5 tips for selling photos online on your photo website


22 Nov 2022

If you want to selling photos online you have 2 options. Look for stock photo sales sites that will take a commission for each sale they make of your images, or promote the sale of photographs through your photography website and take all the profits from each sale yourself.

In this article we are going to give you 5 recommendations so that you can sale of images online thanks to the business solutions that we offer you at Arcadina and reap all the benefits.


sale of images on the Internet has never been as easy and profitable as with the business solutions for photographers that we offer at Arcadina.

How can you sell photos online?

As we said at the beginning of this article, if you don’t want to complicate things, you can sell photos online through the stock photo sites that you will find on the net. This is a simple way to do it, but it has a big disadvantage, as you will only get a % of the profits from each sale you make. The rest is kept by the platforms.

On the other hand, if what you are looking for is to offer the sale of images through your photography website and keep all the benefits, at Arcadina we offer you our Business plans where, among other things, you will be able to sell your photographs and photographic services and create all the client galleries you need.

>> How to sell digital files in different sizes and licences?


So that you can see even more clearly all the advantages of having a digital business where you can sell your photos freely, we are going to give you 5 tips to selling photos online without paying commissions to third parties.

1# Create a website to selling photos online

If you want to have control of your photos and keep all the profits, selling images through your photography website will be the best alternative you can choose and the first step to take.

At Arcadina we offer you a series of business solutions designed especially for photographers that will allow you to decide how you want your digital photography business with integrated image sales to be. These are some of the options:

  • Online shop to sale of photos.
  • Sale of photo shoots, courses and other photographic services.
  • Private galleries for: sample, selection, sale, download or with multiple options for your customers.
  • Professional photography website to explain your services and show your best portfolio.
  • Blog integrated with the rest of the design that will help you to improve your positioning on the Internet.
  • Possibility to offer your clients the service of photo prints in professional formats (Arcadina Labs).
  • WhatsApp Business service to maintain more direct contact with your customers and visitors.
  • Possibility of contracting all types of domains (generic, geographic and special for photographers).
  • Option of contracting several email accounts.

These are some of the possibilities that we offer you in Arcadina and that you will be able to combine as you wish so that you know “how to sell my photographs through my photography website?“.

If you are not yet familiar with our inside business solutions that will help you selling photos online, we encourage you to try them for free for 14 days.

Start now with Arcadina



And so that you don’t have any doubts when setting up your photography website with us, we have launched a video training where we guide you through the most important steps to get your digital photography business up and running.

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2# Offer a secure payment method when selling images through your photography website


When it comes to “how to sell my photos?“, ideally you should be able to provide your clients with a series of payment systems that are totally secure and reliable for them and for you.

All our websites are integrated with PayPal and have a credit card payment system (Stripe or your bank’s virtual POS) so that you can receive payment for your image sales automatically. All you have to do is sign up for a PayPal or Stripe account (for credit cards), or enter your Virtual POS details (if your bank offers this option) and you can start receiving payments immediately.

And you will also be able to collect your sales by bank transfer, cash on delivery, cash on collection in shop and payment via Bizum.

>> Bizum new payment method on our websites

In addition to payment methods, the aesthetics and functionality of the shopping cart are also a couple of very important aspects when it comes to getting customers to make more purchases. In the following articles we will tell you about the latest improvements we have included in this part, perfect for sell photos for free online.

>> New, more visual and intuitive shopping cart

>> Quick purchase of photos in a single format is now available

3# What kind of photographs can you sell through your website?

When considering how you can offer to sell images through your photography website, it is important that you take into consideration the type of photos you take. However, if you do it right, you can sell all kinds of images through your website.

Here are 5 case studies to answer the question “how to sell my images?“.

  • Sale of social photography through private galleries.
  • Public and private galleries for the sale of sports photography.
  • Selling digital downloads through your website.
  • Study sessions also for sale.
  • Online sale of your works of authorship.

