Having trouble keeping up with your photography website? Take an Arcadina

To keep up to date with your photography website it is important that you have at your disposal a series of specific business solutions for photographers that allow you: to have more visibility, to offer your visitors all the information they need and an explanation of how you work in an attractive way. And above all, have the opportunity to close deals directly on your website, without having to contact you.

We are well aware that every type of photographer is going to have their own issues and problems when it comes to selling their shoots and serving their clients properly, but broadly speaking, the key to solving all of them will depend on keeping up to date with your photography website.


Keeping up to date with your photography website has never been easier if you take an Arcadina.

Why is it important to keeping up to date with your photography website?


As we mentioned a moment ago, the key to the success of almost any photography business lies in keeping up to date with your photography website. In this day and age, business is done online and customers want to be dealt with immediately and online. This and much more is what Arcadina’s business solutions offer you.

Because for a photography studio to function properly in this day and age, it is important that you know about marketing, business management and, of course, how to maintain a website that knows how to do business on its own. In the following article we will talk more in depth about this subject.

>> Headache for your photography business? Take an Arcadina

If you are one of these photographers, you need the business solutions offered by Arcadina

All photographers, once they have trained and started their new photography business, often have the same problems when it comes to growing their business, such as: getting more clients, getting referrals, making their portfolio larger and more professional, etc.

But once the business starts to consolidate, depending on the photographer’s chosen specialisation, the problems will start to become even more specific.

At Arcadina we are at your disposal to help you in any way we can and together we can help your photography business to move forward. That is why we want to share with you the most common problems that photographers have depending on the type of reports they do and the solutions that we propose to solve them.

Are you a wedding photographer and don’t know how to monetise your photo shoots?


When a person chooses to become a wedding photographer, the first thought is always to learn from leading experts, acquire high quality equipment and accumulate a lot of experience in order to capture wedding images that really make an impact on their clients. However, what many photographers, especially those who have only been photographing for a short time, are unaware of is that in order for this vocation to translate into success and allow them to fully enjoy it, it is very important to address a number of challenges.

Because the reality of this profession is that it is not the one who takes the best photographs who sells the most, but the one who has the ability to know how to sell them. And this does not rule out the importance of having a solid base to offer a product of exceptional quality, as this is undeniable.

In the following article we reveal how to solve a wedding photographer’s biggest problems when it comes to getting the most out of your photo shoots.

>> Are you a wedding photographer and you don’t make your photos profitable?

Is your agenda overflowing when it comes to organising communion sessions?


When a photographer is faced with the preparation of a first communion campaign, many challenges often come to light. Because although it may seem a seemingly simple campaign, the reality is that the expectations of families have evolved, demanding more in this genre of reportage and paying special attention to the choice of the communion photographer to ensure that they get a beautiful memory of their children.

Gone are the days when parents went straight to the studio, with little prior information, to book a communion photo session with their trusted photographer. Nowadays, clients inform themselves, search and compare via the Internet. This means that the photographer has to invest a considerable amount of time before the booking is formalised.

The best way to save this type of campaign successfully is to be up to date with your photography website and offer as much information as possible on it. In the following post we give you some ideas on how to achieve this.

>> Don’t have enough time to attend to your clients in your communion campaigns?

Do you love to travel and would you like to make a living from your photography?


If you manage to transform your passions into a way of life, you will be able to realise many of your dreams and goals. For photographers who are dedicated to exploring the world through their lenses, capturing images of everything around them (nature, landscape or urban), the challenge of making it their way of life is even greater than in other disciplines.

Most of the time, these photographers do not have a studio and their clients may be far away from their usual places of residence, or even in different countries. Being a nature photographer means loving the environment, caring for its conservation and maintaining constant contact with it. For this reason, today we want to explore in the following article the concerns faced by a photographer specialising in nature and travel, and offer practical solutions to make a living from this profession without giving up the passion for exploring new horizons.

>> Are you a nature or travel photographer and would like to turn your photos into a source of income while exploring new destinations?

Would you like to successfully take your digital business to the finish line?


To stand out as a successful sports photographer, it is very important to have a well-structured and profitable digital business and sometimes, achieving this is not as easy as it may seem. Among the different concerns that a sports photographer may have, one of the most recurring ones is undoubtedly how to generate a recurring income that will allow him to turn his great passion for sports into a way of life. This is very difficult to achieve without the help of a series of specific business solutions for photographers that make it possible to exhibit and sell their images through the web.

In the following post we are going to look at some of the challenges a sports photographer has to face and present you with a comprehensive solution that simplifies these issues through a single working tool.

