20 websites of wedding photographers with unique portfolios


10 Feb 2022

Today we want to share with you the 20 wedding photographers websites. They are a compilation of images selected in detail and a great quality in their websites. Because taking care of your design and content on the web, blog and social networks will show you as an expert in your sector. And without a doubt, it will open many more doors in today’s market.

Get inspired by these 20 wedding photographer websites that we have selected for you. Discover some of the best artistic, creative, natural, photojournalistic images. And also all the stories behind these wedding photographer websites.


“Discover the best wedding photographers’ websites that trust Arcadina and learn all their secrets.”

What elements do the best wedding photographer websites in Arcadina have in common?

If you look closely, the following selection of 20 wedding photographer websites have several points in common, for example:

  • They take care of the portfolio they show on their website.
  • They explain their services.
  • They are presented.
  • They have chosen a web design in keeping with their style.
  • They have a presence on their social networks on the web.
  • They offer their customers and visitors a space where they can buy, select, download, order prints in professional formats from the laboratories and interact with the images.

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If you also want to become part of these 20 wedding photographers websites. We encourage you to take a look at their work and get inspired by their business ideas. But always remember to keep your own style and essence to become part of these excellent wedding photographer websites.

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1# Jorge Lara (Mexico City)



Jorge Lara is a great friend and ambassador of Arcadina. That is why we know very well that he has a wide and recognised trajectory as a wedding photographer in Mexico and the United States, and he has also worked for the American television production company NBC and for the “big screen” (among others).

We open this compilation of the most amazing 20 wedding photographers’ websites with him. On his NewYork design website, you will be able to enjoy his fashionable and elegant wedding photography that sometimes reminds us of certain scenes from Hollywood films.

Jorge, in addition to doing bridal photography, has a company dedicated exclusively to Boudoir photography in Mexico. He is also a trainer, teaching photography workshops related to lighting, posing and photography direction.

2# Eugenio Hernández Fotogenia (Bilbao, Spain)



Behind Eugenio Hernández Fotogenia is a team of wedding photographers who, in addition to capturing all the important moments of a wedding, will turn those wedding photographs into small works of art that will speak for themselves.

If you want to enjoy his select collection of images, on his website with NewYork design you will see creativity, emotion and great moments in equal parts.

At Eugenio Hernández Fotogenia you will also discover other types of reportage such as fashion and advertising shoots, cute doggies and wedding videos.

3# Arcos Fotografía (Ciudad Real, Spain)



Arcos Fotografía is a studio located in Ciudad Real where its photographers, as well as being dedicated to documentary style wedding photography and video with artistic touches, are also specialised in children’s sessions (newborn, infant and communion).

On the Venezia-designed website, you will find a portfolio with a meticulous selection of images, wedding videos that will thrill couples who are looking for a wedding photographer and an “Aerial Image” section where they show their drone photography service, very popular in the wedding sector.

A detail that makes Arcos Fotografía’s website stand out and that we know couples will appreciate, is that they have divided their galleries with Slideshow design in several sections corresponding to the different moments of a wedding. Details, pre-wedding, bride, groom, ceremony, couple and party.

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4# Foto Arte Carlos Felipe (Almería, Spain)



Carlos Felipe Ortiz is a wedding photographer based in Almeria who has managed to integrate documentary and artistic wedding photography with his personal stamp inspired by renaissance art. Thanks to this fusion of styles Carlos Felipe has been awarded with countless international recognitions. We are very proud to have him as one of our ambassadors.

On their Arizona-designed website, you can share their fantastic wedding photography portfolio on social media through their artistic Infinite-designed galleries.

In addition to countless awards and recognitions, Carlos Felipe has appeared in the press and on television. A detail that can help him stand out from other wedding photographers and to which he has given a space on his website.

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5# Enrique Oliver Fotógrafo (Valencia, Spain)



One of the first things that will strike you when you enter this website with NewYork design will be some of the photographs that have won the latest awards and the fact that Enrique Oliver has been nominated for the Goya awards on 10 occasions. Undoubtedly, a fact that will not leave the bride and groom indifferent. In addition, if you go to his “about me” section, you will discover the wide range of national and international awards that this Valencian photographer has accumulated.

And if you want to enjoy a style of wedding photography, where emotions are mixed with creativity in equal parts, be sure to visit their galleries with Slideshow design.

In the frequently asked questions section, Enrique answers the most common questions couples have when booking a wedding reportage. Undoubtedly, this is information to take into account and that the bride and groom will be grateful to know beforehand.