Website selling social photography



Social photography can cover an infinite number of modalities within children’s sessions (pregnancy, newborns, smash cake, family, communions, etc.) and wedding reportage (wedding day, pre-wedding and post-wedding).

In this type of session you can take advantage of the private galleries with username and password where your clients, in addition to viewing the photographs, will also be able to make a series of purchases, such as: extra digital photographs, prints of images, or even copies for the family.

The options are many thanks to the possibilities offered by private galleries to sell photos for free online. And then all you have to do is send the link to your customers and wait for the email with the copy of the order.

>> Help Article: Client Area – Create a private gallery of: Sample, Selection, Direct Download or Sale

And if you activate the Arcadina Labs service, they can place their own orders with the lab and receive their printed photos at home. An extra that many of your customers will love.

Sports photography for sale on your website



If your speciality is sports photography and you have attended an outdoor competition, such as a marathon or a basketball tournament. You can create a public gallery to include all the photographs of the runners identified by their bib number or the players in the games and offer to sell the images through your photography website.

In this way, participants will only have to find their bib number and buy their photograph. It’s that quick and easy. They can buy their photo printed on paper or canvas, the digital file and/or a personalised product such as a mug or a magnet as a souvenir of the race. Whatever you want to offer them.

In the following article we explain how you can set up the sale of files in different sizes and licences and an example of the type of price list you can organise to sell photos online.

>> Arcadina Help: Selling files in different sizes and licences

>> Arcadina Help: Example of a price list for sports photographers

Selling digital downloads of images on your website



If you are a nature or landscape photographer and want to sell your digital files on your website, digital downloads are for you.

To offer your visitors the sale of photographs through your photography website with download option, you only have to create a public gallery for sale with digital download. Your files will always be safe on our servers and only your buyers will receive the download link to the original file after payment. In addition, the photo will be available for download for as long as you decide.

>> Arcadina Help: Online shop – Create a public sales gallery

Studio shoots: another way to sell photos online in your business area



Another great idea that can help you solve the “how to sell my photos?” dilemma is to offer the possibility to buy/book a photo shoot through a direct purchase in a public gallery.. If, for example, you do studio photo shoots (corporate, book, children, communion, pets, etc.) you can offer for sale your studio reports, photo products or any other service you offer through your website.

If you are not yet offering it, we are sure that more than one visitor has wanted to hire your services instantly after seeing your portfolio and has not had the opportunity. The idea is to make it as easy as possible for your clients and with any of the Business Plans you will be able to offer it.

Moreover, if you include the extra service of WhatsApp Business to your digital business, your visitors will be able to solve any kind of doubt they may have at the moment.

>> WhatsApp Business service now available in Arcadina

Online sale of your works of authorship



Do you want to create your own little corner on your website to sell photos online of part of your author’s work and you don’t know how? It’s very simple, through your business section you can create a series of public galleries to sell photos and make your small works of art (landscape, abstract, your latest travels or stock photography) available to anyone who might be interested in them. It will be a public space fully prepared for the sale of images through your photography website in any size or printed material.

4# How can you promote the sale of photos through your photography website?


When you’re ready to sell photos, it’s important to let your customers and followers know. Here are a few tips:

  • Social media. If you have your own Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. page, you can use these channels to give your photo galleries more visibility. Photographers who use social networks can share their photo feed with their websites, taking advantage of the mobile application to post new content on all the networks you have.

>> Discover the best social media strategies for photographers

  • Keywords. Use a series of keywords to tag your photos and make sure they are found in searches by your potential customers.

>> SEO for photographers: the best keywords for your photography website

  • Newsletter (Emails). Create a newsletter and send emails to your clients with interesting stock photos they can buy. Let them know about your latest news or photo shoots that are trending among your other clients.

>> Email marketing for photographers

  • Online word of mouth. Yes, this method still works. Take advantage of the online power and the diffusion offered by your acquaintances, friends and family in the networks to selling photos online. You can’t imagine how far you can go if everyone starts sharing your work online.

