First steps with Arcadina: A must-have guide for photographers

5 Jan 2022

If you are starting with us or you are not yet familiar with our business solutions, knowing what the first steps with Arcadina are like will help you to have a better vision of how far your photography business can go.

Because, in case you didn’t know, with us you can create: a professional photography website, sell photo prints in your online shop, offer your clients a private area where they can manage their images and many more options to boost and develop your photography business as far as you can imagine.

There are so many options on offer that we thought it would be very interesting to develop a guide for photographers with the first steps with Arcadina to make it easier for you to set up your own online business.


“Start building your online business and help yourself with this guide for photographers with the first steps with Arcadina.

Where do I start? Discover the first steps with Arcadina


If you are one of those who think that Arcadina only offers you the possibility to define a photography website, we have fantastic news for you. Arcadina is much more than that, it is an all-in-one solution specially designed to improve and boost photographers’ digital businesses thanks to:

  • Fully customisable professional website, adapted to photography businesses and with a choice of 7 designs.
  • Online shop always open with the possibility of being able to offer sales of: prints, digital files and photographic services.
  • Private customer area where your customers will be able to: buy, select, view, download their images and many more options.

We could say that these are the 3 fundamental pillars of Arcadina, but the truth is that we offer you many more options to personalise your photography business as much as you want.

Once you are clear about all the business solutions we offer you, the next step is to customise each of the elements of your photography business to your liking. And to help you in this process, in addition to creating this guide for photographers with the first steps with Arcadina, in our help section you will find all kinds of articles answering the most common questions.

>> Where do I start?

If you see that you need our advice, you can contact us. We are available every day of the year at any time.

Preliminary step: get to know your management panel

One of the first steps with Arcadina and the first thing you have to familiarise yourself with is the management panel of your website. It is going to be your centre of operations and the place from where you will be able to shape your entire online business.


In the management panel you will be able to customise:

  • General settings such as: choosing web, blog, gallery or menu layouts, selecting colours, fonts, covers, watermarks, etc.
  • Web: this is where you will be able to manage all the content of your website such as photos, videos and texts explaining your services.
  • Blog: in this section, as well as being able to customise it, is where you will be able to upload your latest articles and create categories to differentiate your themes.
  • Online shop: here you will be able to create your own online shop, you will be able to create different albums, control orders, payment methods, enable, for example, the sale of images in different sizes and formats, and define discount codes.
  • Customer area: this part of your business will be very important. From here you will be able to create private albums so that your customers can interact with their photos, manage their orders, customise your price list and the formats you will have available for your customers, etc.

And these are just some of the most relevant options that you can manage in each section from your management panel.

Step 1: create your photo and video website


One of the first things you can do when creating your website is to choose the different designs. Here are some articles that will help you to make these decisions.

>> Which photography web design is right for you? Here are 7 unique designs

>> Discover the photo and video galleries Pages, Slideshow, Infinite and Carousel

>> New: new web menus Dropdown desktop and Cool mobile

The truth is that your photography website will be like your photographic studio, with the advantage that it will always be open. With Arcadina, having an elegant website with personality will be very easy thanks to the intuitive content editor with all kinds of options.

>> The big news for 2020: new Content Builder

The next steps you can take to finish defining your website are detailed in our help and some of them are:

  • Edit your contact details.
  • Customise your main menu.
  • Add a text page (to explain your services).
  • Edit and upload photos to your gallery.
  • Activate and personalise your blog.

>> First steps with Arcadina to create your website

If you already have an existing website with another provider, we offer you the possibility to set up an online shop or a private customer area.

At Arcadina you can contract the business solution you are most interested in independently.

Step 2: sell photos with download or professional prints (online shop)

Product Mockup by Mithun Mitra

Adding an online shop to your business strategy will bring you a series of passive income with little effort thanks to the sale of photos in professional printing formats (Arcadina Labs), videos and photographic services that will come in very handy at the end of the month.

When it comes to setting up your online shop, you can follow this help article where we explain how to do it:

  • Activate and customise your online shop.
  • Add categories and formats.
  • Include means of payment.
  • And add watermarks to your photos.

>> First steps. Online shop

Step 3: create private galleries of selected photos and videos (customer area)


The private customer area will be another of the pillars of your business. More and more of your customers are asking for an online service where they can place their orders at any time and from any corner of the planet and this is what your private customer area offers you. They will be able to make a selection of photographs for you to process or for you to make them into an album. They will also be able to download images directly if you enable it, very useful for photographs of guests at an event where you have previously charged for this service.

Getting it up and running is very simple, just follow the steps in our help articles, the most important of which are:

  • Activate and personalise your customer area.
  • Add categories and formats.
  • Customise the means of payment.
  • And add watermarks to your images.

>> First steps. Customer area

Step 4: add value to your website with Lightroom, WhatsApp, Instagram integrations


Another of our business solutions that we are very proud of is the ability to upload your photos directly from Lightroom, which will save you a lot of time and simplify processes.

>> New: Lightroom plug-in for uploading photos to your photography website

>> Arcadina Help: Lightroom

With Arcadina you will also be able to integrate galleries directly from Instagram and add WhatsApp and SMS icons to your website.

>> Learn how to integrate Instagram, WhatsApp and SMS galleries into your website

Put into practice the first steps with Arcadina and create a professional photographic business

You have just seen, the first steps with Arcadina are very simple and with us you can have:

  • Professional website adapted to your photography business.
  • Online shop always open and with your images for sale 24/7.
  • Private customer area that will allow you to improve your customers’ experience and increase your sales.
  • Upload your photos with Lightroom and the possibility to integrate WhatsApp and Instagram galleries.
  • And many more business solutions.

If you have any doubts about any step or you want to ask us about any process after reading this guide for photographers with the first steps with Arcadina, you can contact us and we will answer you as soon as possible.

This time we are going to share with you the interview we have done with the photographers of Otra Fotografía Boudoir who took their first steps with Arcadina some time ago.

>> Other Boudoir Photography talks to Arcadina

As always, before we say goodbye until the next article, we would like to ask you a question: did you find this guide for photographers with the first steps with Arcadina useful? We want to know what you think.

Did you know that you can try Arcadina for 14 days for free?

Open the door to your photography business

Open the door to your photography business

Fulfil your dreams and develop your professional career with us. We offer you to create a photography website for free for 14 days so that you can try our platform without any commitment of permanence.

Arcadina is much more than a website, it is business solutions for photographers.

If you have any queries, our Customer Service Team is always ready to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We listen to you.

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