Do you do Christmas photography and want to make your campaign run better this year?


19 Sep 2023

As every year, after the summer we know that you are starting to prepare the Christmas reports. You have to put a lot of work into organising the studio and the advertising campaign with the families and this year you are confident that this effort will be rewarded. But you also know that there are years when difficulties with your Christmas campaign give you a lot of headaches.

If this 2023 you want to improve your figures with your Christmas sessions and finally end the year with a good profit, today we are going to discuss with you the main difficulties with your Christmas campaign and what is even better, we will give you a solution to all of them so that, once and for all, you can make these elaborate reports profitable.


This year save all the difficulties with your 2023 Christmas campaign thanks to this guide from Arcadina.

It’s time to plan your Christmas campaign 2023


5 Sep 2023

After disconnecting on the beach or in the mountains this summer and coinciding with the beginning of September, it’s time to start planning the 2023 Christmas campaign. If you are new to this type of temporary reportage, it may seem a bit rushed but from the experience of veteran photographers who do this type of reportage with children, we can tell you that if you don’t start to give shape to your Christmas 2023 photoshoots that you want to offer this year, you will be quite short of time.

To prepare a Christmas 2023 campaign that really works, it is important that you take the time to plan and prepare the decorations, create the necessary publicity to make these reports profitable and several other tips that we will give you in this article.


What are you waiting for to organise your Christmas 2023 campaign today?

Are you a family photographer and do you spend a lot of time managing clients?


18 Jul 2023

If you like dealing with children of all ages, doing a family session is usually one of the most beautiful reports that a photographer can do throughout his professional career and if he has also seen the protagonists grow up through different photo shoots, even better. But when it comes to managing this type of reportage, a series of problems usually arise for a family photographer that we want to help you solve today.

As the most difficult problems for a family photographer to solve are usually more related to the management of the business than to the execution of the photographic reportage itself, today we want to give you a hand and shed some light on all those obstacles that you may encounter in your career as a professional family photographer.


Do you want us to help you solve the problems of a family photographer?

Do you want to improve your sales? Discover the 5 advantages of Booking


13 Jul 2023

Nowadays photographers’ clients, especially those of the new generations, value very positively that the treatment and management, after the day of the reportage, are through an online platform, such as private galleries. And if you also give them the possibility of booking some of your photo shoots through your website, more than one undecided person will jump at the chance to pay for the booking of your photo shoots without even contacting you.

This and other advantages of Booking are the ones we are going to discuss today in this article so that you can see how beneficial it can be to offer your visitors the possibility of booking a photo shoot directly from a public gallery on your website.


Get to know all the advantages of Arcadina Booking.

7+1 keys to making a family photograph that will last through the years


4 Jul 2023

Although many types of children’s sessions can be done, theusual aim of family photograph is to capture a very specific moment of family life in a natural and spontaneous way so that it becomes a beautiful memory for the whole family.

If you want to dedicate yourself to family photograph, in this article we are going to give you 7+1 keys so that your family photo sessions are spontaneous, emotional and very natural. Because at the end of the day, what your clients are looking for is to remember this beautiful stage that their children are currently experiencing throughout their lives.


“In family photograph shoots, an ordinary afternoon can turn into an unforgettable memory”.

Guide for photographers: First steps with Arcadina


8 Jun 2023

If you are just starting out with us or you are not yet familiar with the business solutions we offer photographers, knowing what the first steps with Arcadina are like will help you to have a much clearer vision of how far you can take your digital photography business.

There are so many options that we offer you at the moment that we thought it would be very interesting to develop a guide for photographers with the first steps with Arcadina so that you can easily set up your own online photography business.

Because, in case you didn’t know, with us you will be able to: create a professional photography website, offer your clients a private area where they will be able to manage their images, sell digital and printed photographs in your online shop, offer your clients the possibility to book their sessions and pay for them from the web and many more options so that you can boost and develop your digital photography business as far as you can imagine.


Now with Arcadina’s first steps guide for photographers, setting up your digital photography business will be a breeze.

6 steps to find out which photography business to set up


23 May 2023

After having spent some time combining your current job and your passion for photography, you have reached a point where you are considering taking the plunge and are considering what photography business to set up. Because you’ve reached the point where you’ve made up your mind and you want to set up a photography business, to give up that job that doesn’t suit you in order to devote yourself completely to your great vocation.

Congratulations! At Arcadina we know that the beginnings can be a bit dizzying. That is why we have created for you this small 6-step guide to know which photography business to set up that will help you take your first steps as a professional photographer. Because at Arcadina we want you to advance in your career as a photographer with determination and a firm step.


Would you like to find out which photography business to set up? Then follow the tips in this guide.

Are you a newborn photographer and feel you have no control over the management of your business?


16 May 2023

The problems of a newborn photographer, especially when starting out, are more focused on technical issues, such as: knowing how to position the baby safely, learning the transitions from pose to pose, setting up scenery, getting props, editing in a more artistic way, etc. But as a newborn photography business becomes more established over time, other concerns begin to emerge that are more related to the management of the business itself.

If you want to know what these problems are for a newborn photographer and, above all, how to solve them, read this article to the end.


The biggest problems for an experienced newborn photographer do not arise when doing the shoot but in running his or her own business.

Boost your business with digital marketing for photographers


9 May 2023

The world of photography has a lot in common with digital marketing for photographers. If you think about it carefully, knowing which element to focus the lens on and how to give the final touch to the photo in the editing process so that it conveys a feeling responds to one of the fundamental principles of marketing, which is to convey a message and not a product.

So, if you want to make a living from photography, it’s time to develop your own digital marketing strategy for photographers and from Arcadina we want to give you some keys to help you in this process.


Thanks to digital marketing for photographers your photography business will be much more visible on the Internet.

7 Basic Tips for Creating Adorable Newborn Photos


2 May 2023

If you are planning to focus your career on newborn photography, it is important to bear in mind that this speciality is not like any other. In this type of reportage with newborns, the care in the treatment of the babies and the preparation of the sessions are two very important aspects when offering a quality service, but they are not the only ones you have to take into account to be a great children’s photographer.

In today’s post we are going to give you 7 recommendations that will make your newborn photos professional and charming at the same time.


Discover the guide to take good newborn photos that we have created in Arcadina.