How to set up a photo studio?

20 Jan 2022

If you are looking for information on how to set up a photography studio, in this article we are going to give you a series of recommendations so that in a short time you can start working on what you really like and create a profitable photography business.

Do you want to discover how to create a photography studio that will ensure your future in this profession? Here we give you all the keys.


“Discover how to set up a photo studio and realise your dreams of working as a professional photographer.”

How to set up a profitable photo studio


It’s clear to you, you want to be a professional photographer and set up a photography business that will allow you to make a living from your great passion. That’s why, after the extensive training we are sure you will have acquired, knowing how to set up a photography studio will be one of the next steps you will have to take to fulfil your great dream.

But before we know how to set up a photo studio, let’s see:

  • What does a photography business have to have?
  • How does a photo studio work?
  • And what elements does a photo studio need to function perfectly?

What is a photography business?

Setting up a photography business is much more than just having a professional camera and premises. To set up a solid photography business, here are the steps we recommend you take:

  • Training: learning will be a very important factor not only at the beginning of your career but also throughout the years you work as a professional photographer.

  • Equipment: nowadays there is a lot of diversity in terms of photography equipment, do your research and look for the one that best suits the type of photography you want to specialise in.

  • Photography studio: if you are going to do sessions that require a studio, such as children’s reports, portraits or corporate photography, it is interesting to look for a spacious and bright place where you can play with different scenarios and props, so you can offer a much wider range of possibilities to your clients.

  • Photo lab: if you want to offer a quality product, it is essential that you have the support of a good photo lab according to the final product you want to deliver to your customers. At Arcadina we have created a new service called Arcadina Labs where your customers can place their own orders to print their images from home.

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  • Virtual photography business: a business that does not have a presence on the Internet is almost as if it did not exist and even more so if your ideal client prototype is looking for information through this medium. At Arcadina we offer you the possibility of creating your online business with a multitude of possibilities.

  • Digital marketing: this will be another pillar to support your photography business. It is interesting that you learn how to organise a budget and techniques that will allow you to expand and find clients easily.


How does a photo studio work?

Your photography studio, as well as being your office where you can attend to clients, explain the different session options available and gain their trust. It will also be the place where you do most of your work, so ideally, if the size of the studio allows it, you can divide the space into 3 parts:

  • Entrance: it will be the place to receive visitors to give them all the information they need, they will also be able to wait comfortably if you are finishing a report and, by the way, they will have a look at your best works exhibited on the wall.

  • Photo room: this can be one or several spaces set up for the sessions. You can have different scenarios and props prepared for each type of photo shoot.

  • Viewing room: to make the customer experience much more satisfactory and to earn extra money with the extra products, you can organise a room with good lighting and comfortable chairs where your customers can view their images. You can also use this space to get started with the process of editing the photos and layout of the albums.

You can also have a number of other spaces such as a darkroom and a storage room.

If you see that you don’t need a photo studio because your sessions are going to be outdoors, you can bet on boosting your online business. Here is a very interesting article.

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What elements does a photo studio need?

As for the material you may need in your photography studio, it will depend on your specialisation, but we will make a list that can be used for almost any type of reportage:

  • Funds.
  • Props.
  • Furniture for the sessions.
  • Photographic equipment (camera, flashes, lighting, tripod, light meter, reflecting screens and umbrellas).
  • Space for clients to put on make-up or change their clothes for the session.

Tips for setting up the perfect photo studio


As you can see, having all the steps clear to know how to set up a photography studio is important if you want to start this profession on the right foot. Our recommendation is that you take the big names as a reference, adapt their business model to yours and set up a professional photography studio. To do this:

  • You are looking for bright premises and, if possible, located on a busy street.
  • Separate the spaces and prepare each one of them.
  • Choose the props, backgrounds and furniture that best suit your style of photography.
  • Use professional equipment: camera, computer equipment, editing software, lighting equipment, etc.
  • And tell everyone that you’ve opened a new studio in the neighbourhood!

How to set up a photo studio at home

If you want to save money on studio rental, another idea you can take forward is to set up a home photo studio. Many photographers do it and are delighted with it.

You can transform the living room into a photo studio with very little budget, you only have to clear the room of furniture and put in its place the background, the furniture you need for each report and the lighting you need to carry out the photo sessions.

In the future, when you take off in this profession as a photographer, if you find that you need more space to organise a reportage with multiple sets, you can consider renting premises, but to start with, setting up a photo studio at home will be a great idea.

Use Arcadina to and discover how to create a 24-hour photo studio

In addition to knowing how to set up a photo studio, it is essential that you consider having a presence on the Internet, which is essential nowadays to make yourself known and expand your brand.

Just as we are sure that you will take care of every detail of your photography studio, we advise you to make sure that your website and your social networks reflect the good professional you are.

At Arcadina we give you a complete solution so that you can create your photography business with: website, blog, private client area, online shop and many other advantages.

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In addition to having a good knowledge of photography and following this guide on how to create a profitable photo studio, the truth is that a photographer, if he really wants to be a professional, also has to acquire other types of knowledge, here is a very interesting article that can be the next step after you have created your photo studio and your online business.

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As always, we want to share with you the opinion of other fellow photographers who one day, just like you, decided to open their own photography studio. Today we leave you the words of the photographer Gema Romero from Ilusiones Art Photograpy.

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Before we say goodbye until the next tip for photographers. Tell us, do you have a clear idea of how to create a photography studio? If you have any doubts, at Arcadina we are here to help you with anything you need. We’ll read you in the comments 😉.

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