The best photographers’ accounts on Instagram

conti fotografici in instagram

28 Sep 2020

Instagram is undoubtedly the social network of the moment. It currently has over a billion active users who share its content with their followers on a daily basis. If you thought that the use of this social network was limited to influencers and brand promotion, you may have been following the wrong accounts.

If you share a love of photography, you’ll be pleased to know that on this social network you can find all kinds of content, from well-known professional photographers to more junior profiles with great potential.

To help you get to know them all, we have compiled a ranking of the best photographers’ accounts on Instagramread on and find inspiration!

Steve McCurry

He is undoubtedly one of the most relevant photojournalists of our time. He is internationally known as the author of the famous cover of the 1985 “National Geographic”, “The Afghan Girl”. His account in Instagram @stevemccurryofficial is a must for photography lovers, where real experiences and culture, take all the limelight.

Simone Brabant

One of the most followed Italian photographers of Instagram. Although his account does not follow a defined theme, what is certain is that in each snapshot @brahmino manages to convey magic. His hallmark is the creative approach to each of his works, with which he manages to become a storyteller.

Dirk Bakker

A Dutch graphic designer who surprises with the lines and symmetries of his photography. He is a photographer specialized in architectural scenarios, through which, @macenzo manages to establish a pattern that will be reflected in his feed, providing a total harmony from different points of view.

Murad Osman

It is very likely that you have come across this artist’s work on Instagram at some point. @muradosmann  he would become known worldwide thanks to photographs his travels, in which he showed his wife on her back, reaching back to hold her hand. The hashtag #followmetoo would become a trend, where millions of users would carry out their own interpretation.

Ami Vitale

A well-known “National Geographic” photographer who illustrates through her work the conflicts in the world around us. Her photography communicates in a simple and clear way, capable of transmitting all kinds of emotions through the lens. The diversity and social perspective, can be seen in the work of @amivitale, giving rise to unique photographic pieces.

Dennis Prescott

One of the quintessential gastronomy photographers. @dennistheprescott is also known for participating in a well-known entertainment programme. His publications are distinguished by their striking compositions, playing with the colours of the food and the surfaces on which it is shown in the photograph, always maintaining a pattern.


She is an artist who has undoubtedly turned her life around thanks to the world of photography. @misshattan is a renowned artist from New York City. Her snapshots are full of urban life, in the most cosmopolitan city in the world. Today it is a great reference for all those who want to know the most authentic New York.

Sacha Lecca

He is a photographer working for the magazine “Rolling Stone”. The work of @sachalecca is closely related to music. He is identified by the black and white tones of his feed, however, the artists are not the only protagonists of his photographs, as the audience will also play a fundamental role in his compositions.

Hiroaki Fukuda

If you want to enjoy the most beautiful landscapes of Tokyo, @hirozzzz is undoubtedly the account you were looking for. This artist certainly flees from the stereotypes of the city and shows the most unknown corners. He also takes photographs from all over the world, from the Far East to European cities.

Nirav Patel

An artist who specializes in the world of portraiture. In the work of @niravphotography the light keeps an elemental function, which intermingles with the faces, creating unique compositions. He is capable of capturing quiet moments that by themselves tell a story.

the best accounts of photographers in instagram

Now that you know some of the best photographer accounts on Instagram, we encourage you to follow some of them and be inspired by the exciting world of photography – in each one you will find something that makes them special and unique!

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