3 innovative ideas to sell more post-weddings through your photography blog


20 Jun 2023

When trying to sell more post-weddings, many wedding photographers don’t know how to approach this question. The truth is that we know that this is an extra service that wedding photographers have and that many couples don’t really know what it consists of. If photographers do not learn how to sell in an attractive way this kind of post-wedding reportage, they will lose the opportunity to get some extra income for each client they get and this would be a shame.

That’s why today, in this article we are going to give you 3 revolutionary ideas so that you can sell more post-weddings than in other seasons, because these sessions after the wedding can give you that little extra that your photography business needs to live more comfortably in the weaker times of the year.


Learn how to sell more post-weddings and make extra money from every couple who book you for a wedding.

Why do you have to sell more post-weddings?


We know that many wedding photographers don’t even think about selling more post-weddings and they focus all their efforts on promoting weddings, which are undoubtedly their main service. On the one hand, they are absolutely right, since the budget for a wedding cannot be compared to that of a pre-wedding or post-wedding session, but what they don’t usually take into account is that selling to a person who is already your client is infinitely easier than to a couple who don’t know you well yet.

That’s why selling more post-weddings to bridal couples who have already had a deal with you and who may even have already had a pre-wedding session, is going to be much easier for you. And if you do it right, you can increase your budget for each wedding you have contracted by more than 15%. Interesting, don’t you think?

What are the problems a photographer has when it comes to selling his or her post-wedding sessions?


When approaching how to promote your post-wedding services, you may have several doubts or problems and you don’t really know how to approach couples. Here we are going to show you 4 problems that many wedding photographers have to face in order to sell more post-weddings.

  • I don’t know how to approach the promotion of post-wedding sessions.
  • My partners come on a very tight budget.
  • Newlyweds have no time after the honeymoon.
  • The bride and groom don’t know the difference between wedding photos and post-wedding photos.

Below we’re going to break down all these comments from wedding photographers to help you sort them out with a single tool.

1# “I don’t know how to approach the promotion of post-wedding sessions”

As a general rule, wedding photographers do not usually spend energy or time promoting this type of reportage, which is really an extra service. Some include them in their dossiers as part of the information to give to the bride and groom and others simply offer this service as a possibility when couples feel overwhelmed by the lack of time on their wedding day.

As a consequence of this lack of information on the part of the professionals, in most cases the photographers’ clients (in this case the bridal couples) do not usually value this type of extra services and tend to focus all their interest on the wedding reports.

In many cases, this lack of information on the part of photographers is due to the fact that they do not know how to promote this service. Our recommendation is that before trying to sell more post-weddings, you should try to “educate” your clients with information before hiring them so that when the time comes to offer them this service, part of the work has already been done.

You can also explain the stories behind each pre-wedding so that the bride and groom can understand why other brides and grooms have decided to have this photo shoot after their honeymoon.

Another idea is to offer special packages with this service included where couples find it, financially speaking, much more tempting.

2# “My partners come on a very tight budget”

Precisely because they don’t know all the benefits of having a session after the wedding, some couples claim that they don’t have the budget to do a post-wedding photo shoot in addition to the wedding. But let’s be honest, this type of extra session does not have a budget as high as a wedding and if couples really want to do this session, the price will not be a problem.

For these cases in which the bride and groom allude to their budget, you can offer them the special packs that we talked about in the previous section and you can also show them the stories of several couples who have done the post-wedding with you. The idea is for them to see how beautiful and different these images can be by choosing a different location to the wedding day.

3# “Newlyweds don’t have time after the honeymoon”

Another of the excuses that couples can come up with when it comes to accepting a post-wedding shoot is the lack of time to do the photo shoot when they return from their honeymoon. And let’s be honest, this is another unfounded excuse. If at any time they are short of time, it is just before the wedding when they have to organise an event of this category in addition to their daily routines.

In addition, many of these clients will have already had a post-wedding shoot in the middle of their preparations, so no, this is not a valid excuse. What happens again is that, unlike pre-wedding sessions, where couples are already aware of their importance, in post-wedding sessions they are a little more lost.

For these cases, as well as making them see how easy it can be to arrange a day and time for the photo shoot, you can also offer them different post-weddings, for example:

  • In a special location. Encourage them to visit another city with totally different landscapes from what they are used to.
  • Accompany them on part of their honeymoon trip. This is another option that, if you know how to sell it, can be very attractive to couples.
  • Post-wedding in winter. This is an idea that can also be very popular because the aesthetics of the photographs will break completely with those of the wedding.
  • Etc.

