Discover 10 post-wedding photographers with a portfolio that will leave you speechless


13 Jun 2023

Post-wedding photographers know very well that the wedding day is all about nerves, rushing and non-stop shooting all day long. It is a very special day for their clients and they also want the bride and groom to be able to fully enjoy this great day.

That’s why offering couples the possibility of having a photo session after the big day can be a fantastic idea to relieve the photographer’s own workload and give the bride and groom more time to enjoy this great moment in their lives.

If you want to meet 10 post-wedding photographers and discover how you can approach this photo shoot so that the bride and groom want to hire this extra service, don’t miss the following compilation.

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Meet 10 post-wedding photographers who know how to sell post-wedding shoots after the wedding.

What is the work of post-wedding photographers like?

10 post-wedding-photographers-with-a-portfolio-that-will-leave-you-speechless-1-arcadina

As we were saying before, wedding photographers go at a hectic pace at weddings. They can’t miss a moment, they have to be discreet and they also have to have enough experience to capture their particular stamp of identity in every photograph they take. And the truth is that covering a wedding is like going to a sporting competition, you can’t relax for a minute.

For this reason, this type of photographers take advantage of the extra features such as the pre-wedding and post-wedding to take much more careful photographs in terms of composition, lighting and preparation of the couples. To make a good post-wedding reportage it is important that photographers do not leave any detail to improvisation. Because in order to “sell” this type of session to today’s bride and groom, you first have to define very well how you want to approach it.

Here are a few things you can leave ready before the wedding season starts that many post-wedding photographers do:

Photographic style

Even if you are a wedding photographer with a natural, photojournalistic style, we know that you have creativity inside you, so you can take advantage of this type of session to let it fly and create images with a much greater visual impact.

Charming corners

Look around your town for more special places where you can take couples. You can also run the numbers and see if you can offer a destination post-wedding, this type of photo shoot can be a fantastic wedding gift for many couples if you know how to offer it.


You can try taking photographs at dawn, dusk and in many locations even at night thanks to good lighting. The important thing is to play with contrasts and try to create post-wedding photographs that are different from those of the wedding day.

These are just 3 examples of how you can create a unique post-wedding reportage. In the following article we give you a few more.

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Tips to make your post-wedding sessions a success for couples

In addition to all the recommendations that we have just given you, a wedding photographer has to know how to sell this type of reportage. We see that in most cases photographers focus on promoting weddings, this is logical, it is your main product, but it is also important to create some kind of publications that encourage couples to hire this type of extra sessions.

Think that many of the couples will not know what kind of photographs they will be able to get at the post-wedding or even consider how relaxed they can be on the day without having the pressure of a photo shoot alone.

That’s why it’s important that you use your photography blog to create very specific articles where couples can read what a post-wedding session with you is like. With this we are not encouraging you to upload a handful of photos of this type of reportage to the blog as a gallery, but we encourage you to go a step further and explain to your readers how you organise these sessions and, most importantly, all the advantages for a couple to hire this session after the wedding.

You can also create posts on networks talking only about post-weddings, take advantage of the off-peak months to create your next posts and schedule them for a few months before the peak of the wedding season.

Another idea is to create galleries on the web exclusively for post-weddings so that clients can appreciate the difference with your wedding photos.

There are many ideas, the important thing is that you choose the ones that best suit you and put them into practice to achieve even more post-wedding reports next season.

Discover 10 wedding photographers who make amazing post-wedding photos

This time we are going to share with you the work of 10 post-wedding photographers who trust in Arcadina. Many of them you will already know from their work at weddings and others you will discover today thanks to this article. The important thing is that you take a look at how they work with post-weddings and find your own way of promoting this extra service on your professional photography website.

1# Víctor Sarabia Grau Fotografía: Orihuela (Alicante)


Víctor is a wedding photographer with a studio in Orihuela (Alicante) who specialises in photojournalistic style weddings and it is precisely in the pre-wedding sessions and especially in the post-wedding sessions where he lets his creativity fly and takes photographs that are very inspiring.

In order to make it clear to future couples what these post-wedding reports consist of, Victor has created a sub-gallery on his website with a Bangkok design.

If you want to know more wedding photographers who avoid posing, we leave you a very interesting article below.

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2# Ruzafa Photography: Villarreal (Castellón)


There are couples who not only want to have a faithful memory of their wedding day and as natural as possible, but also want to keep some unique photos of themselves. In these cases, post-wedding reportage is a fantastic opportunity to create a series of images that will never be taken again, in total tranquillity and dressed as they were on their wedding day.

On the website of Ruzafa Photography with Arizona design couples will be able to enjoy post-wedding photographs that are a true work of art.

3# JM Reportajes: Zaragoza


Not all post-wedding photographers have to take more artistic images, as wedding photojournalism is also compatible with this type of session after the honeymoon. Because many couples want to enjoy the day of their wedding with their guests and do not want to prolong the moment of the reportage. For these cases a post-wedding session can be a great alternative.

In JM Reportajes they offer this possibility to their clients and there are already many couples who have decided to repeat the experience with them in a post-wedding reportage. In the gallery of their website with Arizona design you will be able to enjoy some of their best photographs.

