7 tips to gain more authority on your photography website


21 Sep 2023

If you want to improve your position in Google, one of the factors you have to take care of is the authority on your photography website, because if the search engines are not sure that your online business is trustworthy, you can be sure that they will not show it when your potential customers search online.

Domain authority or web authority is nothing more and nothing less than a value that Google assigns to your site to qualify its reliability and it is the reason why many of your competitors rank higher than you even when their work is not as good as yours. Therefore, if you want to take the lead, it is important that you learn how to improve the authority on your photography website with the 7 recommendations that we are going to give you in today’s article.


What are you waiting for to improve the authority on your photography website?

Why is it important to improve the authority on your photography website?


As we were saying, the authority on your photography website will be one of the factors that Google will take into account when deciding in which position it will show you in the users’ queries and it will be directly related to the amount of visits that your website will receive.

The authority of a domain indicates its “importance” and is an indicator that measures the quality or credibility of a website within the Google search engine.

This index is calculated based on specific SEO factors, such as the popularity of the site, reliability or usability and it is not difficult to go from 20 to 30 domain authority by making a few small changes, what is really complicated is to go above 80. For example, only large websites that are visited daily by thousands of users manage to reach an authority level of 100, as is the case of Wikipedia. However, Google does not rank a website as a whole, but ranks different URLs depending on the keywords used.

Therefore, if you achieve a high authority you will be able to position your content more easily and you will also be something like “Google’s right eye” and at some point it will be able to overlook some errors or toxic links.

When it comes to improving the authority of a website, there are several factors that can affect it and that can be improved. But before addressing how to improve your authority on the Internet, let’s look very briefly at the metrics you need to know or at least be familiar with to improve your authority on the Internet.

Metrics that will help you to know the authority of your website

When Google estimates the authority of your website, it will take into account 5 metrics or indicators:

  • PA or page authority: this is the quality of a specific URL.
  • DA or Domain Authority: is the quality of the domain in general.
  • Trust Flow or page quality: this is the quality of the page based on the quality of its links.
  • Citation Flow: refers to the links that link to that website.
  • Flow Ratio or link flow coefficient: it is calculated from the previous data (trust flow and citation flow).

There are a number of tools that will give you the data you need to know about these metrics, such as MOZ and Open Site Explorer, among others.

7 tips to improve the authority on your photography website


If you want to improve the authority on your photography website without having to become an SEO expert, with this small guide with 7 basic recommendations you will get Google to like you a lot more.

1# Publish only quality content on your website

Within your website you can differentiate between 2 types of content, the content that you publish on your website and that can be more or less fixed, such as: image galleries, service pages, contact, biography, etc. And the contents that will go on your blog, such as articles.

Especially with regard to the blog, if you carry out a content marketing strategy beforehand, you can ensure that the information you are going to create in the coming months will be well thought out and will be of interest to your customers. Because high quality content will be much more highly valued by users and customers, and therefore will help you with the dissemination. As a consequence, it will be easier to position your website.

In general, all this content will have to be in accordance with the demand for your service or the type of temporary reporting you are currently carrying out in your studio. This means that it is useless to write valuable posts if the topic you are dealing with does not interest your users.

2# Use backlinks or external links to your site

When it comes to improving the authority of your photography website, you can use the backlink strategy. This technique consists of getting other pages to add links to your website in their content. This type of action can be reciprocal and can be a way, as well as helping you to improve the authority of your website, to create new alliances with suppliers, partners or professionals who have the same ideal client as you. These are some examples that can inspire you when proposing this type of agreement.

  • If you are a wedding photographer you can make backlinks to: wedding venues, hairdressers and make-up professionals, designers, wedding planners, etc.
  • If you are dedicated to children’s photography, there are several ideas for them to share some of your links to the web: children’s clothing shops, toy shops, suppliers related to communions, etc.
  • And if, for example, you are in the business of photographing business events, you can create backlinks to: event organisers, event organisers, large companies, etc.

As a final recommendation in this section, it is important that you only make this type of collaboration with websites that have a minimum of quality and are reliable, otherwise this strategy will work against you when it comes to improving the authority on your photography website.

3# Link building or internal linking to your website

Link building is a strategy very similar to the previous one, what happens is that in this case the links that you are going to share are going to be those of your own website. In the blog you can link some articles with others, as long as the information is related and you can also add to this type of content a series of shortcuts to the most important parts of your website such as: a services page, the image gallery or the contact page.

These types of internal links will help search engines better understand how you work and what kind of reporting you do, and they can also help index other, less visited pages on your website. And they are also very useful for customers to move from one piece of information to another almost automatically.

4# Review the content of your website

A fundamental aspect when it comes to improving the user experience of your visitors and therefore your authority is to have the content always well updated. To do this, it is important that you plan a series of revisions of both the content of the website and the blog.

On your website, you can review the photos and texts once or twice a year to modify prices, products, packs or add or remove obsolete or temporary reports.

While on your blog, review the first articles on the list and renew the information you provide in them. This way Google will keep your ranking intact and improve the authority of your website by renewing its content.

In the following article we will discuss this topic in more detail.

>> What is the UX or user experience on a photography website?

5# Review your website’s usability

The usability of a website is the ease with which users will be able to find the information they are looking for. To improve it, it is important that you create a clear and tidy menu and that on each page you add the most appropriate internal links so that users can navigate from one site to another without having to search for more information on your website.

To improve usability, try to keep structures simple and clear so that all information is clear and when structuring the main menu, the simpler it is, the more effective it will be.

When naming menu shortcuts, avoid being too creative to avoid confusion or customers not accessing important information because they do not notice it in the menu.

Another important aspect of usability is the removal of broken links. In the following article we will tell you more about this.

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6# Spread the content of your website

Whether you have just launched the information for a new temporary campaign or you have recently created an article with recommendations for your customers, it is important that you promote these types of publications as much as possible so that they are more widely disseminated.

These could be some of the information sharing strategies that you can follow to advertise your content and improve your online authority.

  • Notify your followers via social media.
  • If you have included backlinks or external links, let those responsible for the websites you name know. And if you haven’t added their link this time but you already trust them, you can still inform them in case they feel like sharing the information.
  • Create paid ads on both Google and social media to promote your studio news.
  • Whether you have a list of subscribers or not, notifying your customers by email of your latest news can help you get many more visitors to your new content.
  • Etc.

7# Use social media to enhance your authority

In addition to sharing your latest posts on social media, staying active on these channels and showing other sides of your business, such as the day-to-day life in your studio, a sample of your latest outdoor shoot or a testimonial from a client can help you improve engagement with your brand and will ultimately translate into more visits to your website and therefore a higher authority.

When it comes to organising your social media posts, you can combine the more commercial announcements where you talk about your new photo shoots with more informal or personal posts where, as we have already mentioned, you can show part of a shoot or a client talking about what it’s like to work with you in a video of a few seconds.

Improve the authority on your photography website and get higher rankings on Google

When it comes to improving the authority on your photography website it is important that you take a number of actions on your website so that Google keeps it in mind when providing search results. In today’s article we have given you 7 tips to start improving your online authority.

Today we would like to share with you the interview of Eugenio Piña from GNO Foto.

>> Eugenio Piña of GNO Foto talks to our team

And to end today’s article, here’s our question: What actions are you currently taking to improve the authority on your photography website? We’d love to read about them in the comments.

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