  • Share your knowledge. Only a few photographers realise that they can promote not only their photographic works on the Internet, but also their knowledge and experience.

You can share quick tips on your blog or networks. This way, you will receive more feedback from your clients and you will gain more trust and reliability so that they will hire your services or buy your work.

5# Examples of photographers using Arcadina to selling photos online

For your photography business to run smoothly, you should study and plan a good sales strategy to make your photo shoots even more profitable thanks to the sale of images through your photography website.

Below, we have made a selection of some photographers who have added selling photos automatically through their digital photography business to their marketing strategy. Take note of all these examples and learn how to selling photos online.

Manuel Joven Photography: sale of photographic services



Behind Manuel Joven Photography or what is the same Foto Estudio Ramón is a team of photographers with a studio in Zaragoza with a great experience in wedding photography, books, boudoir sessions and children’s reports (communions, pregnant women, babies, smash cake and Christmas).

On its New York design website, as well as being able to find information about its services, its history and some of its awards, it also has a series of public galleries where users can immediately purchase a series of reports, such as: outdoor family session, professional book, boudoir report, pregnancy photo shoot or newborn report.

Igor Bortoluzzi Fotografía: landscape photographs for sale



Igor Bortoluzzi is an Italian photographer who specialises in wedding, industrial and product photography, portrait and landscape photography, among others.

On his website with Igor Bortoluzzi’s design, as well as his history and all his awards and recognitions, you will also be able to enjoy a wide and tidy gallery of images. In addition, Igor has included in his public sale area a large collection of landscape photographs that anyone who wants to can buy.

Manuel Fernando Fotógrafos: collages and special enlargements in the online shop



In the Arizona design website of Manuel Fernando Fotógrafos, his clients, as well as being able to access a private area to view, select, download or buy more images, will also have the possibility to buy, through his online shop, photo sessions and personalised decoration products.

Behind Manuel Fernando Fotógrafos you will find a family business with a wide experience that has been dedicated to children and wedding photography in Jaén for years.

Nacho Cuesta Fotografía: sale of author’s photography



Nacho Cuesta is an auteur photographer based in La Coruña who has put some of his work on sale, such as limited series with author’s certificate printed on high quality titas and professional photographic paper.

This photographer has opted to create a digital business aimed 100% at direct sales. On his website users will be able to read testimonials from customers who have already received their orders at home.

JC Villa: private client galleries with public covers



JC Villa is a photography company with more than 50 years of experience located in the city of Colima (Mexico) where they offer their services of industrial photography, hotel photography, aerial images, advertising and conventions, among other services.

In this photography website with Cairo design, you will also find galleries of wedding photography, 15 years and portraits and precisely for this type of services, these photographers have enabled a series of private galleries with public covers so that their clients can access their photographs.

>> New in the clients’ area: public front page in a private gallery

Why not start selling photos online through your website now?

As you can see, today you can start selling photos online through your digital business and keep all the profits. And with the sales statistics that you will be able to consult through the panel, you will have total control of all sales and orders. Here we explain in more detail what these statistics of your business consist of.

>> Find out the sales statistics of your photography website

Before we say goodbye, we would like you to get to know more personally the experience of fellow photographer Antonio Amboade, who is able to selling photos online through his private galleries.

>> We take a closer look at Antonio Amboade

If you also want to share with us what it has been like to trust us with your photography business, we encourage you to tell us about it in an email or share it with your colleagues on Social Networks. What are you waiting for to tell the world about your experience with Arcadina?

Before we say goodbye, we would like to ask you a question: Do you think you are getting the most out of selling images through your photography website? We’d love to hear about your personal experience in the comments.

Arcadina goes with you

Creativity goes with you, offering you the best service goes with us

Fulfil your dreams and develop your professional career with us. We offer you to create a photography website for free for 14 days so that you can try our platform without any commitment of permanence.

Arcadina is much more than a website, it is business solutions for photographers.

If you have any queries, our Customer Service Team is always ready to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We listen to you.

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