How to create a successful YouTube channel for photographers?


5 Oct 2023

Nowadays the professional who does not use their social networks to attract more customers will be closing many doors, this is so and if you also like to make videos to explain your work or to offer quality content to your followers, a YouTube channel for photographers is what you need right now.

Currently a YouTube channel is a tool with many possibilities that will allow you to expose and publicise your work as a photographer. That’s why we at Arcadina want to give you a series of essential tips to help you succeed with your YouTube channel if you are a photographer or photography enthusiast. And by the way, don’t miss the last of the tips to create a YouTube channel for photographers, it is undoubtedly the best of all.


“Learn how to create a YouTube channel for photographers with a hook.”

Instagram ads for photographers that work: 5 must-haves


7 Sep 2023

Instagram is currently making a huge impact around the world and is already a part of our lives. It is a social network where we share many personal moments and in the case of photographers it is a fantastic platform to publicise their work. That’s why Instagram ads for photographers are a fantastic option when it comes to getting more exposure for your photos, especially if you learn how to get the most out of them.

In today’s article we are going to explain the 5 steps you need to take to create your first Instagram ads.


Learn how to create Instagram ads for photographers that work.

Learn how to use WhatsApp groups in your photography business


2 Aug 2023

It is undeniable that nowadays we are all in various WhatsApp groups. Whether with family, friends, at work or even with the parents at our children’s school. Although these groups can sometimes be a bit annoying, in most cases they help us to communicate better with other people and save us a lot of time when it comes to resolving a question.

That’s why today we want to explain how you can implement several WhatsApp groups effectively in your photography business and tell you about all the advantages of including this communication tool in your day-to-day life in your photography studio.


If you are a photographer, learn how to use WhatsApp groups with your clients and you will soon see what good results you get.

Pinterest for photographers: learn all its secrets


6 Jul 2023

Pinterest is a very visual social network and although it is not as popular as Instagram or TikTok, if you know how to take advantage of all the visibility it can offer you, it can become a fantastic source of customer acquisition. Learn everything you need to know about Pinterest for photographers in this article and improve your online visibility in a simple and easy way.


“Learn how to use Pinterest for photographers and get more clients through this social network of ideas.”

TikTok for photographers tips and strategies that work


1 Jun 2023

TikTok is one of the most downloaded applications by users in recent years and has become the social network par excellence among young people today. That’s why today we want to talk about all the benefits that TikTok for photographers can offer you. Because if you know how to use this social network with content that goes so viral, it can become another channel for attracting clients through short videos about your work and your photography business.


Open more channels of communication with potential clients thanks to TikTok for photographers.

Instagram Reels: learn how to use them in your photo business


25 May 2023

Instagram reels are taking users by storm, every day millions of people spend hours watching these short videos that get people so hooked, and one of them could be yours. Instagram, this social network that some time ago wanted to emulate TikTok, is taking this type of content by storm and today we want to explain how you can create reels that your followers will love.

With reels you can create fun content, that’s why it is interesting to use Instagram reels for your strategy as a photographer, because this type of content is not only trending, but it can bring many benefits to your online photography strategy.


Learn how to create Instagram reels that go viral.

Check out the best Instagram accounts for photographers

27 Apr 2023

Instagram continues to be one of the most used social networks of the moment. It currently has more than a billion active users who share their content with their followers every day. If you thought that the use of this social network was limited to influencers and brand promotion, you might be following the wrong accounts.

If you share a love of photography, you’ll be pleased to know that on this social network you can find all kinds of content, from renowned professional photographers to more junior profiles with great potential.

So that you can get to know them all, we have compiled a ranking of the Instagram accounts of photographers who trust Arcadina with the most followers.


Find your inspiration thanks to the best Instagram accounts of photographers.

Twitter for photographers: tips and tools to get the most out of your professional profile

30 Mar 2023

Twitter for photographers is the perfect social network to give your photographs the boost they need on the Internet. Nowadays all networks have their own particular audience, but Twitter is the social network with the most active users. Therefore, knowing how to get the most out of this viral social network will help you to achieve greater visibility for your photographic reports.

In a network where communication is big, it’s not easy to make your tweets stand out from the rest, that’s why we’ve created this little guide to Twitter for photographers to help you get more reach for the posts you create on this viral social network.

Learn everything you need to know about Twitter for photographers to get your photos more exposure online.

Facebook Ads for photographers: learn how to create ads that attract customers

facebook ads

2 Mar 2023

Do you really know what Facebook Ads for photographers is all about? Nowadays almost everyone knows what social networks are and that you can create a series of advertisements to promote a product or service. So far, so good. But from there to knowing how to use Facebook Ads for photographers correctly and not waste the money invested in your ads are big words.

Facebook has become a huge showcase for companies that want their products to have a place on users’ walls. So, if you want to know how your ads can stand out from the rest of your peers, today we’ll tell you everything you need to do to plan them correctly.


Learn how to use Facebook Ads for photographers and monetise this social network with so many followers.

Hashtags on social networks: learn how to use them in your photos

cómo usar hashtags en redes sociales

31 Jan 2023

Hashtags on social networks are a powerful tool that can help you to ensure that the photographs you publish on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or any other network have a greater reach. Because nowadays social networks have become another sales channel where you can promote your photography services and it is essential that you learn how to get the most out of them.

Social media is now used by millions of people with common interests and has become another channel in the marketing sector. These channels, with the help of social media hashtags, can help you spread the word about your photos to a much wider audience.


Learn how to use hashtags on social media to make your photos go even further.