Check out the best Instagram accounts for photographers

Instagram continues to be one of the most used social networks of the moment. It currently has more than a billion active users who share their content with their followers every day. If you thought that the use of this social network was limited to influencers and brand promotion, you might be following the wrong accounts.

If you share a love of photography, you’ll be pleased to know that on this social network you can find all kinds of content, from renowned professional photographers to more junior profiles with great potential.

So that you can get to know them all, we have compiled a ranking of the Instagram accounts of photographers who trust Arcadina with the most followers.


Find your inspiration thanks to the best Instagram accounts of photographers.

What do the most popular photographers’ Instagram accounts have in common?


For a photographer, following colleagues who are references for him or simply who like the way they work is, without a doubt, a great source of inspiration. That’s why today we want to show you some of the Instagram accounts of Arcadina photographers with the most followers at the moment.

But before we share this popular list with you, let’s see what all these Instagram accounts have in common that makes them gain more and more followers every day.

  • Impact: as you will see, if there is one thing that all the photographers’ accounts that we are going to present to you today have in common, it is undoubtedly the effect that their photographs generate. They are images that do not leave users indifferent and make them stop and look at them in a world, this Instagram world, in which everything happens in a matter of seconds.

  • Frequency: another quality of these accounts is that photographers upload content from time to time. If you want to maintain and increase the number of people following your account, it is important that you share quality content every so often.

  • Quality: a moment ago we talked about impact and now we emphasise quality. Not everything goes in the networks. If you upload high impact photos and these are mixed with lower quality images, the former will lose some of their strength. Just as we recommend in the galleries on the web, make a selection of your best photographs in your networks.

There are many more aspects that you can take into account when it comes to increasing your followers, but if you start by reviewing your images with these 3 qualities in mind, you will see how your followers will gradually increase.

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How do you know which Instagram accounts to reference?


When deciding which photographers’ Instagram accounts are worth following, it’s important to ask yourself a few questions, because while it’s all well and good to “follow everyone”, if you do, the posts of your referrers will get lost among the rest of the posts that won’t do you any good.

These are some of the criteria you can take into account when following photographers’ accounts on Instagram.

  • Top photographers in the world of photography: these accounts have to be an essential part of your followers. There are certain photographers, such as @stevemccurryofficial, @muradosmann, @amivitale or @niravphotography that you have to follow, no matter what specialisation you have. We know that their photographs will not leave you indifferent and even if they do not work with a style close to yours, they will serve as a source of inspiration.

  • Instagram accounts of leading photographers in your speciality: you should also follow this group of photographers, although we imagine you are already doing it. Seeing what kind of posts are made by photographers you admire and who work in your speciality is a very quick way to have a “guide” of the photos and posts that work best in networks. As always, we don’t want to encourage plagiarism, but you can be inspired by the content you see most liked by their followers.

  • Photographs from other disciplines: as we always say, it’s great to follow photographers who are role models within your style, but sometimes, if for example, you are a wedding photographer, taking a look at colleagues who are dedicated to architectural photography, will give you many ideas to apply in your next reports.

Discover the best Instagram accounts of Arcadina’s photographers


The great thing about networks is that, once you have your list of top photographers’ Instagram accounts, just a few minutes a day and you can see all the work being created by a large number of your peers.

Today we’re going to share with you some of the accounts of colleagues who have the most followers on Instagram at the moment. We hope this ranking will inspire you!

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1# Joan Vendrell: 199,000 followers



Joan Vendrell is a self-taught photographer who, in addition to providing training, specialises in taking landscape and travel photographs that have a great impact on social networks.

If you take a look at her feed, you’ll see some of her best travel images and if you stop for a minute to look at some of her posts, you’ll discover a little explanation in each of them where Joan tells you how she took the photos.

2# Daniel Ayala: 10,000 followers



Daniel Ayala is a fashion photographer with an Instagram account that does not leave his more than 10,000 followers indifferent, where in addition to uploading some of his best fashion photographs, he also takes advantage of this channel with so much visibility to show how he works or part of his photography studio.

We are sure that many of the followers of this great photographer are advertising companies that follow his professional career and count on him for future projects.

3# Fran Ortiz: 8,418 followers



Fran Ortiz is a wedding photographer based in Granada with more than 8,000 followers as of today who shows in his feed some of the most romantic and stunning wedding and couple photographs of his portfolio. Without a doubt, Fran knows very well how to attract the attention of his potential clients on social media.

If you go to Fran Ortiz’s website, the first thing you will see is a front page with buttons to the most important places of his business and one of them will take visitors directly to his Instagram account.

4# Ñ Fotógrafos: 2,721followers



Ñ Fotógrafos is made up of Juan Carlos and Mar, 2 photographers from Valladolid who specialise in doing all kinds of children’s sessions in their studio.

These types of disciplines are very difficult to make stand out on social networks, but this fantastic team has managed to gather more than 2,500 followers who follow with interest every post they make on Instagram.

5# Equipo Deporte: 2,174 followers



And to finish with this ranking of the best Instagram accounts of Arcadina photographers, we have Equipo Deporte, an account dedicated to sports photography that has already exceeded 2,000 followers on Instagram.

If you like sport or simply want to enjoy some good photographs, you will be able to see impressive images and a lot of movement in their feed.

Improve your visibility on social media thanks to the Instagram accounts of the most successful photographers


As you can see, the Instagram accounts of photographers with the highest number of followers take good care of the photos they upload and are always offering their followers interesting content. Learn from your peers, follow photographer accounts that add value to your business and get more followers on your social networks.

This time we are going to share with you the testimony of photographer Ernst Prieto who currently has more than 2,000 followers on Instagram.

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How many followers do you currently have on Instagram? We’ll read you in the comments.

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