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8 Feb 2022

Yes, you’ve been working as a wedding photographer for years and you still can’t stand out from the rest of your colleagues, that’s why today we want to help you with a series of tips and recommendations to achieve your dream of becoming, if not the best wedding photographer, at least one of them.

The bride and groom who are organising their wedding nowadays, usually have several objectives to achieve, such as: to be original, to surprise their guests at every moment and with every detail of their wedding. And of course, to keep as special a memory as possible of every moment.


“Wedding couples are increasingly looking at the type of wedding photographer they choose to cover their wedding. Learn to be the best among your peers.”

If you are a wedding photographer and you want the bride and groom to consider you as one of the best wedding photographers within your style and way of working, pay attention to all these considerations that every couple that is about to get married will take into account to make the right choice of the best photographer for the day of their wedding.

How do you find a great wedding photographer?

In a wedding every detail counts and choosing the wedding suppliers will be a mission where the bride and groom will have to do a little research on each sector, for example: wedding dress, groom’s suit, wedding halls, catering service, wedding photographer, decoration, wedding planner, car rental and a long etc..

Among so many wedding suppliers and wedding professionals, there is one in particular who has a much more special and important mission than the rest: the wedding photographer.

“The best wedding photographer has to be able to capture emotion, love, creativity, surprise and the perfect moment in a single image”.


This is why brides and grooms are increasingly aware that when their wedding day is over, all they will be left with are their own memories (which will fade with time) and their wedding photographs.

If you want to become the best wedding photographer in your area, pay attention to these recommendations.

What style of photography defines you as a wedding photographer?


Within wedding photography there can be many different styles: photojournalism, artistic photography, film style photography or even with trends that can be reminiscent of fashion or catwalk photography.

Although the bride and groom may not be very clear about the differences between the different styles, they will have some idea and therefore this detail will be one of the first things they will look for when looking for a wedding photographer.

If you have only been a photographer for a short time, you can try working with several different styles of wedding photography and then stick with the one you most identify with, personalising it with your own vision. Find your own way of experiencing weddings, enhance it and become the best wedding photographer within your style. And, of course, present it properly on a professional photography website.

“It won’t do you any good to be the best wedding photographer in the world if you are not able to reflect that on your photography website.”

Here we leave you a compilation article of wedding photographers to inspire you.

>> 6 wedding photojournalism websites that will fascinate you

Quality wedding photography and clarity of information on the website


To show your audience more clearly what your style as a wedding photographer looks like, it is essential that only your best images appear on your website.

Because one thing is clear. Your wedding photography portfolio will have a greater impact on your visitors if you show your 20 best photographs than if you add a large compilation of your latest full wedding photos.

To help you further define the type of wedding photography for your online gallery, here are a couple of very interesting articles.

>> How to create an online portfolio of professional photography

>> 15 websites of wedding photographers with excellent portfolios

It is also important that, once you have attracted the attention of your ideal client on your website through your style of wedding photography, you go on to explain in detail a series of questions that they will need to know in order to choose you, such as: what is your style of photography, what do your services include and, in short, answer all those questions that they are asking right now.

>> The importance of text on a photography website


How much does a wedding photographer cost?

Within the profession of photographer, wedding sessions are one of the services that usually cost the most. Sometimes it happens that many photographers who are just starting out tend to charge cheaper rates which, in the long run, ends up harming the whole sector.

If you want the bride and groom to appreciate your work, to value it and not to question your prices, it is important to make them see that being a wedding photographer is not just about showing up on the day of their wedding and taking a few pictures.

To give more value to your work it is important that you create a services page where they can discover all the previous work you do, the great number of hours you will accompany them during their link and the post production work you will have to do when the link is finished.

With all this information we are sure that when couples ask themselves how much does a wedding photographer cost? The rates will be much fairer for them.

Define your packs and delivery times

If you want to save time and stop resolving doubts from clients who normally do not meet the profile of your ideal client, another recommendation we give you is to show your packs on your photography website and solve those recurring doubts such as: delivery times, what the pre-wedding consists of, where they can do the post-wedding or if you would be willing to travel.

>> How to prepare a pre-wedding photography session?

Tell the story of the best wedding photographer


Another point that will make the difference in making you the ideal candidate for brides and grooms looking for a wedding photographer is to tell your story on your website.

At this point you can have a great advantage over your other colleagues since this part is usually one of the most neglected parts of their websites. Here we leave you a script that you can follow to create your “About me” section.

  • Who is hiding behind the camera? Presenting yourself properly on your photography website will make your visitors have more confidence in you and, ultimately, in your wedding photography services.
  • What sets you apart from your fellow photographers? Explain to your potential clients what is special about you, don’t assume that they will find out by looking at your portfolio alone.
  • Show your personal side. Empathise with your partners by showing a small part of your life off camera. Here you don’t need to tell your intimacies, it will be enough if you write some of your hobbies to “connect” with your target audience.

In the following post you have more tips about this very personal page.

>> Tips for creating an “About me” section on your photography website

Create a well-defined personal brand and keep your social media active

Your personal brand will be directly related to everything that appears about you on the internet. Whether it’s through your wedding photography website or even your publications on the most popular social networks such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

That is why it is important to convey the same message in all of them, so that:

  • The style and quality of the images should always be similar. Just as we have advised you above to try to publish your best images on your website, follow the same guidelines for your social networks.
  • The way you express yourself should be consistent. Try to maintain the same style when expressing yourself on your website, on your social networks, in the dossiers with the information about the rates and even in the emails you send to your clients.

Did you know that if you are very active on your social networks, you will be able to connect your Instagram photos to your web gallery? Here’s how to do it.

>> Learn how to integrate Instagram, WhatsApp and SMS galleries into your website

And if you want to be clear on how to be effective in your social media, take a look from time to time at our social media section of the blog.

>> Arcadina’s blog: Social networks

Blog with great ideas and recommendations from other couples

Another consideration for the bride and groom when looking for the best wedding photographer will be the testimonials from other newlywed couples who talk about the way you work, as well as the ideas you can showcase on your photography website’s blog.

  • The opinions of other brides and grooms who have hired your services will always be an extra point of confidence and peace of mind that you can take advantage of to show on your website.
  • The ideas and recommendations that you publish on your photography blog, in addition to capturing the attention of your audience and bringing more organic traffic to your website, will also reinforce your professionalism and involvement in your work.

>> How to create a professional photography blog?

Couples are looking for you: they want the best wedding photographer to keep a unique memoryCouples are looking for you: they want the best wedding photographer to keep a unique memory

So now you know, if you want to make a difference with your peers and become the best wedding photographer or at least one of the best:

  • Take care of your photography style.
  • Display only the best wedding photographs on your website.
  • Explain what your photography service is like.
  • Give value to your work and your delivery times.
  • Surprise them with your story.
  • Showcase your personal brand on your social networks.
  • Bring tips and great ideas to your photographer’s blog.

“The bride and groom are looking for unique photographs that make them vibrate and remember. And this can only be achieved by the best wedding photographer“.

Here are some more ideas and recommendations to improve as a wedding photographer.

>> Marketing ideas for wedding photographers

Today we want to share with you the opinion and experience of a great wedding photographer, Alfonso Novo from Emovere Studios, a great friend and ambassador of Arcadina.

>> Alfonso Novo and Emovere Studios visit Arcadina

And to say goodbye, let’s go with today’s question. What actions are you taking today to become one of the best wedding photographers? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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