How to get clients as a photographer? In Arcadina we help you

30 Aug 2022

Getting clients as a photographer can be one of the most difficult tasks in your photography business. Whether you have been in the profession for many years or have only recently decided to take the plunge. When it comes to keeping a business afloat, it is important to know how to attract clients through the Internet and show your best face on the web to stand out from the rest of your peers who offer a similar service to yours.

If you want to know how to get clients as a photographer and get the most out of your photography business, in this article we are going to give you a series of recommendations that will help you to improve your client search strategy.


“Do you want to know how to get clients as a photographer? At Arcadina we give you a few ideas”.

Do you want to get clients as a photographer? The first thing to do is to define your speciality


To get clients as a photographer on a regular basis, the first step is to make it clear what you do and how you do it on your website. In other words, define your speciality. Getting clients as a photographer will be easier than you think if you answer the following questions:

  • What kind of photo shoots do you do?
  • Within which style are you most comfortable working?
  • What kind of products do you offer to your customers?
  • Work out what qualities make your photo stories perfect for a particular audience.
  • Explain what aspect of your business you think sets you apart from your peers.
  • Etc.

Because there is no point in saying on your website that, for example, you are a children’s photographer, if you don’t go on to describe your style and speciality. Let’s give you a small example to make it even clearer.

It is not the same to say: Children’s reports.

What to point out: Children’s sessions in the studio and in the most beautiful locations in Valencia with creative touches and fine art style.

As you can imagine, there are plenty of children’s photographers in Valencia, but there may not be as many who, for example, do fine art sessions on location. That’s why it’s important to be one step ahead of your colleagues and make your specialisation and way of working clear in detail.

And if you have several specialisations and you want to know how to get clients as a photographer for each of your sessions, the best thing to do is to offer each type of ideal client a totally independent space so that they can enjoy your photographs, get to know you a little better and resolve all their doubts in independent spaces adapted to each type of service.

Make your name as a photographer part of your personal branding


To get clients as a photographer it is important that they identify your photographs wherever they are published and if you also get them to associate your brand name with your images, you will have begun to forge what in marketing is called your personal brand.

Within personal branding, one of the first aspects to define is the name you want your company to have. You can choose to use your own name, your surname, a mixture of them or even use creative naming if what you like is to innovate and go out of the ordinary.

If you opt for the latter alternative, make sure that the name you choose has some sparkle, is not too long and is easy to remember. This will make it easier for visitors interested in your work to remember you for a longer period of time.

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Take care of your identity as a photographer and your corporate brand to get clients as a photographer


When creating a personal brand, in addition to the name of your company, it is important to take care of other aspects, for example:

  • Define the type of reportage you want to offer in as much detail as possible.
  • Explain your particular style of photography.
  • Show all the products you offer.
  • Research to find your value proposition (qualities that differentiate you from your peers).
  • Find a company name that fits you.
  • Use a design and tone in your communications that is in keeping with your brand.
  • Etc.

In the following article we explain these and other aspects of personal branding for photographers in more detail.

>> Branding for photographers: learn how to create your own personal brand

Create a professional photography blog to get clients as a photographer


Another strategy that works perfectly when it comes to getting clients as a photographer is to create articles on your photography blog. Here the ideal thing to do is to do a little research before you start writing so that you can create posts that are really interesting to your ideal client prototype.

The idea is that thanks to the articles on your blog, even more people will come to your website, where they will find a photography service adapted to what they are looking for at that moment, for example: to remember their wedding day, the communion of their child or even to keep a souvenir of their pregnant figure.

The success of a good photography blog is precisely knowing what topics your customers are looking for information on and writing interesting articles on those specific topics.

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Design a social media strategy


Another tool that can help you get clients as a photographer can be social media if you know how to use it. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or whatever social network your prototype client is on, can be a great showcase and a perfect communication channel to attract audience and followers to your photography website.

Try to create impactful and very specific posts to attract the attention of your followers: you can create short videos with testimonials from some of your clients, announce temporary sessions or news that you know will interest your clients.

>> Social networks for photographers: everything you need to know about them

Create a photography website focused on your customers


We have said it a thousand times, your photography website is your virtual photography studio that will remain open 24 hours a day and, therefore, you have to take care of its content and presence much more than the shop window of your business on the street.

Think that in your studio you will always be there to supervise everything, win over your visitors and show them exactly what they need at that moment. It is also true that the number of clients that may come through the door will be much smaller than the number of visitors that may come to your photography website.

When tailoring your website to your customers, look for:

  • Your photographs will be the protagonists and will look in all their splendour.
  • You can create all kinds of pages and galleries in an intuitive and efficient way to give each service its own independent space.
  • You can offer your customers a series of private services (customer area) so that they can continue with their purchases once you have delivered their photo reports.
  • You have the tools to attract more customers through the sale of photographs.
  • Etc.