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6# Wedding Photographer CG (Suffolk, UK)



Behind Wedding Photographer CG you will discover Cristina, a photographer specialising in artistic photography of weddings, families and communions who is currently based in England.

On his Arizona-designed website you will see a fantastic gallery of images full of spontaneous moments, but always with a creative touch.

Cristina has added a section to her photography website where her clients can leave their comments. Undoubtedly a great social proof for the visits that come to her website.

7# Emovere Studios (A Coruña, Spain)



Emovere Studios is made up of 4 fantastic wedding photographers from A Coruña (Kake Regueira, Pepe Faraldo, Alfonso Novo and Adrián Faraldo) who for years have been (and will be) a reference both nationally and internationally in wedding photography.

In their website with Sydney design, and more specifically in their “photographers” section, you can get to know the portfolio of wedding images that each of them brings a unique quality to this selection of wedding photographers’ websites. And in their galleries with Carousel design in the section “The wedding” you will be able to enjoy a wider range of their work.

Emovere Studios, as well as being another of our most beloved ambassadors, have an online shop on their website where visitors can immediately purchase a stock of their other reports (boudoir, maternity and family). And in their customer area, customers can select, buy, download and order with Arcadina Labs from the comfort of their homes. Direct sales that we are sure will allow them to increase their income even more.

8# Ammiramitu (Italy)



Another of the wedding photographers’ websites selected was that of Marika Tombolillo who runs the Ammiramitu wedding, christening, maternity and family photography studio. On this website you will see some fantastic Slideshow design galleries with authentic images where couples are shown as they are.

On their website you can also read testimonials from some of their clients, and even buy a voucher for a photo shoot as a gift for mums in their online shop.

9# Antonio Amboade Fotografía (A Coruña, Spain)



The photography studio Antonio Amboade Fotografía is formed by Antonio and Conchi. A photographer and a videographer based in A Coruña and united by the same passion, wedding photography. Antonio and Conchi go to each wedding with a very open mind, since after many years attending weddings, they have been able to see that although most weddings have the same dynamics, the combination of each couple, their guests and the chosen locations make each wedding reportage unique and very personal.

Although Antonio Amboa Photography’s website focuses on wedding photography, they have also reserved a space for their other types of sessions such as: communions, babies and Christmas photos.

On their website with NewYork design, you will discover their artistic and creative photo sessions where Antonio and Chari look for those complicity looks between couples with which with the right lighting they describe much more than a simple instant.

10# Ernst Prieto (Granada, Spain)



This wedding photographer based in Granada, has a large gallery with a Carousel design where he combines a clearly documentary style with more artistic images of certain moments of the wedding and a very particular vision of each wedding.

On her Arizona-designed website, brides and grooms will find answers to all their questions. They will also discover her particular photographic style in her gallery. And they will be thrilled in every corner of the website. A common point in most of the wedding photographers’ websites in this article.

To increase the business options through his photography website, Ernesto has a private area where his clients will be able to select the images they like the most, download them, buy prints, order professional prints from the laboratories, expand their services and a host of other possibilities.

11# Tonos Fotógrafos (Palma de Mallorca, Spain)



The Tonos Fotógrafos studio is located on the beautiful island of Palma de Mallorca. Another wedding photographer’s website where you can book a wedding session, Enrique Medrano specialises in: children’s photography, bikers’ reports, pet sessions and also gives photography courses.

In one of his 5 websites with Arizona design, more specifically the wedding reportage website, Enrique gives a lot of importance to the opinion of his clients on the “What they say about us” page. And no wonder, since it is a very good way to give confidence on the Internet.

And in his many image galleries, you will be able to enjoy a selection of wedding photographs he has taken both in Spain and abroad.

Here is one of his latest interviews:

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12# Gabella Gand (Chihuahua, Mexico)



On Gabella Gand’s website, you will discover a photographer based in the city of Saucillo (Chihuahua) with a very particular vision of life that is reflected in her wedding sessions, books and personal reportage.

In the gallery of their Arizona-designed website, you will find some fantastic wedding images full of details, emotion and lots of love.

And if you visit his blog or his about us section, you’ll find out even more about his particular way of seeing the world through his camera.

13# Bilitis Fotografía (Cádiz, Spain)



Bilitis Fotografía is atraditional photography studio located in Cádiz, where you will be able to find wedding reports, wedding videos and all kinds of children’s sessions, such as: communion, children’s, maternity, portraits or boudoir.

