Arcadina is named as an innovative company of IVACE


26 Mar 2024

IVACE is the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness that supports companies that decide to innovate in their products and/or services to promote the modernisation of medium and small businesses. Such is the case of Arcadina, where we offer a series of business solutions that are specific for photographers and that help these professionals to have an increasingly complete and versatile digital business where they can promote their work and encourage the sale of photos.

Thanks to our efforts to offer you a service adapted to the new times, IVACE has chosen us as an innovative company, supporting us during this last year in which, among other innovations, we have implemented the possibility for your customers to use Artificial Intelligence in the photo and video galleries to find and buy their images more quickly.


IVACE helps innovative companies like Arcadina to offer a more disruptive service to their customers.

Today we present Emanuel Manfrin ambassador of Arcadina


1 Feb 2024

Today we are pleased to introduce you to Emanuel Manfrin ambassador of Arcadina and a fantastic photographer, photo editor and mentor to photographers.

Emanuel started with photography almost by chance and now he can’t conceive his life without it, but rather than tell you about it, it’s better that he himself tells you about his experience, his experiences and how he has managed to turn a dream into a reality that he can live from.


Meet Emanuel Manfrin ambassador of Arcadina.

In Arcadina we celebrate Saint Veronica patron saint of photographers


12 Jul 2023

In Arcadina we are celebrating because it is your day. Today 12 July is Saint Veronica, patron saint of photographers, and what better way to celebrate it than with an article where we are going to tell you some of the curiosities of this very special celebration for all our clients.

If you want to know how the first photograph in history was created and why Saint Veronica has become the patron saint of all photographers, don’t miss this post.


“In Arcadina today we celebrate Saint Veronica, patron saint of photographers”.

Would you like to have a booking calendar on your website? The Arcadina Booking plan is here!

14 Mar 2023

Yes, in case you still didn’t know, the requested Arcadina Booking plan is already on the market. We know, thanks to you, that this is a very used and demanded service by photographers that will allow you to manage automatically and through the web the booking and payment of photo shoots.

Thanks to the new Booking plan that we offer you at Arcadina, you will be able to put a series of photo shoots on sale on your website so that your clients can simply select the day and time and pay for the service. In this way, and thanks to the simplicity of the purchase process, you will achieve a greater number of bookings without doing anything at all. What’s more, you will have a well-organised booking calendar with each shoot that you can link to your usual work calendar (e.g. Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, etc.).


Get many more bookings for your photo shoots thanks to Arcadina’s new Booking plan.

Headache for your photography business? Take an Arcadina


25 Jan 2023

Yes, in this profession we know that you often suffer from headaches in your photography business. Because there are many things you have to keep track of, besides being a good photographer, getting clients and offering them a service they like.

Being a photographer nowadays is much more than that, especially if you want to make a living from it. Nowadays you have to know about a number of things that were unthinkable years ago, such as: marketing, social media, sales techniques, scheduling, etc. Trying to keep up to date with all these aspects will eventually give you a headache for your photography business.

The solution? Take an Arcadina.

If you have a headache about your photography business, take an Arcadina.

Alliance between Arcadina and

13 Jul 2022

We have achieved a partnership between Arcadina and Yes, this is news that we know is long awaited by all photographers and videographers who rely on our business solutions. Therefore, today we can announce that in a very short time, you will be able to have the WhatsApp icon for business on your website and take advantage of all the benefits that this communication application brings.

Because at Arcadina we know that WhatsApp is a powerful work tool that will allow you to contact your customers much more easily. This, without a doubt, is one of the new features that you have been asking for for some time and, as you know, we always listen to all your proposals and suggestions.

WhatsApp for business is here to stay thanks to the partnership between Arcadina and

Joan Vendrell, the new ambassador of Arcadina


23 Jun 2022

On this occasion we have the honour of introducing you to Joan Vendrell, Arcadina’s new ambassador and a great friend for many years. Joan is a photographer specialised in taking stunning travel and landscape photographs and he also loves everything related to online and face-to-face training.

Self-taught photographer and a great professional, today we have the pleasure to have a little chat with Joan Vendrell, the new ambassador of Arcadina whom we admire and follow.


Find out who is Joan Vendrell, the new ambassador of Arcadina.

Enjoy more space with Arcadina’s new Business Plans


17 May 2022

Thanks to the new Arcadina Business plans, you can now contract the pack that best suits your needs and create your own online business.

Because with Arcadina’s Business plans you will be able to create an online shop to sell your photographs, products and photographic services 24/7 and offer your customers a private area where they can: view, select, buy, download and order professional photographic prints from their homes. The new plans will give you the possibility to invoice much more for each of your photo shoots. What are you waiting for to try them?


“Enjoy more space thanks to Arcadina’s new Business plans and create a business model that allows you to make a living from photography”.

Find out about Arcadina’s new Business and Web plans


3 May 2022

Did you already know that we have launched the new Arcadina Business and Web plans?

Yes, at Arcadina we have great news to tell you. Just a few days ago we have taken a big step into the future by betting on a series of plans totally different from the ones you have known until now.

Today we want you to get to know the new Arcadina Business and Web plans so that you can see how your photography business can go much further with all these new features.


“With Arcadina’s new Business and Web plans, create the photography business you really need.”

If you want to know what the new Arcadina Business and Web plans are like and how they are going to revolutionise your photography business, in this article we are going to detail everything they include and the Arcadina prices.

Creativity goes with you, offering you the best service goes with us

14 Mar 2022

Arcadina is always with you.

Being a photographer is much more than just picking up a camera and shooting. Nowadays anyone can do that with their mobile phone. To be a photographer is to know how to look, to look for unique frames, to wait for the right point of light, to see beauty where others only see vulgarity and a host of other qualities.

In Arcadina we know that you are not an ordinary photographer because your creativity goes with you, your inspiration goes with you and your way of looking at the world also goes with you.

And that’s why we want you to know that, at Arcadina, offering you the best service goes with us, helping you to succeed as a photographer goes with us and always accompanying you hand in hand in your professional career, yes, it also goes with us.

“Your essence as a photographer goes with you and helping you to monetise it goes with us.