20 wedding photography websites to inspire you


16 Jan 2024

If you want to take ideas from other colleagues to get your inspiration flowing, today we are going to share with you 20 simply stunning wedding photography websites. Whether it’s for the quality of their images, their genius when it comes to creating business or even for the level of detail with which they take care of their digital studios. These wedding photographers have earned their own merits to enter our particular ranking of the 20 best wedding photography websites of the season.

The aim of this compilation of wedding photographers is to help you get new ideas and encourage you to give a new look to your wedding website. Discover some of the best wedding images from their portfolios: artistic, creative, natural and photojournalistic photographs. And also get to know the great stories behind them.


The best wedding photography websites take the utmost care with their designs and the content they publish to stand out as expert wedding photographers.

What do the best wedding photography websites of the moment have in common?


The vast majority of wedding photography websites that have a certain reputation usually have a series of aspects in common. Let’s take a quick look at some of them:

  • Photography websites with a design according to the photographer’s own style.
  • Wedding photographers who take great care in the detail of the portfolio they show on their wedding website.
  • Biographies that captivate the reader thanks to the account of their experiences as wedding photographers and a more personal aspect that provokes empathy in the reader.
  • Wedding photography websites with service pages detailing services, packages and how they work.
  • Websites always connected to social networks.
  • Private spaces for clients (private galleries) to deliver wedding photos where the bride and groom can: view, download, select and purchase photographs comfortably without having to come to the studio.

In addition to fine-tuning your website, a good wedding photographer has to keep other aspects in mind, such as: deciding what training he/she attends every year, being up-to-date in terms of technical equipment and taking care of a series of aspects of your business that will make you offer a unique service to your clients. Next, we are going to share with you an article with more tips on how to turn your wedding photography website into a member of your team.

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20 wedding websites that will surprise you

A photographer, whatever the discipline, has to look at a lot of photos to see what his or her peers are doing, get ideas and refine his or her own style. And the same goes for digital photography businesses, seeing how other colleagues are approaching their websites can help you improve your own.

If you feel like giving a change to the style of your website and, why not? To the aesthetics of your wedding images, we encourage you to take a look at these 20 wedding photography websites to browse through their galleries and get inspired by their business ideas. But always remember to keep your own style and essence to go as far as they do.

1# Alex Piedrahita (Colombia)



We are going to start this compilation of wedding photography websites with Alex Piedrahita’s, a Colombian photographer who although his great passion is weddings, he also does other types of sessions such as: quinceañeras, baptisms, communions, pregnant women, portraits, family, birthdays and degrees.

Alex defines himself in his biography as a photographer of people who is present in the happiest moments of his clients’ lives, a point that, no doubt, your visitors will enjoy reading along with the opinions of several of his clients.

This photographer explains in detail how the wedding day will take place, what kind of products he delivers, what his extra services are and he even leaves details on his website with Tokyo design that he knows will interest the couple, such as how the material will be delivered or the payment methods.

2# El Creador de Recuerdos (Seville)



Behind the brand of El Creador de Recuerdos is Pablo, a photographer from Seville who, in addition to weddings, also takes photographs of communions, pregnancy, all kinds of portraits and more personal photography.

Pablo, as well as introducing himself to visitors in his Who I am section, also explains on his Arizona-designed website why it is important to keep a good photographic memory of an event as special as a wedding. And if you want to see how he works at weddings, we encourage you to watch a short video that we know will delight couples who are looking for a photographer for their wedding.

This fantastic wedding photographer, who specialises in wedding photojournalism, has managed to create a very personal brand image by focusing not so much on the images he takes but on the memories that each of them will hold.

3# Yolanda M Criado (Málaga)



Yolanda’s photography studio is located in Malaga, a wedding photographer who also specialises in children’s shoots, pet photography and corporate reportage.

This wedding photographer has a very particular style and fuses the naturalness of each moment with a creative touch that makes the memory, as well as being unique, become a work of art.

In her website with Bangkok design Yolanda, as well as showing how she works, also uses it as another business tool thanks to the private galleries where her clients will be able to view, download and buy all the photographs they want without having to go to her photographic studio.

If you want to see more tips on how you can sell your wedding photos online, in the following post you will find several ideas that may come in handy.

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4# Marie Marí (Almería)



Marie Marí is a brand with a photography studio in the city of Almería that specialises in capturing the most special moments through its wedding photographs.

On their website with Tokyo design the bride and groom will be able to enjoy a wide gallery of images where they capture the essence of what a wedding is, from beginning to end and they have also created a more select gallery with the latest works.

At Marie Marí, as well as having their website as their letter of introduction on the Internet, they also use it to offer a much faster and more practical service to their clients thanks to their private galleries.

