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16 Jan 2023

Until now, in the selection galleries your clients could only choose a certain number of images that you had previously agreed with them. This type of gallery is very practical for your clients, as they will be able to make this type of image selection without having to come to your studio. But they are also very useful for you, as they save you a lot of time and help you to show your final work in a more professional way.

Now, thanks to a revolutionary improvement that we launched just a few days ago and that you have been requesting for some time. In the selection galleries your clients will also be able to choose a series of extra photographs for a price previously stipulated by you in the management panel.

As you know, this is a very common practice among your clients and is a great way for you to generate more revenue from the same photo shoot.


Your clients won’t be able to resist buying extra photos of their photo shoot in the selection galleries.

What is so special about the selection galleries?


In case you are not yet familiar with them, the selection galleries are one of the many private galleries that you can create for your clients to interact with the images of their photo shoots.

Private client galleries are an elegant, practical and modern way to show the images of your photo shoots to your clients through a private area within your photography website. In them your clients can make a selection of images through their computer, tablet or mobile phone in a simple, fast and very comfortable way for them.

Once the client has finished selecting the images, you will receive an email with all the information and you will always be able to consult all the data through your dashboard.

In the following video tutorial we will explain all the steps you have to take to create your own selection galleries and how you can easily configure from which selected image an extra fee is charged.

We are also going to show you in the following video a practical example so that you can see how your customers will have it very easy when selecting more images in their private galleries and how they will always be informed of the whole process and its cost.

If you find it easier to follow the indications of certain processes to be carried out in the panel through short videos, we would like to remind you that a few months ago we launched our first video training. Here is an article where we present it to you.

>> Get to know Arcadina’s most comprehensive training for photographers

Galleries for delivering photos to clients with extra image selection option


The big improvement we have made to the galleries for delivering images to clients is that, until now, your clients could only choose the images they had previously agreed with you, for example 20 out of a gallery of 50 photos.

In the past, when this choice of images was made directly in person, the vast majority of the time clients ended up choosing more images than agreed for an extra price.

Customers never know which photos to keep because they like them all. Take advantage of this to keep doing business.

Now, thanks to the galleries to select photos with this new option, your customers will be able to comfortably select images for their photo album from home and still choose extra photos that they will be happy to include for a small fee.

In the following help article we explain how you can create and configure this type of galleries through the dashboard.

>> Arcadina Help. Customer area – Create a selection gallery

Multiple galleries also with extra image selection option


In addition to the private galleries for selecting images, in the business area of your photography website, you will be able to create other types of galleries for your customers, such as: slideshow, sample, download, sale and multiple.

It is precisely the multiple galleries, where your customers will be able to perform several actions at the same time: selection, download and sale, that will also be eligible for this new improvement. This way, you will be able to create a gallery of, for example, 50 images where customers will be able to perform several actions:

  • Select 20 photographs included in the contracted pack.
  • Download these 20 pre-selected images at 0 cost.
  • Select as many extra photos as you like for an extra fee.
  • Buy printed photos, professional prints, etc.

Can you imagine being able to offer all these sales actions in a single private gallery? Discover all the steps to create multiple galleries with the option to select extra photos in our help section.

>> Arcadina Help. Customer area – Create a gallery with multiple modes

Create selection galleries for your clients and offer them the possibility to select more photos for a small fee

Incorporating selfie galleries into your digital business model will allow you to have a lot more leisure time for yourself or to do more photo shoots with new clients.

Your current clients will be delighted with the possibility of being able to select their images comfortably from home or in the company of their loved ones without having to book a day to come to your photo studio.

If we add to all these advantages offered by private galleries the fact that you will be able to do business with the extra photos selected by your customers, private galleries to select images are perfect to make your business prosper every day.

Contract Business Plans

On this occasion we would like to share with you an interview with sports photographer Eli Mora who tells us, among other things, how her clients value her private areas very positively.

>> Eli Mora, sports photographer: “my clients value their private spaces”

And to finish this article we would like to ask you a question: Are you already using selfie galleries in your photography business? We would love to read your answer in the comments.

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