As you can see the idea is to sell this session as a post-wedding experience.

4# “Brides and grooms can’t tell the difference between wedding photos and post-wedding photos”

Contrary to what happens with pre-wedding photo shoots, where the photographs are clearly differentiated from those of the wedding, the same does not happen with post-wedding photo shoots. So if the clients are not able to differentiate between them, they will not see the importance of hiring this photo session either.

For these cases, you can take the opportunity to show them cases of post-weddings that you have made more special, such as the examples we have mentioned in the previous section. But in the case that you are not going to do this type of destination post-wedding, you can also incorporate elements that help you to differentiate these photographs, such as: coloured flares, eye-catching accessories, etc. In the following article of our blog we give you more ideas to organise these sessions after the wedding.

>> Post-wedding photo shoots: find out how to sell them

As you can see, in order to sell more post-weddings, you have to raise awareness among the bride and groom, show them all the benefits of this post-wedding reportage and create a need for this particular product. Because simply telling them that you do post-weddings is not enough to sell them.

Learn how to sell more post-weddings and get more than 15% turnover on every wedding


In order to sell more post-weddings you have already made it clear that you have to educate and inform your potential clients so that they know very well what this service you offer consists of and why they might be interested in it.

And to achieve this, in addition to including the information from these extra sessions in your dossier and on your photography website, one tool that comes in handy is the photography blog.

Use the photography blog to sell more post-weddings


As we were saying, if you take advantage of all the possibilities that your photography blog can offer you, you will be able to educate your clients, reach a much larger audience and make the bride and groom feel the need to have a post-wedding session with you.

If you don’t quite know how to make the most of your blog, here are 3 innovative ideas to sell more post-weddings through your photography blog.

1# It creates the need for couples to enjoy a post-wedding session

Using some of the ideas we have given you in this article, you can create a series of articles on your own blog where you can explain to future couples the benefits of having a post-wedding. Find your own, but some of these benefits could be:

  • Have more time on the wedding day to enjoy the guests.
  • To be able to put on their wedding suits again.
  • Enjoy a romantic session after all the stress of the wedding.
  • Keep a special memory of your honeymoon with a destination post wedding.
  • Do a daring session with a trash the dress.
  • Etc.

All these ideas can be perfectly converted into a blog article and if you add the right keywords, your visibility on the Internet will increase even more.

2# As you do with weddings, showcase your best post-wedding photos

Another of the failures that we find in the few post-wedding articles that photographers publish are the amount of photographs they upload of the same shoot. From experience we know that not all the images of a session are really amazing, but in a post-wedding, where it is planned with time and the most suitable place and time are chosen, there are always a series of images that really leave the couples speechless.

It is precisely these, and not the whole story, that should be the visual content of the post-wedding articles. Otherwise, those spectacular images will go unnoticed among the rest of the photos or, if the photographer has added too many images, they will not even be seen.

3# Tell a story around the post-wedding celebrations

In addition to adding the best images of each post-wedding or a compilation of several sessions, try to explain to the couples who are consulting your post information that is of interest to them. Here are some ideas:

  • Explain why couples decide to book your post-wedding sessions.
  • Show charming locations that may be of interest to couples.
  • Give post-wedding ideas, such as destination shoots or the famous and daring trash the drees.
  • Etc.

In many cases, if you talk about locations, these articles will help you to position yourself as, for example, a post wedding photographer in Valencia.

Sell more post-weddings thanks to the blog of your photography website

As you can see, it is possible to sell more post-weddings, you just need to explain to your clients what this photo shoot consists of and why it is important for them to book it and “sell” it to them in a more attractive way.

As a last recommendation we would like to give you, avoid articles in the form of a gallery where you add a headline, the details of the bride and groom and upload twenty or so photographs. This type of articles, besides not helping you to position yourself better, will bore the visitors, because it will not provide them with any information. Besides, think that to see photographs you already have your image galleries, the rest of the web has to provide them with even more information and the blog is a fantastic tool that you can use to sell more post-weddings every season.

If you want to get to know several photographers who do post-weddings, in the following article we introduce you to a few of them.

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And if you’re currently interested in seeing what our photography blog looks like, you can try it and the rest of our business solutions for free for 14 days.

This time we are going to share with you the interview of a fantastic wedding photographer, Cristina Grañena.

>> ‘Arcadina is the assistance in the shadow’, Cristina Grañena

And finally we would like to ask you, do you spend time promoting your post wedding photos? We’d love to read your ideas in the comments.

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