The best wedding photojournalism websites for 2023


19 Jan 2023

Wedding photojournalism never goes out of fashion and there are many brides and grooms who, without being completely clear about what this style of photography consists of, look for this quality in the photographer for this date that is so special for them.

Basically, you could say that wedding photojournalism consists of representing an event as it happens. Without prepared scenes and with hardly any intervention by the photographer. Although it is common knowledge that there is room for various styles of photography at a wedding and that it is not usual to find photographers who do 100% of this style for the whole of a wedding.


If you are able to convey a natural situation and the emotions of the protagonists in a single image, you know how to do wedding photojournalism.

What does wedding photojournalism consist of?


If there is one thing that characterises the most rigorous wedding photojournalism, it is that it avoids any kind of planned or prepared poses by the photographer. But although this style is much more natural and casual than others, it also requires prior planning and a lot of experience on the part of the photographer.

In photojournalism, the photographer has to be constantly alert to everything that is happening. Not only around the bride and groom, but also around the other guests attending the celebration.

For a photojournalistic wedding reportage to be really good and to move the protagonists, the photographer must have the ability and experience to know how to anticipate the events that are about to happen. In this way, he or she will be sure to capture the most emotional images of every moment of a wedding.

In this particular style of narrating a wedding, the photographer must have the ability to turn each image into a little story that manages to move the couple and even the people who were unable to attend the day of the wedding.

Planning for a photojournalistic wedding reportage

For a wedding reportage to be successful, there has to be careful planning by the photographer beforehand. That is why, once the couple signs the contract, the photographer has to get to know the bride and groom very well before the wedding. The idea is to gather a series of information about them, such as: what their gestures of complicity are, how they behave in front of the camera, whether they are spontaneous, shy, reserved or more fun.

Many photographers recommend couples to have a pre-wedding session (pre-wedding) so that they can break the ice more easily and the photographer can see how they behave in front of the camera.

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In wedding photojournalism, images with emotional family members, crying with joy or giving long hugs are a must. Therefore, a good idea that every photographer should take into account is to ask the couples about their guests. It is important to know who are those special people for them who will surely star in a series of unique and unrepeatable moments on the day of the wedding.

In the following article we give you more tips on how to become a great wedding photographer.

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5 examples of wedding photographers with a photojournalistic style

So that you can enjoy some of our colleagues who do wedding photojournalism, we have made a small compilation with 5 photographers. We hope you like it.

Before showing it, we would like to emphasise once again the concept that there is room for many styles in a wedding. Therefore, you may come across photographers who are dedicated only to photojournalism and others who combine this technique with more artistic or directed photography.

1# Willy Photo

Willy Foto photographers, with studio in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, have a very fresh and natural style of wedding photography. Their images are full of spontaneity and they know how to capture the happiness of the couples in the photographs very well.

If you want to take a look at the galleries of their different reportages (social photography, fashion, interior design, advertising campaigns, etc.), we encourage you to visit their website with Arizona design.


2# Juan Luis Misis Photographers

Juan Luis Misis Fotógrafos is also in charge of a team of photographers from Segovia with years of experience in wedding photojournalism as well as in their other sessions (pregnancy, newborn, pets, children and communions).

If there is one thing that characterises the image galleries that you can see on their Arizona-designed website, it is that they show how they capture the spontaneity of this great day at every moment.


3# White moments photography

Behind White moments photography is Toni, a photographer from Barcelona who specialises in wedding, family and editorial photography.

On his Bangkok design website, as well as being able to enjoy some exciting image galleries, in his testimonials section many of the couples who have chosen him for their wedding tell of their experience and how thrilled they are with their wedding photographs.


4# Nacho González

Nacho González is a photographer based between Ibiza and Toledo who abandoned his brilliant career as an aviation pilot to devote himself entirely to what he really loved, photography.

Within what is natural wedding photography, Nacho adds to each image the influence of another style that he is also passionate about, fine art style photography. In this way, Nacho manages to turn each image of the wedding into an authentic work of art for the bride and groom.


5# Víctor Sarabia Grau Photography

And we close this small compilation on wedding photojournalism with Víctor, a photographer from Alicante who specialises mainly in social photography. This photographer knows how to capture the moments and the emotions that are lived in them, something fundamental to surprise couples when they see their wedding photographs.

On their website with Bangkok design, you will be able to enjoy a touching gallery of images that we know very well that they have managed to move their protagonists as some of them explain on their opinion page.


Wedding photojournalism: a style that will never go out of style

Wedding photojournalism is about capturing the emotion of the moment in a single image. Get to know your couples, learn to be patient and never let your guard down at a wedding. You never know when an exciting photograph may arise.

If you feel like enjoying more wedding photographers with different styles, you will love the following compilation.

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This time we are going to share with you the interview with the wedding photographer Miguel Ángel Garrote who is in charge of the Focus Foto Estudio website.

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And finally, here’s our usual last question: What fascinates you most about photojournalism in the field of weddings? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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