New SEO 2020. Is your photography website optimized for the new Google?


6 Mar 2020

In this last year we have seen a lot of changes in Google that have affected our photographer’s website to a greater or lesser extent. As we have discussed on many occasions, SEO positioning and content marketing for photographers is essential to generate traffic, get potential customers and interact with them. A good strategy will enable us to achieve our long-term goals. But updates and improvement guidelines in many aspects, make us need to be constantly informed. If you want to know what SEO news is coming in 2020, and how to optimize your photo website for these changes, read on!


Google algorithm update in January

Although Google is constantly updating, every year it performs a general update, called the Google Core Update. It is the latter that usually affects the organic rankings of many of the websites that are positioned. The objective? According to Google, the creation of useful content for the user The trust and credibility of the pages is taken into account. In this case, in order for our photographer’s website to be useful and not lose rankings in Google’s SERP, we must create quality content, which helps the user as much as possible. That’s why our page is so relevant, so (as we have already told you on other occasions) we must mix evergreen content (with FAQs that are not linked to current events) and other more current content.

Web usability as a positioning factor

Accessibility and usability (or user experience) are two factors that are particularly relevant when it comes to positioning ourselves on Google. What are we talking about? Something as simple as having our website load as quickly as possible. Simply because a load of more than three seconds can mean that our (very impatient) user leaves our photographer’s site. That’s why we have to bet on a quality hosting and optimized websites, especially for the loading of images. In Arcadina we take care of both factors in our websites and we carry out controls and performance tests periodically

In addition to usability or user experience, accessibility is another key factor for Google. The aim is to facilitate the use of our site for users with physical or intellectual limitations. Therefore, although at first it can be quite complicated to implement in a photography website, we must bet on certain voice transcribers or optical readers that allow the reading and “visualization” of our photographs and videos. An example is the alt descriptions that we recommend you use in your photographs. Thanks to them, anyone will be able to know what’s in your picture, and on top of that it will improve your SEO positioning by photos.

Improvements to Google My Business

Local search will be another strength thanks to the updated algorithm, and this will be visible in the updates of Google My Business. Therefore, we will have to carry out a local SEO strategy in order to optimize our file and reach a greater number of potential customers. This is especially related to the fact that most searches are done through mobile phones. Therefore, keep this factor in mind if you have an online or physical store, because it will provide you with a lot of information regarding searches, buyers and users, and will allow you to promote your website or your blog contents. Update and optimize Google My Business and give visibility to your photos.


Growth and optimization for voice searches

Voice searches have become one of the most relevant aspects and are positioned as a trend for 2020. Here’s a preview of what this new voice search for photographers was all about, and how to get your position in Alexa and Google Home. Therefore, knowing what semantic SEO is is fundamental to improve the results of our page. This is something that must be developed by leaps and bounds, as it is increasingly used and Google cannot interpret it in the same way as written searches. The aim is therefore to understand the intentionality of the search and human understanding. This is where we have to digress to talk about the FAQS. More and more, the search results are used to solve doubts, so they are more similar to how the FAQS are formulated.


Use and importance of the FAQS

We must talk about the change of keywords, which are increasingly longtail (i.e. keywords with several words and even complete sentences). Therefore, interrogative adverbs (what, who how or when, for example) are particularly important. Thus, the content should be oriented to answer the most important questions of each topic.

EAT criterion

Finally, the EAT criterion could not be left out. It is a formula that combines three concepts: experience, authority and trust. These three aspects are essential for Google and its web positioning. How can they be improved? In order to generate the experience vision, we will have to generate valuable content for the user within a specific area of knowledge. In turn, authority is achieved through links to other high authority sites. Finally, confidence can be ensured by a good loading speed and especially by a secure code. If you have your website with Arcadina, you will not have to worry about this detail, since all the pages have their security certificate. Start thinking about other types of content, longer and with other features that differentiate you from the competition: add podcasts in which you talk about your photos or youtube videos in a photo session.

Without a doubt, this is a field in which we will have to be up to date in order to know the updates and how to optimize our page in the best way. With Arcadina, you’re already one step ahead of many competitors. Now all you have to do is implement all these tips and news on your website, and that’s it!

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