Do you like creative photography? Discover several photographers to boost your creativity


29 Feb 2024

If there is one thing that distinguishes creative photography, it is for evoking feelings and capturing alternative realities of our environment. This discipline is one of the most daring and rewarding for any photographer. Creativity in photography offers the possibility of creating new, unexplored imaginative universes and creating a communication of the author’s moods or intimate reflections through images.

If you want to let your imagination run wild for a while and learn about new photographic techniques, we are going to introduce you to several photographers who create true works of art within creative photography and who take advantage of the business solutions that we offer at Arcadina to promote them and make a living from them.


In creative photography the extraordinary is removed from reality.

How to get the most out of the Arcadina Booking Calendar?


21 Feb 2024

The Arcadina booking calendar is a tool that your customers will love and that will make your life easier. It is a business solution that you have been asking us for a long time and, although it has been working for some time now, today we want to explain all its options, interesting new features of this service and, most importantly, how you can configure it quickly.

If you want to save a lot of management time with your customers and offer them a practical service that is up to date with the times, learn how to use all the options offered by the Arcadina booking calendar.


Discover all the options of the Arcadina booking calendar.

What does a first communion photography business need to succeed? Find all the answers here


20 Feb 2024

The 2024 communion campaign is already here but if you still don’t have a communion photography business that really works, you still have time to organise it. Because, although it may seem like a simple campaign, the reality is that families are increasingly demanding more in this type of report and take great care in the choice of the communion photographer to ensure they get a precious memory of their children. Gone are the days when parents would go to the studio directly and with almost no prior information to book a communion photo session with their trusted photographer. Nowadays, clients inform themselves, search and compare on the Internet. And that means a lot of work for the photographer before booking.

If you have already opened the agenda for this communion season and you still have plenty of free spaces. Don’t worry, in today’s article we are going to help you create a communion photography business that works perfectly.


Learn how to set up a first communion photography business.

The best domains for photographers: find out here everything you need to know about them


15 Feb 2024

From photographers who already have a long career and are looking to expand their career opportunities with a new website to those who are already taking their first steps in this passionate profession and want to start creating their digital business, taking into account the best domains for photographers will be essential for this choice to be the best possible.

And to help you with this, in today’s article we are going to explain everything you need to know about the best domains for photographers and how you can make this important decision.


Find out which are the best domains for photographers before creating your website.

Explore 10 communion photographers’ websites that work really well


13 Feb 2024

The best first communion photographer websites have one thing in common. They take care and update the content of their website before the start of each communion season. Because in order to sell more communion photos it is important that you show detailed information about your services, a well cared for and updated portfolio, offer a practical booking system so that your clients can book comfortably from home and, after the session, make life easier for them by delivering the images to them through an online gallery system.

Because there are studies that show that professionals who do not have a well cared for presence on the Internet, do not manage to achieve the desired sales. And also, in the case of communions, most families who are currently looking to hire a photographer, usually do their searches through the Internet. Therefore, today we want to show you a small compilation of the websites of communion photographers who are having the best results and who also rely on the business solutions that can be found in Arcadina and that help them to publicise their communion photos.


Learn how to improve your marketing strategy and take a look at what these websites of communion photographers have to offer.

Increase your sales through image delivery to customers

aumenta-ventas-entrega de-imagenes-a-clientes-arcadina

8 Feb 2024

When it comes to dealing with your clients, especially once you have already done the photo shoot, the delivery of images to clients will be one of the points that you will have to improve or take care of so that they repeat the experience with you or even recommend you to their acquaintances. Because you have to be very clear about one thing, and that is the fact that you are much more likely to sell more products or new services to a person who has already worked with you than to one who has not yet become your client.

Private galleries will not only allow you to improve the delivery of images to clients, but will also open doors with a wide range of possibilities for your clients to continue doing business with the photographs from their photo shoots. In this article we are going to explain the importance of delivering photos to your clients and how you can benefit financially from it.


If you learn how to send photos to a client in a professional manner, your profits will increase exponentially.