5# Antonio Valenzi (Italy)



Antonio Valenzi is an Italian photographer with a studio in Rome who produces wedding reportage where he mixes the naturalness of the moments with his own creativity. In addition to weddings, this photographer is also specialised in portrait, children, family and maternity photography.

On his New York-designed website Antonio showcases some of the most amazing wedding photographs he has taken and also devotes space to presenting how he captures love stories.

6# Agustín Marín (Murcia)



Agustín is a photographer with a studio in Murcia who specialises in documenting and telling wedding stories through his camera. This photographer also does other types of reportage such as children’s photography and photo shoots for the press.

On his website with Venezia design, the bride and groom will be able to enjoy a wide gallery of images to discover little by little his style and get to know how he works through the pages of services, links and philosophy.

In addition, this photographer, as with many other wedding photography websites, also offers his clients a private area where they can view and interact with his images.

7# Eduardo Breña (Asturias)



Eduardo Breña is a wedding photographer based in Oviedo who also specialises in communion, children’s and portrait sessions and shows them all in his different online galleries. In addition, in order to connect his social networks with the web and save time, he has created a gallery in which all the photographs he uploads to Instagram are automatically uploaded.

In addition to being able to enjoy these extensive galleries on their website with Bangkok design, visitors will be able to get to know a little better how their wedding reportages are through their blog articles. Undoubtedly, a very good way to attract new clients to their photography website.

In the following post you will find several recommendations to use your photography blog in the best possible way.

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Eduardo also uses the private galleries to offer his clients a premium service where they can view, download and purchase all types of photographs in digital or printed format.

8# Jesús Hernández (Cádiz)



Jesús Hernández is a wedding photographer in Cádiz who also specialises in other disciplines such as children’s photography and a series of works with a more personal style.

To capture the attention of the bride and groom, Jesús has created a website with a New York design where he shows emotional wedding photographs with more artistic touches that mark his seal of identity. In addition, this photographer uses his website to make a small presentation so that visitors know a little about his career and a section of frequently asked questions where he solves the most common doubts of his clients.

And so that the website can do even more, he has added a private gallery section so that his clients can access the photographs of their photo shoot with a username and password.

9# Plasmalia (Madrid)



Plasmalia is a well-established brand in wedding photography where they offer wedding couples the opportunity to narrate their wedding day in images, but not through ordinary photographs but by capturing each special moment with total naturalness and a touch of creativity.

On their Bangkok-designed website, the photographers at the head of this wedding, children’s and corporate photography studio show a careful selection of photographs where creativity and naturalness go hand in hand.

And it is in their About Us section that they explain to couples how important it is to keep a memory of every moment they will experience on their wedding day.

10# Jorge Masanet (Alicante)



Jorge Masanet is a wedding photographer from Alicante who dedicates himself almost entirely to weddings, although he also leaves a space for signature photography, children’s reportages and studio sessions.

On their website with Venezia design, as with many other wedding photography websites, visitors will be able to enjoy both their different galleries of wedding images and videos as well as the latest news on Instagram thanks to the gallery that is connected to this social network.

On his services page you can find out a little more about how he works and if you go to his private client area you will see a sample of the latest wedding reports he has already delivered to his couples.

11# Juan de la Chica (Málaga)



Behind Juan de la Chica is a team of photographers from Malaga who are dedicated body and soul to wedding photography and videos, as well as all kinds of children’s reportages.

On their New York design website they show a large part of their portfolio of photos and videos and some of these stories have been put into words through their blog. Another very interesting place to visit is their Guestbook where many clients have left testimonials of their experience with them.

And to offer a much more convenient and practical service to its customers, Juan de la Chica also has a private customer area.

12# Enfoques de Boda (Murcia)



Behind the Enfoques de Boda photography company are Miguel and María, photographers and videographers who specialise in weddings but also do various types of children’s sessions.

On their website with Sydney design, the bride and groom will be able to enjoy a fantastic gallery of images and videos of their different sessions: weddings, pre-weddings and post-weddings. In addition, the most interested couples will be able to find a lot of information about their wedding reportage on their own website. And once the wedding is over, couples will be able to access their photographs easily in the client area.

Before leaving this website we encourage you to visit their Testimonials section where you will find the latest recommendations from some of their former clients.

13# Pedro Díaz Fotógrafo (Asturias)



Pedro Díaz is a photographer based in Asturias who offers wedding and pre-wedding photography to engaged couples. In addition to these sessions he also does portrait and more personal sessions.

The bride and groom who visit his website with Arizona design will be able to enjoy a beautiful selection of wedding and pre-wedding images in Asturias. And for those who are already their clients, Pedro will provide them with a private gallery after the wedding so that they can view and purchase their wedding photos.

