Image SEO: 7+1 tips to get your photos to rank better


19 Oct 2023

Your photographs are the basis of your business and having certain notions of SEO of images will help you to improve your positioning on the Internet and, therefore, to also have a greater visibility of your work. As you already know, Google takes into account all the content you publish on the web and images are not left behind, so it is important that you learn how to upload them to your photography website in such a way that they have the widest possible reach. 

In addition to helping you to better position your photography website, currently the search that users do through Google images accounts for almost 30% of the total searches that are made. Can you imagine the amount of extra traffic that can reach your website if you manage to improve the SEO of images? And this is exactly what we are going to explain today in this article where we are going to give you 7+1 tips to achieve it.


Learn how to improve the SEO of images and improve your positioning on the Internet.

7 tips to gain more authority on your photography website


21 Sep 2023

If you want to improve your position in Google, one of the factors you have to take care of is the authority on your photography website, because if the search engines are not sure that your online business is trustworthy, you can be sure that they will not show it when your potential customers search online.

Domain authority or web authority is nothing more and nothing less than a value that Google assigns to your site to qualify its reliability and it is the reason why many of your competitors rank higher than you even when their work is not as good as yours. Therefore, if you want to take the lead, it is important that you learn how to improve the authority on your photography website with the 7 recommendations that we are going to give you in today’s article.


What are you waiting for to improve the authority on your photography website?

Include a FAQ section on your photography website and gain visibility on Google


16 Aug 2023

For several years now, most of us users have been using the Internet to ask (and solve) most of our doubts, so adding a FAQ section to your photography website, as well as helping you to improve the SEO positioning of your website, will also help users to solve those doubts they have about your photographic services.

When creating a FAQ section on your photography website, take into account the most frequent questions that your customers usually ask you. This way, in addition to having satisfied visitors with the information on your website, Google will also reward you by improving your web positioning.

In today’s article we are going to give you a series of key points to make the FAQ section of your website a success.


Create a FAQ section on your photography website and solve the doubts of all your visitors.

What is the UX or user experience on a photography website?


20 Jul 2023

UX or user experience is a term that, at first, may sound a bit abstract and more related to the work of web designers or marketing experts, but nothing could be further from the truth.

If you are a photographer and you have a photography website, it is important that you take into account the user experience of your visitors so that their visit is much more satisfactory and Google rewards you for it.

The UX is one of those elements that photographers often overlook, but the truth is that it is something to take into account for anyone who has a website. That’s why in today’s article we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about it.

ux-or-user experience-on-a-photography-website-cover-arcadina

Learn all the tricks to improve the UX of your photography website.

Broken links on your photography site? Learn how to fix it


15 Jun 2023

broken links on your site, besides being a nuisance for the people who visit your website, also worsen your visibility on the Internet, so it is important that you learn how to locate them and, more importantly, how to fix them so that this error stops happening.

Adding both external and internal links to your website is a very simple way to improve the positioning of your digital business but sometimes these links produce some kind of error that makes the effect the opposite, so today we want to explain how to find the broken links on your site and repair them, you will see how simple it is.


Learn how to find and fix broken links on your photography site.

5 keys to improve the positioning of a photography website


11 May 2023

If you want to improve the visibility of your website, you have no choice but to learn how to improve the positioning of a photography website. This, if you have never read about the subject, may at first seem somewhat cumbersome, but if you inform yourself well you will see that with a few small actions and without having previous knowledge on the subject, you will be able to improve the visibility of your photography website in a very short time.

In today’s article we are going to tell you about 5 techniques for beginners that help you to improve the positioning of a website.


Learn about website positioning and give visibility to your photo shoots.

SEO guide for photographers to help you improve your web positioning

14 Apr 2023

Every day we get enquiries from photographers asking us about what kind of keywords are best to include in their photography websites in order to get a better SEO ranking and what other SEO actions for photographers they can implement in their online business. On the Internet, you can find some information about how to improve SEO for images, but they tend to be very specific concepts that are sometimes difficult to understand without a solid knowledge base.

The truth is that knowing how to carry out SEO actions for a photography website, or at least knowing some of the strategies to follow, is fundamental to improve the positioning of your digital photography business.

In this basic guide to SEO for photographers you will find all the information you need to know to improve the positioning of your photography website without the need to hire an external service.


SEO for photographers is the fastest way to get more visibility for your photography website and therefore more clients.

New SEO 2020. Is your photography website optimized for the new Google?


6 Mar 2020

In this last year we have seen a lot of changes in Google that have affected our photographer’s website to a greater or lesser extent. As we have discussed on many occasions, SEO positioning and content marketing for photographers is essential to generate traffic, get potential customers and interact with them. A good strategy will enable us to achieve our long-term goals. But updates and improvement guidelines in many aspects, make us need to be constantly informed. If you want to know what SEO news is coming in 2020, and how to optimize your photo website for these changes, read on!


Optimize images for SEO: 5 perfect steps


17 Nov 2017

A picture is worth a thousand words, both for creative souls and for Google. Do you want to gain a better position for your website? Do you know how to optimise images for SEO? Below, we provide five pieces of advice and an extra recommendation so that you can learn how to optimise your photographs in a way that reinforces the general position of your website and, at the same time, so that they appear in Google searches independently.

Optimising images for SEO: 5 perfect steps