Pinterest for photographers: learn all its secrets


6 Jul 2023

Pinterest is a very visual social network and although it is not as popular as Instagram or TikTok, if you know how to take advantage of all the visibility it can offer you, it can become a fantastic source of customer acquisition. Learn everything you need to know about Pinterest for photographers in this article and improve your online visibility in a simple and easy way.


“Learn how to use Pinterest for photographers and get more clients through this social network of ideas.”

Why is the Pinterest social network interesting for photographers?


Pinterest for photographers is perfect because on this social network people come to get inspired and get all kinds of ideas and this, if you know how to take advantage of it, can help you to get more visibility as photographers.

Although it may not be the first social network that comes to mind, the truth is that you have probably visited Pinterest in the last week. Take a look at the data on this highly visual platform.

  • Users use it to find products they want to buy.
  • More than 50% of users who use Pinterest have bought a product they have seen on the platform.
  • Pinterest generates a lot of shopping traffic to online shops and websites.
  • Pinterest campaigns generate 4 times more sales than other platforms.
  • Most Pinterest users use the platform to find inspiration.

Before we continue talking about this social network, it is important that you know Pinterest’s own nomenclature so that you know at all times what we are talking about.

Pinterest pinnames for photographers

  • Pinners. This is the name given to users who use this platform.
  • Pins. These are visual markers in the form of a pin that are used to pin images that interest you. However, pin is also the name given to ideas that users pin and want to see again in the future.
  • Boards. These are the galleries where users save and organise the images they have “pinned” by theme.
  • Repin. When you see a pin, you like it and you want to save it on one of your boards, this action is called repinning. This way you can consult it whenever you want.
  • Follow. If you follow someone on Pinterest it means you like their content and want to have access to them and receive their latest content in your feed.
  • Feed. This is your Pinterest homepage and will show you the boards of the people you follow.
  • I like it. If you see a pin and you “Like” it, you are indicating that you like the information. These pins will be saved in a section of your account called “Saved pins”.

Pinterest strategies for photographers that work


Pinterest is a social network that specialises in sharing purely visual content, e.g. photos, videos, etc. Brands post material on Pinterest mainly to inspire and motivate users and indirectly, but very effectively, to promote themselves.

This is very interesting, especially for businesses like photography because Pinterest users are much more inclined to try, use or buy what they see on the platform. In other words, users go to Pinterest to look for a “solution” to their “problem”.

For example, “I’m getting married and I want inspiration about wedding photography”. Then, when the user finds a content that helps them and they like it, they will try it or hire it.

As with Instagram, Pinterest for photographers also has a user and business profile. As a photographer, it’s a good idea to complete the Pinterest Business profile because it offers many features that you should take advantage of.

The main advantage of Pinterest for photographers? The answer is clear, because it is very useful for driving traffic to your photography website. But it has many other advantages.

Advantages of using Pinterest for photographers

  • Possibility of verifying your site. This will give users a greater guarantee of the quality of the content you publish.
  • Enable rich pins. Rich pins are something like “rich pins” and they give you information about the pins you upload: movie, recipe, article, product, etc. In them you can include keywords that will help searches.
  • Pinterest analytics. They are very useful to know which pins work best, the percentage of repins you have, the most popular boards or information about your followers.

Every piece of content you post on your Pinterest board will have a link associated with it. That link can lead to your blog, your social media or your photography website. So anyone who clicks on the pin will be directed to the link. It doesn’t matter if you have uploaded the pin or someone else has repinned it, anyone who clicks on the pin will be redirected to the original link. That is why it is the platform par excellence that will multiply the traffic to your photography website.

Complete your Pinterest profile

  • Profile picture: profile pictures on Pinterest work better for professional photographers than logos, especially if you are the face of your business. Also, as an extra tip, it’s better if it’s a photo of your face than one that shows you from a distance.

  • Description: describe who you are, what you do, why they should count on you for their projects. It is advisable to include keywords in the description.

