Improve your Christmas photo shoot sales 2022

4 Oct 2022

It’s time to plan your Christmas photo shoot 2022! Preparing this type of photo shoot is always a beautiful experience where your studio is filled with lights, tinsel and Christmas decorations.

If you know how to “sell” it, a 2022 Christmas photo shoot can also become a beautiful experience for the children who come to your studio and a fantastic gift to share with the whole family. Giving Christmas photos as a gift can be the best surprise for aunts, uncles, grandparents and other family members, if you learn how to promote them.

Because although it may seem simple to advertise a 2022 Christmas photo shoot for children, the truth is that it is essential to plan a sales strategy that will have a great impact on your potential clients (the mums and dads).

If you are a children’s or family photographer and you want to make your 2022 Christmas photo shoot even more profitable, pay attention to this post where we give you 7 tips for your family Christmas photo shoot to become the star gift for your clients this coming holiday season.


“Learn how to sell your 2022 Christmas photo shoot as the best gift for this coming Christmas.”

Would you like your 2022 Christmas photo shoot to be a success?


The 2022 Christmas photo shoot is going to “go through the eyes“, there’s no doubt about it. That’s why it’s essential that you start updating your photography website with a preview of what your next Christmas photoshoot will be like. This way, you will be able to get great sales on this special temporary photo report.

Plan all the details of your photo shoot, create a beautiful and original Christmas decoration and use your photography website, social media, email marketing, advertising and any other element of your marketing strategy to help you give visibility to your Christmas photoshoot this season 2022.

7 tips to advertise your 2022 Christmas photoshoot in your online business


Once you have your studio ready for Christmas and have created a series of special packs for these sessions. It is essential that you learn how to give the highest possible visibility to your impending Christmas 2022 shoots.

You can help yourself with some elements that you can customise on your website, so that any visitor who enters will immediately know that your Christmas campaign has already started. To do this you can create:

  • Pop up ads.
  • Christmas Galleries.
  • Christmas services page.
  • Articles on your blog.
  • Testimonials from satisfied customers.
  • Public gallery for selling services in your online shop.
  • Public Christmas covers in your clients’ private galleries.

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Below, we are going to explain in a little more detail these 7 ideas that you can implement on your website to make your 2022 Christmas story a success.

1# Pop up ads as soon as you enter your site


One of the first actions you can take when promoting your 2022 Christmas photo shoot on your website is to create a pop up advert for visitors to see as soon as they enter your website.

This type of advertising is very effective, as they will not be able to access any other part of your website until they close the window.

All you need to do is to include a Christmas-themed photograph announcing these long-awaited sessions for mums and dads.

In the following help article we explain how to configure a pop up on your website created with Arcadina.

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2# Christmas-only image gallery


You can showcase your Christmas photos by including in your online gallery a section exclusively to show the best Christmas photos you have taken during the previous Christmas campaigns.

As an idea, you can also find a little model to create the first Christmas photos with this year’s decorations. This way the parents who have had a photo session with you in previous years can see what’s new this year. We are sure that as soon as they hear that you have launched your 2022 Christmas photoshoot, they won‘t be able to resist booking their photo shoot as soon as possible.

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3# Page to explain your Christmas photo shoot 2022? It always works


When it comes to booking a 2022 Christmas photo shoot, dads will have a lot of questions.

  • How many photos are included in the pack?
  • What do I have to do to book a Christmas report?
  • What is this year’s decor like?
  • What packs do you have available?
  • Is there a possibility of a change of wardrobe?
  • Will grandparents be able to attend?
  • When will the photographs be available?
  • Etc.

Having a services page on your website where you can answer these and other questions will save you a lot of time on the phone or answering emails. And what’s more, your visitors will be one step closer to booking a Christmas-themed photo shoot almost immediately.

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4# Create blog posts with your Christmas theme for 2022


The easiest and quickest way to publicise a family Christmas photo shoot is to create a specific Christmas-themed post on your blog.

Here you can use various ideas, for example:

  • Explain everything that goes into your Christmas packs (as a summary of the content of your Christmas services page).
  • Create a compilation article of customer experiences in previous years.
  • Or even officially presenting the new Christmas decorations for 2022.

You can then share this article on social networks and advertisements.

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5# Testimonials are always a great support for undecided visitors


As we always say, testimonials from customers who have already hired your services are very valuable. That’s why in Arcadina you can activate a Reviews page, where anyone who wants to can leave a written review about you. Afterwards, you can publish it through your management panel and reply with a few words of thanks.

As an idea, you can rescue reviews from your feedback page from previous Christmas campaigns and include them on your Christmas services page. This way, undecided families will be one step closer to hiring a Christmas report 2022.

6# Sell your Christmas sessions through your online shop


Another option that can help you sell many more Christmas photos this season, is to include in your online shop directly the sale of your Christmas photos 2022. This way your visitors will be able to automatically buy or book the Christmas report, Christmas cards, calendars, special sessions and all the products you can think of that allude to Christmas.

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In the following help article we explain how you can set up a public gallery for selling sessions.

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7# Create public front pages in the private customer area 


Once the first 2022 Christmas photo session starts and you upload the photos to the private area. A good marketing strategy, both for new visitors and for your existing customers, can be to create a public cover page in each of the private galleries.

This way, your customers will quickly recognise your 2022 Christmas report and their experience with you will be much more satisfying.

Also, for the curious visitors to your private area, they will be able to appreciate the volume of Christmas reports that you are hiring and see a small sample of what this year’s session is like.

Without a doubt, using a public cover with a beautiful Christmas photo in your private client area will be an easy way to advertise your 2022 Christmas photo shoot with little effort.

Here we leave you an article where you will get more ideas to surprise your customers through their private area.

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It’s time to dazzle your audience with your 2022 Christmas photo shoot

If you want your Christmas photo shoot 2022 to be a success, don’t hesitate to follow these little tips that we have given you today in this Christmas article:

  • Create an advert to appear as soon as you enter your website.
  • Book an image gallery just for Christmas.
  • It explains this endearing story on a service page.
  • Publicise your Christmas campaign with the help of articles on your blog.
  • Use customer feedback to increase your sales.
  • Include the sale of your 2022 Christmas report in your online shop.
  • Show all the sessions you have booked with the help of public covers in private galleries.

Do you want to know 2 more tips to complete this fantastic 7-step guide to give your Christmas photoshoot 2022 a higher profile?

Leverage your social media and email potential to get more last minute bookings for your family Christmas photo shoot.

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Today we want to share with you the experience of Omar Huerta‘s children’s photographer who already has information on his website about his Christmas 2022 campaign.

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As always, before we say goodbye, we’d love to know what strategies you’ll be using to publicise your 2022 Christmas photoshoot. We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments 🎅.

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