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29 Mar 2022

In addition to having a web space where you can show your photographs or explain your services, it is essential that you have a space where you offer the sale of photographic services on the Internet so that your photography business is even more profitable every day.

In this article we are going to give you a series of tips that will help you to establish the sale of photographic services on the Internet in a simple way and without taking time away from your work. The idea is that your customers can buy your products and services from the comfort of their homes. While you can be editing photos, doing a photo shoot or spending the day with the family.


“When it comes to creating a profitable photography business, it is essential that you start implementing the sale of photography services on the Internet.”

Options for selling photographic services on the Internet

Whether you already offer the alternative of selling photographic services on the Internet to your visitors, or if you only have a photography studio where you sell your reports directly to the customer. Including an online shop or a customer area in your business model will only bring you benefits.

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Because if one thing is clear, it is that business is done over the Internet and more and more clients are going to buy your photography services over the Internet. For this reason, it is important that you have an online business prepared and optimised for sales.


If you want to know all the options when it comes to setting up the sale of photographic services on the Internet through your online shop or even your customer area. Here are 3 great ideas.

1# Sale of digital photo archives

Let’s say you are going to cover a sporting event and you want to offer the possibility for participants and attendees to buy the photos in digital format that they like the most before they go home. If you have an active online shop on your website, or a customer area and you also have a plugin that allows Lightroom integration. As is the case with Arcadina’s websites. You will be able to upload the images of a photo shoot instantly and you will be able to put them on sale before the end of the day of the event.

This way, even if you have already closed a financial agreement with the race organisers, you will be able to get much more profitability out of your working day with the possibility of adding the sale of digital photo files almost in real time through your shop or your customer area.

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2# Photographs printed in professional formats

Yes, this is the new Arcadina Labs you have available on your website*. We know that you will find it very useful so that your customers can place a series of print orders themselves for the photographs they like most in more unique and professional formats.

To give you an example. Let’s suppose that you have just done a newborn photo shoot and in the package that your clients have contracted you only include the delivery of a series of photographs printed on high quality paper. To increase the profitability of this photo session, you can create a private gallery in the client area with a selection of already retouched images. The idea is that parents can place their orders from the comfort of their own homes. In this case, to print the images they like the most of their newborn baby in a series of more special formats, such as: canvas, retro wood prints or HD metal.

* Service only available for websites with the business part included (customer area and/or online shop).

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3# Sale of photographic services on the Internet

Let’s imagine you are a wedding photographer. For the off-peak months you can offer the possibility of a bridal shoot for couples who do not intend to get married (yet). An idea to increase the sales of this type of reportage is to have them directly for sale in your online shop.


This way, when a potential client is looking for information about this type of report to surprise their partner, they will have the possibility to buy the report or a gift card directly without having to contact you.

Did you know that several studies show that most of our purchases are more impulsive than rational?

Yes, we are impulsive by nature and that first instinct to buy that we all have must be used as much as possible. That is why it is essential that you learn how to implement the sale of photographic services on the Internet. The idea is that you can get as much profit as possible from your photography services.

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These are just 3 examples of selling photographic products and services on the Internet. But there are many more, for example: temporary sessions, exclusive offers only if they buy a session through your shop, products with printed images, etc…

1# Create photo galleries for your clients


Both in your online shop (visible to the public) and in your private customer area (accessible only to customers), you can create all kinds of galleries so that your customers can interact with the images:

  • Download photographs.
  • Select images.
  • Buy copies in hard copy formats.
  • Buy photos with digital download option.
  • Ordering professional prints.
  • Etc.

In Arcadina you will be able to create as many types of galleries as you have business models and types of clients.

In the following article we explain one of the most used options by photographers, the photo gallery for free download.

>> Create a photo gallery for your customers to download for free

How to sell digital files in different sizes and licences?

When organising your image galleries (both public and private), you will also have the option to sell your digital files in different sizes and licences. This option will allow you to further customise your services according to your clients’ needs.

In the following article we go into much more detail on this interesting business option.