4# Rafa Guerra Fotógrafo: Muriedas (Cantabria)


There are photographs that cannot be taken on the wedding day and a fantastic example is this post-wedding image by Rafa Guerra, a wedding and social photographer with a studio in Muriedas (Cantabria) who takes advantage of the proximity of the Cantabrian coast for his post-wedding photos.

On his website with Venezia design, you will be able to enjoy part of his gallery and although Rafa has decided to show wedding and post-wedding photographs in the same space, couples will be able to differentiate very well between these two types of photos thanks to the mixture of two very different styles.

5# Abel Sogues Fotografía: Traiguera (Castellón)


Abel is a photographer with a studio in Traiguera (Castellón) who does wedding, pre-wedding, post-wedding and family sessions with a mix between natural and posed.

Within the wedding services, this photographer knows that it is very important to offer couples all kinds of options and services, so on his website with Arizona design, couples interested in hiring him will be able to see a sample of all his work in his different galleries, including wedding, pre-wedding and post-wedding sessions.

6# Nacho Studio: Ibiza and Toledo


Between the island of Ibiza and the city of Toledo lives Nacho, a wedding photographer with a clear photojournalistic style who also makes wedding videos and post-wedding reports in fine art style. Without a doubt, a mixture of totally different styles that couples who want to hire him for their wedding will love.

On Nacho Studio’s Bangkok design website, you will find a sample of the best wedding photographs and a surprising gallery of post wedding fine art images with newlywed couples that you will love for their originality.

7# Alery Photo: Algeciras (Cádiz)


As we were saying a moment ago, naturalness is not incompatible with post-wedding photo shoots and this is exactly what the team at Alery Photo offers, a photography studio located in the city of Algeciras (Cádiz) that offers its couples natural post-wedding photo sessions in a totally different environment from their wedding day.

If you want to see a sample of how they work on post-weddings, you can check out their gallery where they show exclusively post-wedding photographs.

8# Cayuela Estudio: Murcia and Alicante


Cayuela Estudio is made up of a team of photographers and videographers who accompany Mario Cayuela in his wedding reportages, books and other sessions that take place in Murcia, Alicante and any other location that may arise.

On their Arizona-designed website, brides and grooms who want to keep a very emotional memory of their wedding and can also enjoy a more creative session will have it very clear with this team of post-wedding photographers who are committed to photographs after the wedding day that look like real magazine covers.

9# David Bocanegra Estudio Fotográfico: Morón de la Frontera (Sevilla)


David Bocanegra Estudio Fotográfico is a photography studio located in Morón de la Frontera (Seville) that specialises in social photography and books. Within the social photography, weddings are one of their strong points and they are characterised by making impressive and exciting wedding reports that do not leave their clients indifferent.

In addition, on his Sydney-designed website you will be able to enjoy separate galleries of both pre-wedding and post-wedding sessions where David encourages the most daring couples to do a Trash the Dress session.

10# White Moments: Barcelona


And to finish this compilation of post-wedding photographers, let’s go with another team of photographers who take natural wedding photos and then, in the post-weddings, bring out their most creative side. This is the team behind White Moments who have their studio in the city of Barcelona.

On their website with Bangkok design, as well as having a gallery just for post-weddings, they also present themselves through an emotional video with some of the wedding photographs of their last wedding seasons. Undoubtedly, a point that will make many couples choose them.

These 10 post-wedding photographers rely on Arcadina’s business solutions


At Arcadina we are always looking for ways to make life easier for wedding photographers when it comes to promoting their reports, dealing with their clients and offering new sales systems. That is why many post-wedding photographers are already opting for our all-in-one business solutions.

These are some of the services that you will be able to offer to your clients if you create a website with us.

  • A professional space where you will be able to show your wedding photographs in full size, create all the image galleries you need, organise your dossier in a hidden page so that you can send its URL to interested couples, explain how you work, etc.

  • A system of private galleries in which the bride and groom will be able to see their photographs and continue buying products, such as: extra photos, enlargements or photographic prints. In addition, they will no longer have to come to your studio to choose the images for the album or view their already processed photographs because they will be able to do it through the web.

And as we said, these are just a couple of the services that you will be able to find in Arcadina’s business solutions.

If you don’t know us yet, we encourage you to try our service for 14 days free of charge.

Do you also want to be part of the best post-wedding photographers?

As you can see, post-wedding photographers do not only focus their attention on wedding photos. These, without a doubt, are their main service, but in order to get the most out of each client, it is important to be able to offer them as many extra services as possible, and the post-wedding sessions, as well as helping to offload work on such a hectic day, serve to add a few more euros to the final budget of each couple.

If you want to know more wedding photographers who trust their digital business to Arcadina, you can visit the following article.

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This time we want to share with you the interview of a great wedding photographer who has been with us for years, Ernst Prieto.

>> 5 years with Ernst Prieto

And finally we would like to know what style of post wedding photography you like to do. We’d love to read about it in the comments.

Headache for your photography business? Take an Arcadina

Headache for your photography business? Take an Arcadina

Fulfil your dream of becoming a professional photographer with the help of our business solutions. Now you can create a website and business for free for 14 days with no commitment of permanence.

Thanks to Arcadina’s business solutions for photographers, your business headaches will disappear.

If you have any queries, our Customer Service Team is always ready to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We listen to you.

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