Christmas 2022 campaign, you can take advantage of Black Friday 2022 (which will be on Friday 25th November), to launch an exclusive discount just for your customers.

As you will have worked with them before, you will have their contact details (preferably email address) and they will be very clear about the quality of your photo shoots.

The idea is that you write them a personalised email where you can explain to them what this year’s Christmas report is like (decorations, available packs, prints in professional formats, etc.). It is also important that you make it clear in the email that they will be able to enjoy an exclusive discount for the next Black Friday 2022.

This year’s Black Friday will start on Friday 25 November and will end with Cyber Monday on Monday 28 November.

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Tip 💡 Before sending the email, think beforehand about which day of the week and at what time would be the most appropriate for a much higher open rate. For example, a Friday afternoon will be a very good option because your customers will already be less busy.

2# Review the price of your Christmas 2022 campaign


Another aspect that you can take into account to improve the sales of your Christmas 2022 reports are your rates. You may have based this year’s packs on the prices of your competitors, nearby photo studios or you may have simply increased your rates slightly from previous years. What you really need to ask yourself is whether those prices are ideal for you right now.

In these cases, the best thing to do before promoting your Christmas 2022 campaign is to thoroughly review your rates and calculate how much profit each Christmas report is going to give you. If you also join the Black Friday 2022 discounts, you will have to make sure that your final prices (with the discount included) are still profitable for your business.

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Tip 💡 You can create several discounts for Black Friday 2022. For example, 20% and 40% depending on the type of customer and the pack contracted. To ensure that these final prices are always profitable, you can set your profit margin between 200% and 300%.

3# Create Christmas advertising that will captivate your customers


When creating advertising for Christmas session advertising you can use a series of images or compositions to be used in: social media, email marketing, website, dossier, paid advertisements, etc.

The idea is that these images can have a high impact on your customers. You can take advantage of the first photo shoots and use some of the images in your publications.

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Tip 💡Before launching your campaigns, emails, publications and advertisements, carefully review the texts and check that they make clear both the service you are promoting and the rates of your Christmas 2022 packs.

4# Promote your Christmas campaign “to the four winds


Yes, the idea is to let as many families as possible know that you have already started your Christmas sessions.  So, as well as emailing your old customers to let them know about your discounts for Black Friday 2022, you can also: use social media to advertise your Christmas sessions, create online ads or even distribute a series of promotional leaflets to businesses in your neighbourhood.

For this type of temporary photo sessions it is also interesting to highlight them on the web. To do so, you can create: a services page, a blog article, galleries exclusively for Christmas or even a promotion on the homepage of your website announcing these sessions.

And if you have any of our Business Plans active, you can create private galleries with public cover, sell your sessions in the online shop and many other actions that we explain in the following post.

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Tip 💡Try advertising your Christmas sessions on a local radio commercial in your area – lots of dads will be listening to it on their way to work!

5# Define the timeline for your 2022 Christmas campaign


Any photographer knows that even if the dates of the Christmas 2022 campaign are published in every possible media, there will always be last minute clients.

For these Christmas reports, in which most families want images of their children to give to their loved ones for the upcoming holidays, it is important to have a clear idea of the dates when you can offer these types of reports.

To avoid last minute surprises, plan in advance how long it will take for the labs to send you the photos and what is the last day you will be able to do a Christmas session. The idea is that all the Christmas photographs can be ready in time before the festivities begin.

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Tip 💡You can include in your advertisements and publications the deadline for these types of reports and thus avoid having to spend the last days of the campaign with more extra work than necessary.

6# Create exclusive Christmas packs with Arcadina Labs formats


In your Christmas 2022 packs, as well as including: printed copies, photos in digital format, greeting cards, magnets, etc., you can also create a more exclusive pack in which your clients can print some of these more artistic photographs in more special formats such as those that you will find in the service of Arcadina  Labs.

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Tip 💡You can create a premium Christmas pack with the printing of one of the photos of the report in a more exclusive format like the ones you can offer with Arcadina Labs.

7# Include Christmas prints in your studio decorations


Another idea that can be very visual when it comes to getting extra money for the Christmas 2022 campaign and that is perfect for families to hire you for the premium pack, is to decorate your studio with Christmas photographs printed on methacrylate, canvas or retro wood prints (printing on wood). This decoration can be a very good strategy to attract the attention of families so that they can see how these magical photos can look in their living room.

This way, when your visitors see how nice the pictures look on the wall or on a shelf, they too will want to have such a nice souvenir of their children.

In case you didn’t know, you can also request samples of Arcadina Labs products from the laboratories. This way you will be able to see for yourself what these special formats are like and you can take advantage of the samples to decorate your photo studio for this coming Christmas.

Tip 💡Before the end of the Christmas 2022 campaign, you can do a pre-shoot to see how the decoration looks like and to have graphic material to promote this year’s reports.

8# Create a promotional video for your Christmas 2022 reports


Another idea that works very well when promoting a photo shoot is to create a video where you can show how these photo shoots are so much fun for the little ones. In the video, mums and dads will be able to discover part of the Christmas decorations you have chosen for this year.

In addition to sharing it on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you can also upload it to your YouTube channel and create a video gallery on your website.

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Tip 💡You can take some shots in the video where you also appear during the session, this way you will be able to transmit a greater closeness and confidence to the families.

Create a successful Christmas 2022 campaign thanks to this guide for photographers

If you want to finish your Christmas 2022 campaign this year with some amazing figures, we encourage you to put into practice these 8 simple steps from this guide for photographers.

1. Offer a discount on Black Friday 2022. You can announce it by email.

2.    Make sure your Christmas campaigns are profitable.

3.    Create an original advertisement for your Christmas reports.

4.    Promote your Christmas sessions.

5.    Calculate how long these children’s reports will be available.

6.    Offer more decorative products with photos.

7.    Decorate your Christmas studio.

8.    Create a promotional video.

Before we say goodbye, we would like to share with you the websites of 10 photographers who are triumphing with their Christmas 2022 campaign.

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Today we want to share with you the testimony of Gema Romero, a family photographer who is also advertising Christmas reports this year.

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How are you doing with your Christmas 2022 campaign? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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