Are you a newborn photographer and feel you have no control over the management of your business?


16 May 2023

The problems of a newborn photographer, especially when starting out, are more focused on technical issues, such as: knowing how to position the baby safely, learning the transitions from pose to pose, setting up scenery, getting props, editing in a more artistic way, etc. But as a newborn photography business becomes more established over time, other concerns begin to emerge that are more related to the management of the business itself.

If you want to know what these problems are for a newborn photographer and, above all, how to solve them, read this article to the end.


The biggest problems for an experienced newborn photographer do not arise when doing the shoot but in running his or her own business.

What are the main problems of a newborn photographer?


Being a newborn photographer requires a lot of preparation beforehand, especially in order to secure the safe positioning of newborn babies, to get the most out of each shoot by creating various scenarios and maintaining a suitable atmosphere in the studio for both the babies and their parents, as they will be spending many hours there.

But once you have the right training, you gain experience little by little and you get your studio fully prepared and equipped to do this kind of children’s sessions, the volume of work will increase little by little as a photographer becomes more and more known.

It is at this point that a number of problems begin to arise for a newborn photographer that are often beyond his or her control and are usually more related to the management of the business than to the shooting of the photo session.

Managing the business is often the most tedious and complicated part of a newborn photographer’s day-to-day life.

Here we are going to present 3 of the main obstacles that a photographer who is dedicated to making newborn sessions usually encounters and that have nothing to do with the planning and execution of a reportage. But first we are going to share with you the websites of 10 great photographers who do newborn sessions and who also trust Arcadina.

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1# I waste a lot of time in the customer booking process

As we have already mentioned, a newborn photographer has to have the studio ready for the arrival of the families. This implies:

  • Have several scenarios prepared.
  • All the props and other material to be used in the session are ready.
  • The studio is fully equipped to make the baby feel comfortable during the whole session.
  • A space where dads can rest, have a drink and take care of their baby during breaks in the filming.
  • Etc.

These are just a few of the jobs that the photographer will have to do each day of the session, without taking into account the subsequent post-production process, preparation for other children’s and pregnancy photo shoots, administrative issues, finding materials for the sessions, etc.

All these jobs leave very little time for photographers to be attending clients in the studio, answering phone calls or emails requesting to book a newborn photo shoot. Also, as these types of shoots are booked several months in advance, many of the calls are simply to ask for information.

If you want to have more free time to calmly prepare newborn sessions, edit the ones you have already done or simply rest, it is important that you start automating certain processes within the management of your business.

2# I do not keep proper track of payments

Another problem that is closely related to the lack of time, is the management of the payment of the reports. In most cases, photographers split the payment in 2 or 3 parts, this implies keeping track of them to make sure that all clients pay them.

In the case of newborn photographers, there is the added bonus that the booking is made when the mother is still pregnant, so it will be many months from the time of booking until the session takes place.

If you do not have a well-structured process to account for payments from your customers, you run the risk that you may miss a payment or waste a lot of time looking for receipts of previous payments yourself.

3# I am booked many months in advance and my schedule is in chaos

Another effect of booking a newborn session so far in advance is the control of your booking calendar. You have to be very careful and orderly to keep track of all the sessions and not overlap sessions, at least 3 months in advance. And if you also do other types of shoots, for example: pregnancy, baby follow-up, children and family sessions, etc. every time a mum contacts you to book a newborn session, you will have to spend a lot of time looking for a slot in your agenda that fits exactly with this type of sessions that are longer than the others.

You need to implement a system where all these processes are as automatic as possible to avoid errors and waste of time in your working hours.

At Arcadina we offer you all the tools to make your photography business profitable


If you want to save time in managing your clients, keep better control of your photo shoots, payments made and those pending, now at Arcadina, in addition to offering you a series of business solutions for photographers that will help you create your professional online business (with website, blog, client area, online shop, WhatsApp service, etc.), we will now also help you with other management processes of your company.

Thanks to the Booking service, you will be able to solve many of the problems of a newborn photographer. If you don’t know it yet, the following article will introduce you to it.

>> Would you like to have a booking calendar on your website? The Arcadina Booking plan is here!

Plan Booking, the best ally to make your newborn sessions profitable


Arcadina’s Booking plan is designed to make your life easier, especially when it comes to managing processes with clients, being able to offer them the possibility of immediately booking a newborn photo shoot directly from the website, keeping order in your calendar of newborn photo shoots and having greater control of the payments made by each client, etc.

In case you still don’t know it well, the Booking service includes:

  • The possibility for your clients to book a session. Including the choice of day and time and the payment of the booking.
  • You will have a space for each reservation where you can manage the rest of the payments.
  • You will have access to a work calendar where all the photo sessions will appear automatically and you will also have the possibility to take all this information to your usual calendar.

These are just 3 advantages of this new Booking service that will help you delegate some of the work that has less to do with taking photos and more to do with successfully managing an online project. Let’s take a look at them in a little more detail.

Your clients can now book their newborn sessions online


We mentioned this almost at the beginning of this article. If you are a newborn photographer you will already know the amount of time you have to invest in scheduling each photo shoot and the time you spend managing clients, especially those who have not yet decided to hire you, is valuable time that you could be using in any other useful task.

Thanks to the Booking service, you will be able to have a space where future mums will find a brief description of your newborn photo session, the price of the photo shoot and the rest of the basic information they need to know to start booking.

Once they have made up their mind, they only have to choose the day and time they are most interested in and make the reservation. Your clients will be delighted and so will you when you see all the time you save.

Keep track of your photo shoot payments in detail


One of the features of Booking’s booking service is that for customers who make several payments, you will have a space on your panel where you can register each payment (date, amount and means of payment) so that you know at all times how much each customer has left to pay.

In this way, in the same space (your panel) you will be able to control how many bookings you have, from which clients, the amount paid and all the other data you need to know about each of the newborn sessions that are booked online.

Keep your booking calendar up to date with Booking


Another headache for a newborn photographer is keeping up to date and correctly booked photo sessions. In the Booking tab of your dashboard, you will find a calendar where all the sessions that have been booked through the website will appear.

The great thing about this calendar is that you can add your own appointments, block dates and take all the information to the most commonly used calendars, such as: Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, etc.

Thanks to the Booking service, you will undoubtedly be able to spend much more time preparing your sessions, creating more scenarios or launching new services.

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Solve all the problems of a newborn photographer with Arcadina’s business solutions

As you can see, many of the problems of a newborn photographer that are related to business management can be solved with Arcadina’s Booking service. It will help you to have more time, your clients will take the step of hiring much faster, you will be able to manage payments from the panel and you will have a detailed control of the sessions you have pending thanks to the calendar that you will be able to consult and modify from the panel.

In addition, if you make any changes to a session, your clients will receive an email or WhatsApp message (if you have this service contracted) notifying them of the change.

Before we say goodbye we are going to introduce you to 11 photographers who are already using Booking in their photography business.

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Contract Arcadina’s Booking plan

In today’s article we wanted to share with you an interview with Omar Huerta who talks about his website, a fundamental part of digital business.

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And to finish this article about the problems of a newborn photographer, let’s ask a question: What is the thing that keeps you most awake at night in your newborn photography business? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Headache for your photography business? Take an Arcadina

Headache for your photography business? Take an Arcadina

Fulfil your dream of becoming a professional photographer with the help of our business solutions. Now you can create a website and business for free for 14 days with no commitment of permanence.

Thanks to Arcadina’s business solutions for photographers, your business headaches will disappear.

If you have any queries, our Customer Service Team is always ready to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We listen to you.

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