Guide to taking the best communion photos of 2024


6 Feb 2024

If there is one thing that the best communion photos we have seen over the last few years in photographers’ portfolios have in common, it is the smiles of their protagonists. Because getting 9 year old children, who in many cases don’t know you at all, to smile in front of the camera in a natural way, is the basis for making your communion portfolio much more appealing to families who are looking for a communion photographer for 2024.

And to make this year’s communion images even more fun and original, in today’s article we are going to give you a series of tips and recommendations so that these endearing photos are perfect for families who are already looking for a communion photographer.


For this season 2024 be ready to take unforgettable communion photos.

Today we present Emanuel Manfrin ambassador of Arcadina


1 Feb 2024

Today we are pleased to introduce you to Emanuel Manfrin ambassador of Arcadina and a fantastic photographer, photo editor and mentor to photographers.

Emanuel started with photography almost by chance and now he can’t conceive his life without it, but rather than tell you about it, it’s better that he himself tells you about his experience, his experiences and how he has managed to turn a dream into a reality that he can live from.


Meet Emanuel Manfrin ambassador of Arcadina.

3 reasons why the profession of photographer is not valued today


30 Jan 2024

At Arcadina we have been in direct contact with photographers every day for years and we know first hand that in many cases the profession of photographer is not valued as it should be by clients. It is very common that we receive through our media comments like: “Why do I have the obligation to lower the prices of my photo shoots if I do a professional job? Do I have to offer my photo shoots for free? etc.”.

These and many others are the questions that fellow photographers who are just starting out ask themselves when they see that every day they are questioned and tried to haggle over their work, or even asked to do a photo shoot for free. Something inconceivable in any other profession. And we know that many of you veteran photographers wonder why the profession of photography is not valued as it should be. “What are we doing wrong, when will the rest of society really appreciate our work, etc.? If you want to know where the lack of appreciation of this precious profession lies and how to try to solve it between all of us, be sure to read this article.


Today it is still a fact that the profession of photographer is often undervalued.

What does a wedding photography business need to succeed?


23 Jan 2024

When you decide to set up a wedding photography business, the first thing you think about is training with the best, getting high quality equipment, gaining experience to make wedding photographs that really make an impact on your clients and opening your own studio.

But what many photographers do not know, especially if they have been in this profession for a short time, is that in order for this profession to bear fruit and allow them to make a full living from it in these times, it is important that they include in their plans the creation of a digital wedding photography business. Because the true reality of this profession is that it is not the one who takes the best photos that sells the most, but the one who knows how to sell them the best. This doesn’t mean that you don’t need to have a very good base to be able to sell a high quality product. There is no doubt about that. That is why today we wanted to dedicate this article to show you some of the most important tools you need to have visibility on the Internet today. We encourage you to discover them in this post.


In order to make a living from your true passion it is important that you learn how to set up a digital wedding photography business.

Did you know that you can now search for image search by selfie? Find out about this new AI feature


17 Jan 2024

Yes, since a few days ago your customers will be able to image search by selfiee in their private galleries or in any of your public galleries to find their images through Artificial Intelligence. Even though we have only been offering this AI integration to our customers for a short time, several photographers have already asked us to add this interesting functionality. And you know that we always listen to you.

So that you know what the image search by selfie consists of and see all the advantages offered by the new AI service that you already have available in Arcadina, we encourage you to read this article to the end. The information we are going to explain in it will be very useful if you want to sell more photos this year.


You have already activated the selfie image search in your AI integration.

20 wedding photography websites to inspire you


16 Jan 2024

If you want to take ideas from other colleagues to get your inspiration flowing, today we are going to share with you 20 simply stunning wedding photography websites. Whether it’s for the quality of their images, their genius when it comes to creating business or even for the level of detail with which they take care of their digital studios. These wedding photographers have earned their own merits to enter our particular ranking of the 20 best wedding photography websites of the season.

The aim of this compilation of wedding photographers is to help you get new ideas and encourage you to give a new look to your wedding website. Discover some of the best wedding images from their portfolios: artistic, creative, natural and photojournalistic photographs. And also get to know the great stories behind them.


The best wedding photography websites take the utmost care with their designs and the content they publish to stand out as expert wedding photographers.