New SEO 2020. Is your photography website optimized for the new Google?


6 Mar 2020

In this last year we have seen a lot of changes in Google that have affected our photographer’s website to a greater or lesser extent. As we have discussed on many occasions, SEO positioning and content marketing for photographers is essential to generate traffic, get potential customers and interact with them. A good strategy will enable us to achieve our long-term goals. But updates and improvement guidelines in many aspects, make us need to be constantly informed. If you want to know what SEO news is coming in 2020, and how to optimize your photo website for these changes, read on!


Optimize images for SEO: 5 perfect steps


17 Nov 2017

A picture is worth a thousand words, both for creative souls and for Google. Do you want to gain a better position for your website? Do you know how to optimise images for SEO? Below, we provide five pieces of advice and an extra recommendation so that you can learn how to optimise your photographs in a way that reinforces the general position of your website and, at the same time, so that they appear in Google searches independently.

Optimising images for SEO: 5 perfect steps