Are you a wedding photographer and you don’t make your photos profitable?


24 Jan 2023

When you decide to become a wedding photographer, the first thing you think about is training with the best, getting a high quality team and gaining experience to be able to take wedding photographs that really make an impact on your clients.

But what many photographers don’t realise, especially if they have only been in the profession for a short time, is that in order for this profession to bear fruit and allow them to make a full living from it, you first have to solve the pains of a wedding photographer.

Because the true reality of this profession is that it is not the one who takes the best photos who sells the most, but the one who knows how to sell them best. This doesn’t mean that you don’t need to have a very good base to be able to sell a high quality product. There is no doubt about that. That’s why today we wanted to dedicate this article to show you some of the most important pains of a wedding photographer today. We encourage you to discover them in this post.


To be able to make a living from your true passion, you first have to define very well and solve the pains of a wedding photographer.

What are the biggest pains of a wedding photographer?

As we said, once you have acquired a series of technical knowledge necessary to carry out a more than acceptable wedding photography. The next step you will have to take is to set up your own photography business. And it is precisely in this part, where most colleagues are not 100% trained and where the dreaded pains of a wedding photographer begin to emerge.

On other occasions, when photographers already have a certain trajectory and have managed to set up their photography studio both physically and on the Internet. The problem arises of how to reach more clients and the need to delegate certain jobs in order to attend to these new clients.

Whether a photographer is just starting out or has been in the profession for years, everyone comes to some or the other pains of a wedding photographer. Let’s take a look at some of them.

1# I don’t know how to make my wedding photos more profitable


A big problem that wedding photographers have that is closely related to sales marketing is that when they have already closed the budget with a couple, it is difficult for them to get the bride and groom to order extra products, such as more digital photographs, printed photos, etc.

In many cases, trying to make a wedding reportage more profitable would mean meeting with the bride and groom for another day to see if they would like to buy some extra pictures or to extend even more the meeting where they have to choose their photos for the album.

In the marketing world it is well known that it is much easier to sell your products to an existing customer than to a new one. Establish a methodology that allows you to continue selling products and services to your existing customers.

2# I spend a lot of time meeting couples to select photos for the album


Once you get the hang of it and the clients start coming in on a regular basis, you will see how many hours you will have to spend in meetings with couples, both before and after the big day, to answer their questions and present their wedding day photographs. This, without a doubt, is another of the great pains of a wedding photographer. You can’t have more than 24 hours a day and knowing how to make the most of it will be fundamental for your business.

We can already tell you that you are going to spend a lot of time with your clients, especially in one of the last meetings you will have to organise for the couples to choose the photographs that will go in their wedding album. You can lose a whole day’s work in this meeting. And not to mention the problems you will often have when it comes to balancing your schedules with your clients, and even having to work outside of your working hours.

Invest more working hours in your future clients, they have not yet paid for your services.

3# I would like to set no limits to my work and be a destination photographer


If you are a photographer who does not want to put geographical barriers to your work, you are going to have to differentiate yourself from the rest as a destination wedding photographer. To do this, not only do you have to make couples see you, but you will have to have the infrastructure to be able to travel anywhere in the world, do your work and be able to maintain direct communication with your clients so that you can send them your work from wherever you are.

To embark on the adventure of becoming a destination wedding photographer, not only do you have to be a good photographer, but you also have to have a business model that will help you fulfil your dream.

4# Delivering photos on CD or USB is becoming obsolete


Delivery on CD or USB is becoming a thing of the past. Already many couples complain that these devices over time can easily fail or even get lost.

In addition, the simple fact of having to deliver it to your clients by hand means that you will have to reserve a space in your diary for that same client. You need to implement a system in your digital business where your clients can access their reports whenever they want.

Learn how to solve these obstacles that cause so many headaches for wedding photographers

These are just 4 of the pains of a wedding photographer but the truth is that there can be many more. You can try to solve them one by one, looking for the best way to solve them, but that would take up a lot of your time anyway.

What if we told you that there is a single solution that can help you to remove these and other headaches that will appear in your professional career as a wedding photographer?

Selection and sales galleries for customers: the solution to all your problems


As you know, couples are increasingly demanding more and more online services. They are generations that have been born with a series of technologies under their arms that they have internalised in their daily lives: the latest generation of mobiles, tablets, laptops, online payments, online ordering, etc. All of this is very familiar to them.

Therefore, if you incorporate a series of private galleries on your wedding photography website so that your clients can view, select and buy photographs from any of these devices and without having to meet with you, the 4 problems that we mentioned a moment ago would disappear in one fell swoop.

Make your wedding sessions even more profitable

In the selection galleries, as well as giving your clients the option to choose a certain number of photos to include in their photo album, you will also have a very interesting option that will help you earn more money on each wedding photo shoot.

Now, in your private selection galleries, in addition to having the possibility of limiting the number of images that your customers can download, if they want more, you will be able to give them the option of buying extra photos for a small price that you stipulate. This way you will be able to sell more products even if you have already closed the budget. Don’t you think it’s interesting?

In the following article we explain it in more detail.

>> Earn more money with the extra photos in your selection galleries

Save time working with your clients

When you send the photos to your couples through a private gallery, your agenda will be freed from a large number of appointments that you previously had to spend time viewing the photos with your clients and resolving the typical doubts when planning the wedding album.

Now, thanks to private image selection galleries, you no longer need to make one or two appointments with your clients to view and select their wedding day photographs. You will have much more time to dedicate to your business and your clients will be delighted with the convenience of the service.

Make image delivery much more professional

Thanks to the selection galleries, your clients will be able to view and perform actions with their photos comfortably from any electronic device and from any location. For them it will be much more practical because they will not have to come to your studio to pick up the CD or USB with the images and also, when selecting them for their wedding album, the process will be much simpler and practical than when the photos are passed on a USB stick.

This extra service that you offer in your private client area work will result in your clients having a higher degree of satisfaction in their experience working with you.

>> How to deliver wedding photos?

Below, we are going to show you an example of an image selection gallery:

>> See example of photo selection gallery

Do you also suffer from the pains of a wedding photographer?

The pains of a wedding photographer nowadays are more related to marketing and selling services than to taking wedding photographs. Today we have presented 4 of the problems that these professionals have but we know that there are many more that can be solved thanks to the business solutions that we offer at Arcadina. If you don’t know us yet, you can try our service for 14 days for free.

Start now with Arcadina

Would you like to be the best wedding photographer? In the following article we give you a few tips.

>> Tips to become the best wedding photographer

Today we want to share with you the interview of the wedding photographer Armando Díaz.

>> ‘Arcadina Labs is a total success that is here to stay’, Armando Díaz

Now tell us what do you think are the biggest headaches that plague wedding photographers? We look forward to reading your comments.

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