TikTok for photographers tips and strategies that work

TikTok is one of the most downloaded applications by users in recent years and has become the social network par excellence among young people today. That’s why today we want to talk about all the benefits that TikTok for photographers can offer you. Because if you know how to use this social network with content that goes so viral, it can become another channel for attracting clients through short videos about your work and your photography business.


Open more channels of communication with potential clients thanks to TikTok for photographers.

What is the TikTok social network and why do so many people like it?


TikTok is a social network for sharing short videos that can currently last up to 10 minutes, recorded with mobile devices, which can then be edited in the TikTok application itself by adding music, filters and eye-catching effects. Users can follow the profiles they like, highlight the videos they like and comment on them. They can also create challenges, combine videos with other users and launch videos that go viral in a very short time.

The creative options are immense. You can create your own content, or even use sounds uploaded by other users via lip syncs to create your own version of TikTok. Humorous content or challenges are also common.

One of the things that networks have that users really like is that they offer you content that is directly related to your tastes and/or needs.

This social network that started to be used by teenagers, nowadays is one of the most connected users along with Instagram and Facebook, including not only ordinary users but also influencers and all kinds of famous people. So if you know how to use TikTok for photographers, itcan become a very productive communication channel for your photography business.

How to start posting on TikTok for photographers?

Once you have downloaded the application from Google Play or the App Store and configured your profile options, you will be able to start creating your first publications.

The next thing you have to do is to choose a series of settings before you start recording, such as: camera position, applying filters, adjusting the speed, setting up the flash, etc. Another element that you should not forget before you start shooting is the choice of the music that will be played afterwards. This step is very important and if you take a minute to see what music is the most viral at the moment and add it to your publications, you will get closer to your own publication also going viral.

Now press the red record button and get the creative juices flowing!

As a recommendation, we advise you to prepare the video before you start filming, just as you do with your photo shoots. Create a script and rehearse some scenes if necessary.

In addition to being able to take photos and record videos directly from the TikTok application, you will also be able to upload your own recorded videos or even a sequence of videos.

Once you have finished uploading your content, you will be able to edit it by adding more effects, a filter, stickers or even text. Finally, add hashtags, descriptive text, tag friends, colleagues or clients, include the URL of your website, etc.

And finally click on publish.

TikTok for photographers: discover all its advantages


When creating an advertising strategy focused on photography within the platform, you must take into account the main objectives of your campaign, as this will help you to define if you are really using the right strategy to carry them out or not. To help you in this process we are going to share with you a series of definitions:

Target audience. If you have photography products or services focused on a target audience of people under 30 years old, this is the perfect platform to make yourself known and connect with them. And if not, you can try offering them to see how well they work.

Quality of content. The format par excellence on this social network is video. That is why visual aspects and originality are of great importance. To attract the attention of users, you must create quality content that is also attractive to them. This is not at odds with photography, as there are several formats that can be used and with which you will achieve the attention you are looking for.

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Investment. The type of format you choose will determine the price of the ads.

Another advantage of TikTok for photographers is that you can save the videos you make on this network to upload them to other networks, which will save you a lot of work, for example, when you launch a video promoting a very particular service and you want it to appear on all your networks.

Remember to complement your digital marketing strategy with a professional photography website where you can redirect TikTok users and show them all your services and the way you work.

TikTok for photographers strategies and tips


If you have already decided that TikTok for photographers is for you, we will now introduce you to the advertising possibilities that exist on this social network that can best suit your strategy as a photographer.

In-feed native ads

This is the most common type of advertising on the platform and offers the possibility of adding call-to-action buttons, offers up to 60 seconds of automatic audio and video playback and users can like, share or follow the brand’s profile.

This type of advertising is perfect for creating a corporate video, for example, the making off of a photo shoot and to show the process in an eye-catching way.

Brand Takeover Ads

These publications are the most eye-catching within TikTok as they allow the ad to take control of the entire screen and attract the user’s attention with a static or dynamic display.

Brand Takeover Ads is limited to one brand per category per day, but allows you to upload 3-second images or 3-5 second videos. This type of ad offers you the possibility to add GIFs, so we recommend that you use humour in your posts to attract users’ attention.

Hashtag Challenge

These types of ads are based on a participatory format. In your posts you should encourage users to create their own content around the theme of your campaign and remind them that they can tag their videos with your brand’s hashtag.

Create quality content

Creating posts on TikTok doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be out there doing the dance of the moment. You can create a post with photos and a song that goes viral by giving your clients ideas, showing how your last photo shoot was done or suggesting locations for future photo shoots.

You can also create videos aimed at other photographers if training is your thing, for example, showing how to set up a newborn photography set or how to start preparing for Christmas in your photography studio.

And so that you don’t spend too much time being active on the networks, you can leave 2 or 3 videos ready for each topic and then publish them on different days.

Consistency is the key to success

It is most likely that your first posts on TikTok will not have much reach and this is quite normal. You don’t have followers yet and the platform doesn’t know what you’re going to post about. But, if you work on your publications, you will see that little by little your videos will have more and more reach and, who knows, maybe in a few months one of your videos will go viral among TikTok users. The important thing is not to throw in the towel at the first change, persist and create a plan for each video you are going to publish.

What are you waiting for to get started with TikTok for photographers?

As you can see, TikTok for photographers is going strong and is a social network that is here to stay and not only among teenage users. Therefore, you should not miss the opportunity to become an expert in this network and thus get ahead of your competition that will surely be focused on other social networks.

Consolidating your brand on TikTok will give you the opportunity to approach a new audience that does not yet know you and will open up many options yet to be discovered.

Today we would like to share with you the interview with Lourdes García.

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And to finish this article about TikTok for photographers, what kind of content do you like to see on this platform? We’ll read you in the comments.

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