How to sell photographs online without paying commissions?


26 Oct 2021

Today we are going to show you how to sell photographs online with download option or printed in different professional formats without having to pay commissions to third parties. How is it possible? Very simple, with the help of your business tools such as your photography website, client area, online store and social networks.

And the good thing about this type of service is that once you start selling impressions the income comes “automatically“, without making any effort on your part.

The moment you ask yourself the question “how to sell images?” the big online photo selling platforms may come to your mind. And it is possible that in the short term it is the most convenient way to do it, but is it the most effective and profitable way for your pocket? We are convinced that it is not.

In case you didn’t know, these platforms can take in commissions up to 80% of the price of each photograph in some occasions. In our opinion an excessive and exaggerated percentage, since, at the end of the day, the image is yours, don’t you think?

Therefore, in this article we are going to explain the possibilities that we offer you in Arcadina so you can discover how to sell photos online without paying commissions to third parties and you can keep 100% of the profits.


“Find out how to sell photos online with our help without the need for middlemen and keep 100% of the profits from your photos!”

Find out how to sell photos online through your online business

To the question: How to sell photos online? The truth is that the range of possibilities is very wide if you have the right tools, so today we are going to show you 2 of the most powerful business solutions with which you can offer the sale of photographs online.


  • Through your private customer area: in this part of your online business, you will be able to sell photos with download and sell prints in professional formats (Arcadina Labs) to your customers.

>> New in the client area: public cover in a private album

  • From your online store: in this section you will be able to sell photographs both with digital download and printed, to all types of public (customers and non-customers).

>> New: Redesign of the front page and shopping cart of the online store and customer area of your photography website

The truth is that offering in the same workspace your photography services and the sale of images with download or printed in different formats, will give greater confidence to users who want to use your photo sales area.

And another advantage of knowing how to sell photos online is that visitors who come to buy some of your images, will also be able to discover (and hire) your other photographic services.

Next, let’s look at these 2 options in more detail.

How to sell images (without paying commissions) online through your customer area?


The private client area, besides being useful for you to send your clients the images of their photo shoots, will be a very convenient and practical extra service for them.

Thanks to this private space available on your website, your clients will be able to: select, download, buy digital images and/or prints in professional formats without having to come to your photo studio.

If you look at the private client area of photographer Felix de Laesmes Venezia-designed website, his clients can access their private galleries through this space.

This team of photographers from Madrid, who have been specializing in photo shoots, social videos (weddings, baptisms and communions) and reports for companies for more than 20 years, have been able to adapt to the new times and offer their clients a professional, practical and comfortable service for everyone.


In the following article we will go much deeper into the possibilities offered by your private client area, without a doubt an ideal place to learn how to sell photos online.

>> Private client galleries will grow your photography business

Learn how to sell prints directly from your online shop


This type of business consists of selling images with download to an audience that is not necessarily your client (at the moment) and has not necessarily booked a photo shoot with you through the online store.

Thanks to the online store, your visitors will be able to buy, comfortably from any type of device, the digital download of your photos as well as the sale of prints in more professional formats.

You can also take advantage of the online store to sell your photography services, this way, visitors will be able to buy one of your sessions automatically.

This is the case of the website with Venezia design of the company Decora con fotos has seen it clear, one of its main sources of income is undoubtedly its online store where they offer visitors all kinds of photographs of landscapes, photomontages, images to decorate children’s style, sunsets and nature photos.


Find out in the following article how you can highlight your offers in your online shop (and much more).

>> How to highlight your online store offers on your website, blog and social networks

Prepare your photography website to sell prints in professional formats

As you can see, knowing how to sell photos online through your photography website are all advantages. But do you really know the whole process to sell more professional prints in your online photography business?

To sell prints of your photos through your photography website, the first thing you should do is to follow a series of basic steps such as:

  • Activate your customer area and/or online shop and configure them.

>> Arcadina Help: first steps to activate your Online Business

  • Create your price lists and digital download and print formats.

 >>Videotutorial: Learn how to configure theArcadinaLabsservice

  • Add your payment methods and shipping costs and shipping method.

>> Arcadina Help: customer area, means of payment

  • And create an image sales album and assign a price list to it.

>> Now you can combine sale, selection and/or free download in the same photo album

How would you like to know the experience of a great photographer and partner? Joan Vendrell wanted to explain you the most effective method to sell images for free through a website created with Arcadina.

>> How to sell your photos without paying commissions with an Arcadina website

Take advantage of your social networks to advertise the sale of photos

When it comes to advertising your photography services or selling prints, social media plays a key role.

Nowadays they are the best way to reach your target audience, so don’t miss the great opportunity that this powerful channel gives you and promote through all your (professional) social networks.

On Alberto Arco’s Newyork design website, you will see in his online shop images for sale of the most spectacular landscapes of Cantabria and you will also be able to buy his photographs. Alberto has included a button to share this space on your social networks. And he does not pay us a single euro of commission for the sale of his photographs, the profit is 100% yours.


Either way, discovering how to sell photos online will bring you multiple benefits

More and more photographers want to know how to sell photos online because they are seeing clearly that the business of selling images is on the network. The savings they get from doing it this way compared to photo selling platforms with abusive commissions is huge. And also if you sell your photos on your website, you will be doing it in your environment, surrounded by your brand and style, and this is how you will create a perfect atmosphere of trust. You’ll be able to better convey who you are at all times.

If you want to know more ideas with which you can benefit when it comes to how to sell photos online without paying commissions and all the processes that you must take into account for the transaction to be done correctly, then we leave you a very interesting article.

>> How to sell your photographic services on the Internet

This time, we want to share with you the experience of the photographer ManuBoutureira.

>> Manu Boutureira and his opinion of Arcadina

Do you already know how to sell photos online? We’d love to read your ideas 😉

Open the door to your photography business

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