5 websites of boudoir photography with a lot of glamour

31 May 2019


Today we want to talk to you about boudoir photography, a type of report that comes «stepping on strong» and that is increasingly demanded by the female audience.

If you want to become a good boudoir photographer you will have to recreate certain moments of intimacy that the woman lives when she dresses with her «bedclothes«.

They will be very sensual images that will enhance the feminine side of the woman in a subtle and elegant way. Where both the choice of wardrobe (lingerie or clothes with which the model feels more attractive), accessories (heels, necklaces or earrings), as well as the location (interior or exterior), will play a very important role in these reports boudoir photography.


websites of boudoir photography with a lot of glamour



Who can have a boudoir photography report?

These types of sessions are very related to the female audience and the truth is that most of the boudoir photography reports are made to women.

It’s true that in the first boudoir photography sessions that came to light the protagonists used to be professional models where they posed with lingerie for big underwear brands. 

Today, a new public has emerged around this type of report. The woman on foot who seeks to enjoy an experience and images of herself in a more sensual and subtle where her femininity is enhanced.

Whether it’s a professional model or a woman who hasn’t done a single story in her life, saying boudoir photography is synonymous with guided or posing sessions.


«The boudoir photographer should advise and guide his model to achieve elegant and very natural poses


These types of reports are becoming more and more fashionable among the male public with half-naked or integral nudes. Because nowadays men don’t want to give up expressing their sensuality either.

Another variant of these sessions is to make boudoir photography reports in pairs, a new trend that is beginning to emerge.


Who can have a boudoir photography report


Where to do boudoir photography sessions?

Boudoir photography inside

Normally, boudoir image reports are associated with spaces inside, such as a hotel room, the studio or even the model’s home.

In these spaces you can play with different scenarios such as a bed, an armchair or simply using a simple background in the studio.


Boudoir photography inside


Outdoor boudoir photography

More and more both the boudoir photographers and the models are betting on transferring these reports to the exteriors, where femininity and sensuality merge more spontaneously with natural landscapes.


Outdoor boudoir photography


5 prestigious boudoir photographers

Below we will show you the websites of 5 photographers who currently include boudoir sessions in their photographic reports.


1. GNO Fotógrafo

By observing the wide gallery of this photographer from Madrid, in his website with Bangkok design, you will discover that he is not only dedicated to boudoir photography but also includes different styles of reports such as corporate sessions (as in events and portraits), family and real estate.

Eugenio bets on his boudoir photography reports to play with the lights, the shadows regardless of location, so his portfolio of boudoir photography can fit both scenes inside a hotel and images next to the thing.

Because femininity does not understand places, Eugenio knows how to capture the beauty of women anywhere.


GNO Fotografo. Boudoir photography.



2. Jorge Lara

Jorge is a prestigious Mexican photographer specializing in wedding photography with a very particular style, fashion reports and boudoir sessions.

In this last type of sessions, Jorge manages to recreate a very sensual atmosphere in each image thanks to the play of lights and shadows. In addition, it dedicates a space for boudoir images of brides in its portfolio.

If you want to enjoy the images of this boudoir photographer we encourage you to visit the gallery of his website with NewYork design.


Jorge Lara. Boudoir photography.



Did you know Jorge is one of our ambassadors? 

Here’s his presentation article as Arcadina’s ambassador. 

>> Arcadina presents its new ambassador, Mexican photographer Jorge Lara


3. Dani Carrasco

Within the wide range offered by the boudoir style of photography, Dani plays with different modalities. If you go to their gallery of images from their Venezia-designed website, you will discover their lingerie reports, boudoir sessions in black and white only and integral nude photographs.

Dani Carrasco develops all his creativity in exteriors as well as in interiors fleeing the recharged scenes.


Dani Carrasco. Boudoir photography.



4. Otra Fotografía Córdoba

In this website with Bangkok design if you go to his photo gallery you will find books, pregnancy sessions and wedding reports. But undoubtedly his main style and on which most of his work is based is boudoir photography.

Therefore, in addition to finding boudoir sessions outside, inside, and special for brides and men, you will also find in his blog section a large number of articles related to this style of photography.


Otra fotografia Cordoba. Boudoir photography.



5. Miriam Franco Fotografía

In the gallery of Miriam Franco’s website with Tokyo design, besides discovering her boudoir photography sessions you will find thematic nude reports.

In addition, Miriam goes one step further in each of her boudoir photography reports, seeking not only to capture the beauty of women in a natural way, but also takes advantage of the different scenes to convey a message through her photographs.


Miriam Franco. . Boudoir photography.



Display your boudoir photos on a website created with Arcadina

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