In the image galleries of their website with NewYork design, you will find a wide selection of images where they merge a more traditional style of wedding photography with more artistic and natural airs.

14# Caliq (Oviedo, Spain)



Carlos Quirós, is the wedding photographer who is in charge of the Caliq photography studio in Oviedo. On his website you will be able to enjoy a fantastic gallery of images with a very special light.

On his website with NewYork design, youwill also be able to know his other sessions: studio, fashion, communions and in the section “Sale personal work” you will find images that are true works of art.

15# J Lupiáñez (Madrid, Spain)



J Lupiáñez’s studio is located in the north of Madrid, where Josefa welcomes couples looking for a wedding photographer in Madrid, Benidorm, Guadalajara and Toledo.

On her Sydney-designed website, Lupi explains in detail on her “Services” page what her particular style of photography is like and what a wedding with her is like. And in the “Opinions” section, visitors can also consult other couples’ experiences with her.

If you want to see natural and artistic wedding photographs with lots of light, take a look at their image galleries.

16# Lorenzo Ruzafa (Castellón, Spain)



On Lorenzo Ruzafa‘s Arizona-designed website, couples can discover in detail how their wedding day can be with him. This photographer from Castellón, in the “Weddings” section, answers many of the questions that couples will ask themselves before hiring a wedding photographer.

He also has a private client area where he can show, in a more personal way, each of the photography sessions he does for his clients.

Lorenzo knows how to attract and, more importantly. Convincing the audience that arrives to his photography website that he is the ideal wedding photographer for them. If you go through his blog, in addition to finding articles of his sessions, you will find a large number of ideas and recommendations for his future clients. That’s why we thought it was more than fair to include him in these wedding photographer 20 websites.

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17# Antón Barbosa, Fotografiamos Emociones (Vigo, Spain)



Antón Barbosa’s photography studio is located in Vigo, where, in addition to wedding reportage, they also specialise in communion sessions and offer couples the opportunity to make their wedding video with them.

On their “Wedding Photography” page, they explain how these photographers can adapt to the style of the bride and groom to achieve unique images of their wedding day.

And if you want to know the stories of many of the couples who have trusted these photographers, you will find many of them in the blog.

18# El Creador de Recuerdos (Seville, Spain)



Behind El creador de recuerdos you will find Pablo. A photographer from Seville specialised in wedding photography and video reportage who also offers other types of sessions, such as: children’s photography, communions and portraits.

Pablo knows the importance of treating his visitors and clients with care, and that is why, on his Arizona-designed website, in addition to showing his images in large size, he has included an online shop with very interesting products such as: albums, photo books, decorative prints, photographic pictures, decorative stationery and photography focused on companies.

Pablo has a simple, elegant and original photography website, in keeping with his natural and emotive bridal photography.

19# Vanewood (Zurich, Switzerland)



Another wedding photographer website we have chosen is Vanewoo. Here you will find a team of wedding photographers and videographers who also do pregnancy and baby photography sessions in the city of Zurich (Switzerland).

On their website with NewYork design, you will see several of their beautifully organised image galleries with Pages design where they show their future clients a series of natural, spontaneous and elegant images of the most important moments of a wedding (among others).

20# Javier Cintas (Mérida, Spain)



And to finish with this compilation of the 20 wedding photographers’ websites, let’s take a look at Javier Cintas‘ website. This wedding photographer makes good use of the section of the blog he has named “Bodas y más” of his website with Arizona design, to explain to his future clients what a day of session with him is like. In addition to narrating it in words and showing it through his images, this wedding photographer includes videos of the sessions. A very visual way to show couples what it’s like to work with him.

In his section “Who I am, what I do, prices” Javier shows the bride and groom complete weddings through several videos. A very important detail to take into account so that future clients appreciate the totality of his work.

Javier Cintas, is a wedding photographer based in Mérida (Extremadura), with a very natural vision of the wedding day. With him we finish this compilation of 20 wedding photographers’ websites.

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We hope you liked these 20 wedding photographer websites. The quality of the images, the careful design of their websites and the multitude of business options, make these wedding photographer websites fantastic. Congratulations to all of you.

Today we are going to share with you the testimony of another great wedding photographer who could perfectly be in these 20 wedding photographers websites. This is Juan Carlos Albuera.

>> Interview with Juan Carlos Albuera

And finally, here’s today’s question: how many of these 20 wedding photographer websites did you already know about? We’ll read you in the comments.

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