  • Themed boards: to start with, 10 to 15 boards is enough. You can include boards of your different services, inspiration, landscapes, portraits, etc. You can also include content from accounts that inspire you as a photographer and are of interest to your audience.

  • Customised covers: to make your profile more visual and eye-catching, creating covers for each board is ideal. Use the same aesthetic so that everything is homogeneous and follows your visual identity as a photographer.

  • Board with your blog or photography website: it is advisable to assign a single board, which you also place in the first position, where you upload the content of your blog. Put it as a featured board, you have up to 5 boards that you can highlight and that will appear in the first position.

As you can see, Pinterest is a perfect complement to your digital strategy as a photographer.

What are Pinterest boards?

A board is a kind of gallery that you can name and put a featured photo in which you will be able to save a series of photographs, both yours and other users’, on the same theme.

Create several types of boards, in some you can upload part of your work and in others you can use them to attract your audience. To give you an example, if you are a wedding photographer you can upload photos showing in close-up: wedding rings, bridal shoes, groom’s suits, hairstyles, bouquets, wedding cakes, etc.

Another idea is to share on other types of boards content from third parties, for example, wedding dress companies, wedding farms, specialised bakeries, etc. that will make many couples visit your profile and end up seeing your photos.

How can users find you on Pinterest?

When a potential client searches on Pinterest, for example: “ideas for weddings”. The results that this social network will offer them will include these terms if they appear in:

  • The user’s name.
  • The name of the board.
  • The description or hashtags written on the photo.

That is why it is important that when you upload a photo, you create a description according to the information you want to transmit, use Hashtags, keywords and at least create boards with specific names for each topic. This way you will have many more options for your publications to be found.

On Pinterest there are several ways to have photos on your boards: you can upload them from your computer, pin them through your website or by re-pinning an image from another user. If you choose the option of pinning through your website, the picture you upload to Pinterest will always be linked to the URL of your photography website and this is perfect for getting more visitors to your website.

The ideal is that when placing the boards on your Pinterest account you place the ones with your work in the first position. As a curiosity of Pinterest for photographers tell you that you can have the same photograph in several boards, since the image can be representing 2 different themes, for example: wedding dresses and wedding farms.

Ideas for cataloguing your photos on Pinterest boards

When uploading images to the different Pinterest boards, it is ideal that you do not upload them as complete reports, following the example of this post, complete weddings, since this type of information will not interest the vast majority of users who visit this social network.

But on the other hand, if you create different boards for very specific moments of a wedding, for example: bride’s look, groom’s look, details, banquet, gifts for guests, exits of the ceremony, etc. in this way you will have many more visits. In this social network users are looking for very complete and specific information at the same time and complete wedding boards will have much less impact than those with more specific information.

When creating a board, you can set a representative photo. Pinterest will randomly choose the last one you have uploaded. But if you take care of setting and selecting it yourself, your profile information will be much clearer and tidier.

How much time do I need to spend on Pinterest for photographers to get results?

Pinterest has the particularity that as the information you upload and share accumulates, the more photos you have, the easier it will be for users to find you. The idea is to be consistent and share more and more photos on your boards over the weeks.

As an idea to get started on Pinterest for photographers, you can start repinning images from other users that appear on your wall. And when you upload a photo to a gallery on your website, pin it so that it appears on this social network.

These first actions can be done more periodically during the first months to acquire some traffic on the network and once you get a certain reach and as long as you keep updating your own content, you will see that you will need to repin less and less photos and you will get many more new followers.

The ultimate idea is that users will share your photos so that you can reach a much wider audience through them.

Use Pinterest for photographers – your followers are waiting for your images

Although you may think that Pinterest for photographers is not going to bring you new users to your website, if you know how to structure your information and start on this network by repinning other content you will ensure that your quality content circulates through this very visual social network.

And remember that photo descriptions, hashtags and how you name your boards will also help you get more visibility.

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And to finish this article about Pinterest for photographers we would like to ask you a question: Do you already use this social network to promote your work as a photographer? We’ll read you in the comments.

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