AI applied to photography: Tools to turn artificial intelligence into an ally


27 Feb 2024

It has been a year since I wrote my first article in this blog about artificial intelligence and the impact it was going to have on the photography sector, both creatively and professionally. And the fact is that AI has ceased to be that recurring innovation that in the collective imagination has had so many forms arising from cinema or science fiction literature to become a feasible reality that, until very recently, nobody expected. And this, despite the fact that the first sketch of an artificial intelligence dates back to 1939, when the English mathematician Alan Turing devised Bombe, the calculating machine with which it was possible to decipher the Nazi Enigma codes, with enough time to anticipate the Reich’s movements during the Second World War.


The first sketch of an artificial intelligence dates back to 1939, when the English mathematician
Alan Turing devised
Bombe, the calculating machine with which it was possible to decipher the Nazi Enigma codes.

And so, while HAL 9000 rebelled against humans in 2001, A Space Odyssey (Stanley Kubrick, 1968) or Rick Deckard in Blade Runner (Ridley Scott, 1982) hunted replicants endowed with an emotional intelligence not much more developed than that of the super-toy child in A.I. Artificial Intelligence (Steven Spielberg, 2001), in the real world Eliza (1966) was born, the first programme based on the idea of artificial neural networks, a supercomputer called Deep Blue defeated the world chess champion Gary Kasparov (1996), and AlphaGo (2015) and AlphaZero (2017) took a giant step forward, being the first known programmes capable of learning by themselves.

All these events, at the time, had no more impact on the collective consciousness than that of a filler news item on any news programme or a La 2 documentary on science and technology, as long as one did not end up nodding off to the voice of Eduard Punset in the background. And despite the fact that all the knowledge there is and ever will be is available to anyone thanks to the Internet, the vast majority of non-artificial intelligences seem to be opting to use the technological fact to peel the turkey on the RRSS, totally oblivious to the evolution of events that are the prelude to a paradigm shift that is undoubtedly going to turn everything upside down.

Bombe: the first sketch of an artificial intelligence.

Did you know that you can now search for image search by selfie? Find out about this new AI feature


17 Jan 2024

Yes, since a few days ago your customers will be able to image search by selfiee in their private galleries or in any of your public galleries to find their images through Artificial Intelligence. Even though we have only been offering this AI integration to our customers for a short time, several photographers have already asked us to add this interesting functionality. And you know that we always listen to you.

So that you know what the image search by selfie consists of and see all the advantages offered by the new AI service that you already have available in Arcadina, we encourage you to read this article to the end. The information we are going to explain in it will be very useful if you want to sell more photos this year.


You have already activated the selfie image search in your AI integration.

Artificial Intelligence has arrived in Arcadina! Find out how AI is changing the rules of the game


19 Dec 2023

This is great news! It turns out that Artificial Intelligence has arrived in Arcadina and, after only a few days of this new business option being active, there are already many photographers who we know are starting to take full advantage of it in the sales galleries of their photography websites.

Thanks to the AI integrated into your website, you will be able to offer your customers the possibility of searching through face and text recognition for their photographs in a sales gallery much faster. Can you imagine the increase in the number of photographs you can start selling thanks to AI? Discover all the reasons why Artificial Intelligence has arrived in Arcadina and does not intend to leave.


Artificial Intelligence has arrived in Arcadina!

Learn about the best AI tools for photographers that will make your life easier


28 Sep 2023

Artificial intelligence has been gaining ground in recent months in many sectors and many professionals, including photographers, view such advanced tools with a certain amount of fear. But the truth is that, if you don’t want AI to pass over you, what you have to do is ally yourself with it and make the most of it to benefit your work as a photographer, so today we wanted to show you in this post what are the best AI tools for photographers that you can use for the benefit of your digital photography business.

And don’t think that these types of artificial intelligence programs can only be used to create images that would be impossible in real life or to retouch your photos much faster. AI tools for photographers go much further and today we are going to give you all the keys so that you can benefit from them.


What are you waiting for to start using the best AI tools for photographers on the market?