Headache for your photography business? Take an Arcadina


25 Jan 2023

Yes, in this profession we know that you often suffer from headaches in your photography business. Because there are many things you have to keep track of, besides being a good photographer, getting clients and offering them a service they like.

Being a photographer nowadays is much more than that, especially if you want to make a living from it. Nowadays you have to know about a number of things that were unthinkable years ago, such as: marketing, social media, sales techniques, scheduling, etc. Trying to keep up to date with all these aspects will eventually give you a headache for your photography business.

The solution? Take an Arcadina.

If you have a headache about your photography business, take an Arcadina.

Do you have a headache about your photography business?

For a photography studio to do well, it is no longer enough to be good at your job. You have to know about other professions that have nothing to do with what you really like, which is taking photographs, and this gives you a headache for your photography business.

Because knowing how to manage a business today is much more complicated than it was years ago, and although we now have the great advantage of the Internet and social networks. This new digital world has caused you to have to expand your knowledge to attract customers through these media, which causes you to have more headaches than you would like.

What are the main concerns of a photographer today?

Not counting the training and experience you have to acquire to become a good professional, these are the main causes of your headache for your photography business and are directly related to the use of the Internet by both you and your potential clients.

  • I would like to have a website where my photographs stand out as much as possible and that is also well positioned.

  • I don’t want to hire a designer. I want to be able to upload my own content whenever I want but I don’t have this kind of knowledge.

  • I want to be able to offer my photo shoots on the internet and for visitors to be able to book the shoot directly without having to come to the studio or talk to me.

  • I need a solution that will help me to sell my photographs automatically, without the need for me to keep an eye on them.

  • My colleagues manage to make their photo shoots much more profitable. I only manage to close the pack chosen by the clients. After that, they don’t order any more products from me.

  • I want to offer my clients a premium and up to date service where they don’t have to come to the studio to see their photos.

  • I need more time for myself, to spend with my family or to create new lines of business, and client meetings take up too much of my time.

Do you want a solution for your pain? Take an Arcadina

At Arcadina, in addition to finding a team that is always looking out for you and will help you in any part of the process, you will have a series of business solutions that will help you to create a digital photography business that is visible, profitable and that will be operating 24 hours a day.

Photography websites designed to make your photographs the stars of the show

In addition to being able to create your own website easily and without the need to hire intermediaries, both the designs and the functionalities of Arcadina’s websites are conceived and designed so that the value of your work can be appreciated through your images.

Thanks to the Web plan, you will be able to present yourself to your clients and explain how you work and this will help you to position yourself on Google as an expert in your sector.

Go much further with the help of your photo blog

Thanks to the photography blog, you will be able to explain to your followers what a day’s work with you is like, what was the last award you received or show them tips for organising their event that you know will be of great help to them.

If you keep your blog up to date with quality content, you will easily position yourself in the top positions of Google and this will be reflected in an increase of visits to your website.

Offer your clients a more professional service with private galleries

The new generation of customers what they value most of all is to be able to do as many things as possible over the Internet. Therefore, having the possibility of creating a series of private galleries where they can: view, select, download and buy as many photos as they want comfortably from their homes, will be a step into the future for your photography business.

In any of the Business plans you will have all kinds of galleries available so that your clients don’t have to bother to come to your photo studio.

Keep your shop always open thanks to the sales galleries

Can you imagine being able to sell your images to a client on the other side of the world? Thanks to the sales galleries this is no longer a dream but a reality.

And the best of all is that you will not only be able to sell photographs. The truth is that you will be able to sell all the services and products that you currently have for sale in your studio, don’t you think it’s amazing?

With the help of integrations your headaches will definitely cease to exist

Another aspect of our business solutions that avoid that dreaded headache for your photography business is the integrations we make available to you.

 These are a series of tools that will make your digital business run smoothly. Here are some of them:

  • WhatsApp Business extra service.
  • Integration with Lightroom.
  • Instagram gallery.
  • Connection with Google Analytics.
  • Etc.

Don’t hesitate, if you have a headache because of your photography business, take an Arcadina

If you want the headache of your photography business to disappear once and for all, don’t hesitate, take an Arcadina and enjoy what you like most in this life. Taking photographs.

Did you know that you can try our business solutions for 14 days for free?

Start now with Arcadina and say goodbye to your dreaded headaches.

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