How to sell first communion photography on the Internet?

When selling first communion photography on your photo selling website on your website, it is important that you offer your customers all kinds of options and facilities. The idea is that you get a wider reach in your communion campaigns and a wider profit.

Therefore, learning how to sell first communion images on the Internet is going to be the key to successfully close the 2022 communion season.

Today we want to show you all the options that you can use in your online business and give an answer to your question “how to sell my images?” so that your clients who hire you for a communion report, expand their purchases without having to “sell” the products directly to them in your studio.


“Learn how to sell first communion images on your website and make the most of this spring campaign”.

Do you want to sell first communion photography on your photo selling website?

It is clear that to sell first communion images on your photo selling website you first have to offer your clients a professional, innovative and fresh reportage. But once you have managed to close your first communion sessions, the real profit will be in the extra products that you can sell to parents and relatives.


In Arcadina, you will be able to find all the business solutions to sell photos for free (without paying commissions) that will allow you to do so:

  • On the one hand. Get a large number of communion budgets, thanks to your website where you can show your sessions and the blog that will help you to attract clients.

  • And on the other hand. To make each first communion report even more profitable by offering clients a series of products that they will be able to purchase directly from your website.

Communion photos 2022

When planning first communion photos, it is important that you take a number of considerations into account, for example:

  • Plan your pre-communion sessions in the studio ahead of time.
  • Organise outdoor pre-communion photo shoots in accordance with this type of session.
  • It offers the possibility of covering the day of the celebration of the first communion.
  • Etc.

In the following article we explain how you can plan this type of temporary sessions in more detail.

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And if you want to know all the keys to plan the next first communion campaigns, keep the following article handy.

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Learn how to sell first communion photos with Arcadina

To find out “how to sell my communion photographs?”, once you have managed to close the budgets for the pre-communion sessions, you can continue to make a profit from these reports if you know sale first communion of photographs on your photo selling website through a series of very attractive extra services.

Without having to meet at the studio, you can offer your clients a series of options through your website that will allow them to place their own orders for the sale of images, comfortably from their homes.

  • Take advantage of the private customer area to promote the sale of photographs and to create galleries where parents can interact with their images (view, select, buy, download, etc.).

  • Inform them that you can sell photos for free in professional formats (Arcadina Labs) ideal for decorating their homes.

  • We have an online shop always open to sell photos for free (without paying commissions) so that latecomers can buy their communion sessions at the last minute.

How to sell my images through the customer galleries? They will increase your orders effortlessly


To find out “how to sell my photographs?” in the private client area you will be able to create different types of galleries for the sale of photographs with multiple options. We are going to give you an example..

Let’s imagine that a client enters his private area to view the photos of his daughter’s communion session to choose the 10 photographs that are included in his contracted pack.

When he sees the 40 images you have uploaded, he will almost certainly want to choose more pictures. And if you also give him the option of:

  • Buy copies for the family.
  • Select more photographs in digital format.
  • Choose some images to print out.
  • Etc.

Your first communion session will have been more than profitable thanks to the sale of extra images.

>> Now you can combine sale, selection and/or free download in one photo album

And to promote the option of sell photos for free (without commissions to third parties), with the quick purchase option that will appear next to the shopping cart in the customer area (and the online shop), your customers will be able to select many more photos with a single click on each image. Thanks to this new feature, you will notice an increase of products in each sale of images order 😉.

>> New! Now available the quick purchase of photos in the same format

Arcadina Labs: sale of photo with professional prints to show off unique pictures


Who hasn’t had their parents’ or grandparents’ first communion photo in a privileged place in the living room? We could say that practically all of us have that memory.

Arcadina Labs’ products for sale of photographs are perfect for taking this beautiful tradition a step further. Because in all first communion reports, there will always be certain photographs that, as soon as the relatives see them, they will want to put them in a special place in their homes.

Now, with all the Arcadina Labs formats, you can answer the question “how to sell my photographs?” and offer your clients the printing of these precious photographs in more modern, durable and up-to-date formats.

So that the first communion souvenir of their children and grandchildren can be displayed on methacrylate, canvas or even printed on wood in the most special corners of their homes. Here we leave you an article that will help you to solve “how to sell my photos?“.

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Sell photos in your online shop: for last minute customers


Having the sale of images and other services active at all times so that your visitors can buy a photo session of this type, will allow you to always leave the door of your digital business open to new clients.

Both for the latecomers who have not yet booked their children’s communion session for this 2022 season, and for the more forward-thinking ones who are already looking for a communion photographer for the next 2023 campaign. If you know “how to sell my photos?” and you always have this service available in your online shop, you will be able to close many more budgets than your competitors.

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In the following article we explain in more detail many more actions you can do on your website to sell first communion photos.

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Start sell first communion photos on your Arcadina website

Sell first communion images through your online business can be very easy if you know how to exploit all the options we give you in Arcadina.

  • Explain your services clearly on your website.
  • Engage your audience through blogging.
  • Offer a more exclusive and convenient service by sale of photo in your customer area.
  • Find out “how to sell my images?” thanks to the photographic prints that you will find at Arcadina Labs.
  • And always keep the door of your online business open to sale of photo thanks to your online shop.

On this occasion we are going to share with you the opinion and experience of the children’s and communion photographer who directs Mile Foto de Familia. Here we leave you with his words.

>> Mile Family Photography talks about Arcadina

Today we would like to end with a question about the sale of photos. Are your strategies for selling first communion photography this year working for you? We’d love to hear how you get on in the comments.


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