14# Foto Koldo (Navarra)

wedding-photography-websites-15- foto-koldo-arcadina


Behind Foto Koldo’s photography studio in Pamplona is a family business that has been specialising in wedding photography and studio reportage for over 30 years, including children, pregnancy, communion, babies, pets, etc.

On their website with Venezia design you will be able to enjoy a select gallery of wedding, pre-wedding and post-wedding images where natural landscapes merge with great love stories.

15# Foto Pokys (Zaragoza)



The Foto Pokys brand is run by Isabel and José Manuel, 2 great professionals dedicated to wedding photography in Zaragoza and all kinds of children’s reports.

If you visit their website with Venezia design you will be able to enjoy a wide gallery of wedding photos where photojournalism is combined with more careful images. In this way couples get a real and very special memory of one of the happiest days of their lives.

And for after the reportage, Foto Pokys offers couples the possibility to view their images, select them for the wedding album, share the wedding with their guests, buy extra photos and many other possibilities.

16# Rojo Verde Blue (Bilbao)



Rojo Verde Blue is a photography studio in Bilbao that specialises in wedding photography, but also offers other types of photography for the months when they don’t do so many weddings, such as: children’s sessions, books, advertising photography and videos.

Everyone who visits their website with Tokyo design will be able to enjoy a wide gallery of wedding images where creativity and elegance are the main features. It is a unique day for couples and that is well reflected in the photographs.

Like many other wedding photographers at Rojo Verde Blue they also have a private client area so that all couples or any other type of client who have had a photo shoot can enjoy their images in private, make purchases, make selections, etc.

17# Eurofoto (Toledo)



Eurofoto is a photography company that has been dedicated to documentary wedding reportages for more than 20 years. In their photography studio in the city of Toledo they also offer a series of studio reportages to their clients, such as: books, children and family photography, etc. and the possibility of making any type of personalised souvenir.

On their Bangkok-designed website visitors will discover how they work and their extensive experience, see a sample of their latest wedding reportages and the extensive list of testimonials that many of their clients have left in their Reviews section.

In addition, Eurofoto continues to do business after the photo sessions thanks to its active client area, where its clients can privately view their wedding reports.

18# Bolquerest (Lleida)



Bolquerest is a photography studio located in Lleida totally focused on wedding, pre-wedding and post-wedding reportage.

Wedding couples looking for a wedding photographer in the area and find his website with New York design will be able to see a gallery of wedding, pre-wedding and post-wedding images where spontaneous moments are the main protagonists.

Behind Bolquerest is Silvia Rol, a fantastic photographer who introduces herself to her bridal couples in her About Me section so that they can get to know a little of her history with photography.

19# Gómez Fotografía (Málaga)



Behind Gómez Fotografía is José Manuel, a great photographer from Malaga who besides being totally dedicated to wedding photography, in his photographic studio he also offers other types of sessions, such as: children’s, family and youth reportage. He also shows some of his work as a photographer on his website.

If this website with New York design stands out for something, it is because José Manuel offers all kinds of information to his visitors, either through his different image galleries or in his photography blog where couples can see how the layout of their wedding album can be. And to get to know him a little better, nothing better than to visit his About Us section.

To continue doing business after the photo sessions, Gómez Fotografía has set up both a private client area and an online shop for the sale of some of their photographs.

20# Jesús Sánchez (Asturias)



And to finish with this compilation of wedding photography websites we go to the website of Jesús Sánchez, an Asturian wedding photographer fully dedicated to photojournalistic style wedding photography, which he manages to give a very particular touch.

If you want to discover how he works, on his website with Arizona design you will be able to enjoy his wide portfolio of weddings and post-weddings bathed in a very special light and surrounded in many cases by unique landscapes.

And to find out how couples have organised their wedding, on his blog you will find several posts about wedding, pre-wedding and post-wedding reports that will surely help this photographer to be found by many more couples.

Top wedding photography websites know how to do business online

We hope that thanks to this compilation of the top 20 wedding photography websites at the moment, you will be able to get ideas and turn your website into a fundamental tool for your photography business.

If you are a wedding photographer and you still do not have such a powerful tool as a photography website with client area included, in Arcadina we offer you the option to create a website with business included for free for 14 days. There is no excuse to become a great wedding photographer.

The quality of the images, the careful design of their websites and the multitude of business options, make these wedding photographer websites fantastic. Congratulations to all of you.

If you want to see more examples of good wedding photographers here we leave you with another small compilation.

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Today we are going to share with you the testimony of another great wedding photographer who could perfectly be in these 20 wedding photography websites. We are talking about Juan Carlos Albuera.

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And finally, here’s today’s question: how many of these 20 wedding photography websites did you not know yet? We’ll read you in the comments.

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