>> Learn how to overcome the challenges of a sports photographer to take your digital business to the finish line

Be in control of your business management if you are a newborn photographer


The challenges that a newborn photographer has to face, especially at the beginning of his or her career, are mainly focused on solving technical aspects such as positioning the baby safely, perfecting transitions between poses, creating settings, obtaining suitable props, and applying edits in a more artistic way, among others. However, as a newborn photography business consolidates over time, other concerns arise that are more related to business management.

If you want to know what these challenges are that make a newborn photographer’s dream come true and, more importantly, how to deal with them effectively, we invite you to read the following article to the end.

>> Are you a newborn photographer and feel you have no control over the management of your business?

Learn how to sell more post-wedding stories thanks to your photography blog


When it comes to publicising post-wedding photography and increasing sales, many wedding photographers are faced with this great challenge. The post-wedding is an additional service offered by wedding photographers and currently many couples are still not fully aware of what this type of post-wedding shoot is all about. This lack of knowledge, coupled with the inability of photographers to learn how to market these sessions in an attractive way, means missing out on the opportunity to generate additional revenue with each client.

In the article we are going to share with you below we are going to present you with three innovative ideas to boost post-wedding sales, allowing you to earn that much needed extra income for your photography business. These post-wedding sessions can give you the extra boost your business needs to get through the quieter times of the year.

>> 3 innovative ideas to sell more post-weddings through your photography blog

Stop wasting time managing your family sessions


If you enjoy working on your photo shoots with children of all ages, shooting family photos can be one of the most delightful experiences of your career as a photographer. And it’s even more rewarding if you’ve had the opportunity to watch the children grow up over the course of several shoots. However, managing such family shoots often brings with it a number of challenges for the photographer, which we want to help you overcome.

Given that the most difficult problems to solve for this profile of photographer are usually more related to business management than to the actual execution of the photo shoot, in the next post we aim to give you the support you need and shed light on the obstacles you might encounter in your career as a professional family photographer.

>> Are you a family photographer and spend a lot of time managing clients?

Would you like to create Christmas campaigns that really work?


Once the summer is over, Christmas session photographers get down to work preparing for these shoots. The work involved in setting up the studio and running the publicity campaign with the families is considerable, and there is always the hope that the effort will pay off. However, many photographers are well aware that sometimes Christmas campaigns can generate more headaches than benefits.

If your goal for the upcoming campaigns is to improve your results with Christmas sessions and achieve better profits, in the following post we will address with you the main challenges you may face in your Christmas campaign. And what’s even better, we will offer concrete solutions so that you can finally make the most of these special sessions of the year.

>> Do you do Christmas photography and want to make your campaign run better this year?

Do you have problems selling boudoir reportages?


Boudoir photography presents itself as a very creative discipline, highlighting a woman’s beauty and femininity in a more sophisticated and elegant way compared to a conventional portrait session. In this type of reportage, it is common for a number of problems to arise when it comes to selling boudoir sessions if the photographer does not master the right promotional strategies.

If you have a real passion for this speciality and aspire to pursue it, it is essential that you know how to deal with the challenges of selling boudoir sessions and this is what we talk about in detail in the following article.

>> What are the main problems in selling boudoir reportages?

Boost sales of your pre-wedding photographs


Often, couples who are about to get married are unaware of the details of the pre-wedding sessions that take place before the big day. If your goal is to increase sales of pre-wedding photography, it is important to keep up to date with your photography website and provide detailed information and informative content about these sessions. This way, you allow couples to familiarise themselves with this option before they make the decision to hire your services for their wedding reportage.

The strategy of selling more pre-wedding photography is focused on maximising the profits obtained from each client, being one of the most effective marketing tactics to boost the growth and prosperity of a business. In the next post we will tell you more about this topic.

>> Want to sell more pre-wedding photography? Discover the strategies to boost your sales

No more excuses to keep up to date with your photography website!


Keeping up to date with your photography website will allow you to forget about a multitude of tasks that take up valuable time every day and dedicate yourself to what you like most, which is to do more photo shoots, or even, why not? To take life a little more calmly.

If you still don’t know us and are not sure what we can do for you, we encourage you to see how our business solutions work from the inside, you have 14 days to find out for free.

On this occasion we are going to share with you the interview with Lourdes García.

>> ‘I really value the 24-hour customer service’, Lourdes García

And to finish this post, we would like to know what actions you do throughout the year to keep up to date with your photography website. We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Headache for your photography business? Take an Arcadina

Headache for your photography business? Take an Arcadina

Fulfil your dream of becoming a professional photographer with the help of our business solutions. Now you can create a website and business for free for 14 days with no commitment of permanence.

Thanks to Arcadina’s business solutions for photographers, your business headaches will disappear.

If you have any queries, our Customer Service Team is always ready to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We listen to you.

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