10+1 ideas for organising your pre-wedding reports


7 Nov 2023

pre-wedding reports are sessions that help couples to get to know the photographer and the camera and they are also a great way for the professional to see how their clients act in front of the lens before the big day. The pre-wedding photographer can see if the bride and groom are spontaneous, shy or a bit more fun, so this type of pre-wedding shoot can become the key point for the photographer and the couple to get to know each other much better before the wedding.

If you want your clients to book this couple photo shoot, it is important that you know how to sell it. Think that many couples are not going to know exactly what this photo shoot consists of and explaining to them the benefits and all the options you are going to offer them will increase the sales of this photo shoot. Also, if you want to be more original than the rest, you can organise a small dossier explaining the different varieties of pre-weddings you do, in this article we are going to give you 10+1 tips that will help you to give much more value to your pre-wedding reports.


Win your couples’ trust in your pre-wedding reports with these 10+1 ideas to surprise them.

Why are pre-wedding reports so important?


pre-wedding reports can be very useful for both you and the bride and groom if you know how to “sell” them and these are some of the reasons why if you are a wedding photographer offering a pre-wedding photo shoot is a very good idea:

  • Connection between the couple and the photographer: this can undoubtedly be one of the main reasons why you can argue the sale of these reports before the wedding. Explain to your clients that they will feel much more comfortable with you before the wedding day and the other way around.

  • Personalisation of the wedding details: this is usually another reason why taking this type of pre-wedding photographs can be a great opportunity to decorate some of the details of the big day, to set certain corners of the wedding or even to create the wedding invitations.

  • Surprise for the guests: you can also propose to create a slideshow to liven up the banquet with a slide show of your pre-wedding photographs. It will be a very emotional moment for them.

  • Disconnecting before the wedding: pre-wedding photos can be a great way to spend an afternoon as a couple and disconnect for a while from the intense wedding preparations.

As you can see, pre-wedding sessions are a very good option for your clients to become familiar with posing in front of your camera, be more relaxed on the day of the wedding, be able to use these images in their wedding and spend some time away from the organisation of this great day.

Increase your income through pre-wedding photoshoots

A great advantage of offering pre-wedding photography for you will undoubtedly be the ability to increase the budget that couples hire you for. This session together with the post-wedding session and the sale of extra images in your private gallery can be the extras you need to increase your income for each wedding you book.

In the following article we will talk more in depth about all the options you will be able to offer in your private galleries.

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10+1 tips to help you sell more pre-wedding photos


When “selling” these pre-wedding sessions to couples, it is important that you explain to them what the photo shoot is all about and why other couples like them have decided to experience this before their wedding.

And so that the pre-wedding photo shoot is much more than just a simple bridal photo shoot, we are going to give you 10+1 ideas that can inspire you when creating a mini post-wedding dossier.

1# Pre-wedding session in a special place

If you want these photographs to show all the love that your engaged couples have for each other, you can propose to organise this romantic photo shoot in a location that is really special to them, such as: the place where they met, the town where they used to spend the summer when they were teenagers or even the city where one of them proposed marriage.

If they have a special place, this idea is sure to delight them and will also allow you to recreate much more romantic scenes with them.

2# Pre-wedding photo shoot abroad

If you like to travel, another proposal you can make to the bride and groom is to go to a city outside Spain, for example: Paris, the city of love, Venice for a gondola ride or even Marrakech to turn this reportage into an adventure.

This type of session can be very appealing to a more select clientele with a larger wedding budget and if you offer them this option in your dossier, many of them will be encouraged by your proposal of a romantic weekend getaway before the wedding.

3# Are you a photographer based in an inland city? Organise a session on the coast

If you are willing to travel but don’t want to go abroad, you can organise a session in a coastal location, because if you live in an inland area, this will be an eye-catcher for couples.

And if you are lucky enough to have your photography studio very close to the sea, you can look for some more inland locations, such as a forest or a mountain with a view, to offer a different pre-wedding reportage to the ones your closest competitors are currently doing.