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Do you want to know how your website can help you earn more revenue every month? In the following article we give you some tips.

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Create your photography website with Arcadina


If you opt for the business solutions that we offer in Arcadina, you will have the possibility to create your photography website yourself and add a business section (customer area and online shop) that will allow you to offer the sale of photographs, products and services in all its variants.

As well as having a fully featured online business, you will be able to tailor the design of each section to your own personal brand and, even better, you will be able to own your website and modify it whenever and wherever you want without the need for computer skills.

>> 6 advantages of having your own online photography business with Arcadina

In the following link you will find a detailed explanation of practically all the processes that you can carry out through your Management Panel.

>> Help from Arcadina

And as we always say, if you have any questions, we will always be on the other side 24/7.

What more could you ask for from business solutions that will help you get clients as a photographer for as little as €7.50 per month?

>> Start with Arcadina

5+1 Extra ideas to get clients as a photographer

In addition to all these recommendations that will help you consolidate your online business and get clients as a photographer, we are going to give you 5+1 more tips to make your photography website a magnet for your prototype client.


1# Testimonials

After delivering each report, make sure your clients give you their testimonials. And to make their words much more impactful, you can have a series of short questions prepared. Afterwards, you can select the most favourable opinions and include them on your website. With Arcadina you can also activate the reviews page so that your customers can leave reviews of your work directly on your website.

>> What is the Guestbook?

2# Show your human side

In this day and age where most business is done online, it is important that you show your face on your website and show your human side in your biography.

To be much more approachable and professional, you can focus your “About me” page on explaining your professional career in a summarised way and highlighting the data that really interest you. But you should not forget your more friendly and casual side either.

As an idea you can talk about your hobbies and what you like to do when you are not holding a camera in your hand. This information, which has nothing to do with your work, tends to be very popular and helps to break down a number of barriers on the Internet.

And very important, remember that you are a photographer and your final service is photos, add an image of yourself to transmit greater confidence on the web and so that visitors can put a face to you.

>> Tips for creating an “About Me” section on your photography website

3# Take care of your portfolio

On many occasions, when we visit the websites of our colleagues, we see that they work hard to upload the photographs of each session they carry out. On this subject, we will never tire of repeating it. If you want to get clients as a photographer, the galleries on your website must become a selection of the best work you have done so far in order to attract and captivate visitors.

If you offer several photo shoots, you can create sub-galleries so that the different prototypes of clients who come to your website can find independent spaces where they can enjoy your images.

4# Consider SEO to get clients as a photographer

If you have a photography studio or work mostly in a defined area, writing with local SEO in mind will help you appear in searches for potential clients who live near you.

Through your dashboard, you will be able to modify: keywords, meta title and meta description of each page of your website.

As we mentioned a moment ago, your blog articles are also a very powerful tool for positioning yourself in Google with much more specific terms.

5# Reach more customers

One of the best ways to consolidate your online business is to have the possibility to offer your products and/or services to more target audiences. Sometimes, this possibility is much more feasible when, for example, you can have active photo sales through the Internet. Thanks to public galleries you will be able to sell your best photos anywhere in the world.

>> Make money with a photo-selling website

And if you like to travel and move around the world with your camera, a multilingual website can open many more doors to the international market.

>> Did you know that you can create a multi-language website with Arcadina?

5+1# Encourages communication

Another aspect that you should take the utmost care of on your photography website is the ease of communication with your visitors. It won’t do you any good if you make an effort to show your best photographs and explain in detail how you work, if those interested don’t know (or can’t find) how to get in touch with you.

On our websites, in addition to having a contact page where you can add all the information you consider necessary. You will also be able to add direct access buttons on any of the pages of your website, forms in the places you consider important and very soon, you will also be able to add a chat to communicate with your visitors.

In the following article we give you a sneak preview of this upcoming development.

>> Partnership between Arcadina and

Do you already know how to get clients as a photographer thanks to your photography website?

As you can see, to get clients as a photographer it is important that you carry out a series of actions that are in tune with the way you work, your values and your ideal client prototype.

  • Be clear about your speciality and what differentiates you in your field.
  • Learn how to create a personal brand.
  • Focus your digital business on the well-being of your customers.
  • Get more visibility thanks to your blog articles.
  • Take advantage of social media.
  • Create your website with Arcadina.

In addition to all these recommendations that will help you to clear all your doubts about how to get clients as a photographer, in the following article you will find 10+1 more tips.

>> 10+1 tips to get a job as a photographer

On this occasion, before we say goodbye, we are going to share with you the opinion of the photographer Javier Checa.

>> Javier Checa, ‘Arcadina is a comprehensive image management and services for photographers’

And to finish this article, we would like to know which of the strategies we have explained today do you use to get clients as a photographer. We’ll read you in the comments.

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