>> How to sell digital files in different sizes and licences?

2# How to create a presentation gallery?


In order for clients to be able to use, for example, your professional printing service from Arcadina Labs, it is important that you present the images of their reports in a totally attractive way. For these cases, you can create a private presentation gallery in your client area.

In this way, your clients will be able to view the photographs of their session, comfortably from their homes with background music (optional) in accordance with the images of their report. And best of all, they will be able to manage their own orders and receive them at home.

You will always be in control of your customers’ orders. You will be able to edit or delete them if there is any confusion, check their status and be informed of the whole process. And best of all, you will get a % of profit from each order your customers place.

3# How to create a gallery to sell sessions?


We mentioned this in the first section of this post. In addition to explaining on your website what your photo shoots are like, you can also include in your business area or online shop the possibility for visitors to book a photo session on the spot.

These types of galleries are ideal for closed packs, such as for example. Christmas sessions, Valentine’s Day photoshoots, or a photo shoot for Father’s Day.

When creating a gallery to sell your sessions, all you have to do is upload a representative photo to your online shop, include a short explanation of what is included in the photo shoot and specify the price. Your visitors will be able to buy the photo shoot on the spot and then you can arrange a date and time.

In the following help article, we explain the whole process of creating your own photo gallery in your online shop.

Offers all possible online and offline payment methods

Another very important detail when offering the sale of photographic services on the Internet is to have as many payment methods as possible. The more options you offer your customer, the more sales you will close online.

In Arcadina your customers will be able to pay with: credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, cash on delivery and even cash if they finalise the sale by coming to your shop or business. In addition, if you are from Spain you can directly configure the Virtual POS that you have contracted with your bank.

Examples of selling photographic services on the Internet

Here we will show you some examples of fellow photographers who have been selling their photographic services on the Internet for some time now.

1# Carliños Meco Fotografía: sale of digital photography files


Carlos Meco is a photographer based in Pontevedra. In addition to having participated in countless exhibitions, he currently also offers his services through his website with Bangkok design of reports of: product, architecture, sessions for events, artistic photography for decoration, portraits, books and pets (among others).

Carlos also offers his visitors the possibility to buy some of his works on the spot through his online shop. In print and digital formats.

2# Hernán Bua Photography: sale of printed photographs in professional formats


Hernán Bua is an Argentinian photographer based in Madrid who does all kinds of photography sessions: nature, travel, portraits, pets, aviation and gastronomy.

On his Sydney-designed website, Hernán shows his visitors an extensive and well-organised gallery. This portfolio allows his future clients to get an idea of his work and to request a tailor-made reportage. Hernán also has an online shop where he sells his photographs in Arcadina Labs formats.

3# Gaizka Medina Fotografía: selling photographic services on the Internet


In the photography studio Gaizka Medina Fotografía located in Bilbao, it is clear to them that their photography website is their showcase to the world. For this reason, on their website with Bangkok design, visitors will be able to find a series of well differentiated galleries of their sessions of: kids & family, communions, companies, books and their traditional services of restoration, developing, etc…

On their website, customers will be able to access their private area to select, buy or download their photographs. And if you visit the online shop, you will be able to buy a photo session directly.

The sale of photographic services on the Internet is the present and the future

Yes, selling photographic services on the Internet is the difference between surviving on photography or making a (very good) living from photography.

Thanks to the sale of photographic services on the Internet:

  • You can increase the profitability of your sessions.
  • You will offer automatic sales through your website.
  • You will have more time for yourself. To train yourself, to book more sessions or to treat yourself to a week’s holiday with your family.

What are you waiting for to include the sale of photographic services on the Internet? Start now.

Here is another very interesting article so that you can continue preparing your website and your business. The idea is to make your photography business more and more profitable.

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This time we are going to share with you the testimony of Ricardo Lozano. Ricardo has already implemented an online shop and a customer area on his Ricardo Lozano Fotografía website.

And finally, let’s go with today’s question: what method of selling photography services on the Internet are you using right now? We’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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