4# Look for charming locations around your city

And if you are one of those who don’t want to or can’t travel far when it comes to organising the pre-wedding shoot, you can also prepare a pre-wedding session near your studio. If you do a bit of research, you’re sure to find both more urban and more natural locations where you can offer couples this session option.

The idea is that you put on the table different options close to your studio and make them see how beautiful the images will look in those locations that they will already know.

5# An urban pre-wedding is always a good idea


Most couples who organise their weddings tend to look for outdoor venues with large gardens and natural spaces to celebrate the reception, so proposing an urban pre-wedding can be very tempting if you know how to sell it to them.

You can suggest that couples look for a more central urban area and take advantage of the city lights at sunset to create a unique and very different reportage to that of their wedding day. You can even bring the session forward to the Christmas season and prepare a photo shoot taking advantage of the Christmas decorations in the city centre.

6# Pre-wedding session in abandoned locations

Although at first it may seem a little strange for couples to go to an abandoned building, railway tracks or an old factory, the truth is that in these places and with the right light, very cool and original photographs can be taken.

To finish convincing your clients you can show them a small portfolio of other couples who have chosen this original pre-wedding shoot. When they see the images they will also want a photo session in this style.

7# Adventure pre-wedding for sporty and adventurous brides and grooms

There are many couples who like to practice sports together or even organise outings to the countryside, for this type of client you can organise a more adventurous pre-wedding session and turn the reportage into a day of leisure.

You can organise an outing to the countryside for a simple hike and end up at the top of a mountain with a view, or go to a park where they can train for a while while you take some photos that reflect their complexity as a couple.

8# Holi powder in your pre-wedding photo shoot

Using holi powder for a bridal shoot will make the shoot a fun afternoon and you will have the opportunity to take images with lots of colour and movement.

To make this session more attractive, you can also propose to the couple a change of wardrobe so that in the first part they can take photos as a couple wearing more formal clothes. Then for the second part of the session, the most fun part, you can encourage them to wear jeans and a white T-shirt.

9# Bride and groom photo shoot in the dark

If you like to do night photography or lightpainting as a hobby, you can propose to your bride and groom to organise a pre-wedding as original as this one. You can take advantage of the sunset to create the first romantic images and when the night falls a little more, start with the lightpainting session.

For this type of reportage to go well, it is recommended that you organise them in a place where there is not much artificial lighting, in an area away from the cities these sessions are best carried out.

10# Couples lifestyle session in your own home

If there is one thing that characterises brides and grooms who are organising their wedding, it is the lack of time. Between their jobs and all the work involved in organising a wedding, finding time to organise a pre-wedding photo shoot can often be difficult.

Therefore, offering your clients the possibility of having a more intimate and natural couple session in a familiar environment such as their home will be very original and easier for them to fit in with their busy schedules.

10+1# Couple with children? Organise a more family-friendly session

Another pre-wedding photo shoot idea is if the bride and groom already have children, you can propose to transform their pre-wedding photo shoot into a beautiful family session. A walk at sunset in any location near your studio will be more than enough for the family to relax and you can take some beautiful family photos.

In these sessions remember to take a few photos of just the couple so that they can also have a much more intimate memory of this session before the wedding.

Sell more pre-wedding reports thanks to these 10+1 tips

As you can see, it is not enough to inform your clients that you do pre-wedding photography. Each session or extra service you offer to couples, you have to know how to sell it by explaining to the couples the benefits of each product and the different alternatives you offer.

Help yourself with these 10+1 ideas to sell more of these sessions to the bride and groom who book a wedding and increase your profits for each client. This is a very good way to make your photography business grow little by little without having to book more weddings per year.

Today we are going to share with you the interview of the wedding photographer David from Josan Fotógrafo.

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And to finish this article to help you organise a pre-wedding photo shoot that is interesting for your clients, we would like to know: What kind of pre-wedding photos do you most like to take? We’ll read you in the comments.

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