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17 Mar 2022

Yes, because we know that on many occasions your customers have missed the possibility of having a quick purchase option for photos in the same format. Today we can announce that, as of a few days ago, this fantastic option is now available in your private customer area and in your online shop.

Thanks to the quick purchase of photographs in a single format, your customers will be able to manage their orders more quickly and increase their orders thanks to the simplicity of the process.


“Increase your sales thanks to the quick purchase of photos in a single format.

What is the quick purchase of photographs in the same format?

It’s simple. Thanks to the quick purchase of photos in the same format, your customers will take less time to make their purchases through their private area or from your online shop.

Until now, when a customer wanted to buy a large number of photos in the same format, he had to select the images one by one and choose a series of data for each of them, such as: format, measurements, finish or number of copies. If the order included a large number of photographs, this process could be somewhat long and repetitive.

Now, thanks to the new option available to you to quickly purchase photos in the same format, the process will be greatly simplified.

And this is not the only shopping cart improvement we have implemented lately. Here is another very interesting one from a few months ago.

>> New, more visual and intuitive shopping cart


Do you want to know the whole process so that your customers can make a quick purchase of photographs in the same format? Here we are going to explain the step by step of this new way of buying images through your online business.

Steps for the quick purchase of photographs in a single format

Once your customer is located, either in an album in his private area or in the section of your online shop, if he wants to make a quick purchase of photographs, these are the steps he will have to take:

1. Click on the new “Quick Buy” option located at the top right hand side of the screen.


2. Choose the format and the rest of the order data.


3. Select all the images that the customer wishes to add to their order with those specific characteristics.


Once you have completed your selection, simply click on “Finish Express Prints” and confirm your purchase as usual.

As you can see, in 3 simple and short steps your customers will be able to make their quick purchase of photographs. Here we leave you an article of our help with the whole process explained in even more detail.

>> Client area – User guide – Quick photo purchase

And we also thought it would be interesting to give you another helpful post where we explain to your customers the classic method for buying images.

>> Client area – User guide – Buy images

If you see that some of your customers need advice with these processes, a very good idea might be to share with them these 2 articles from our help 😉.

2 case studies of quick purchase of photos in the same format

Here we are going to show you 2 practical cases where your customers can make a quick purchase of photographs so that you can see the potential of this novelty.

Sale of images in digital format

If, for example, you are a wedding photographer and in addition to agreeing with the couple to pay for a pack with a specific number of images, you also want to offer your guests, through the bride and groom’s client area, the possibility of buying the photographs they like the most of the wedding. This quick photo purchase option will be very useful for them. They will only have to select the Quick Buy option, choose the digital format and size and select the photos they are most interested in.

>> How to sell digital files in different sizes and licences?

Another idea for this type of event is to create a gallery of images to download for free, in this article we explain the whole procedure.

>> Create a photo gallery for your customers to download for free

Sale of photographs on paper

Another example to give you an idea of the advantages that the option of buying photographs quickly will give your customers, could be the sale of photographs on paper or the sale of professional prints (Arcadina Labs).

Let’s imagine that you do children’s sessions in your photography studio and that you agree with your clients to give them 50 digital photographs of their children’s session in a previously established pack.

Then, when you give them access to their private album, those customers will be able to buy the printed images they like the most in a very simple way. And best of all, because they will be able to select their children’s photos with a single click, you’ll have a much better chance of getting even more orders than with the traditional photo sales option.

>> Arcadina Labs now available in Europe

With the quick purchase of photographs in the same format your customers will increase their orders

As you can see, thanks to the quick purchase of photographs in the same format, you will make life easier for your customers, and with total certainty, your orders will increase the number of photographs.

And what could be better than knowing the 12+1 best laboratories in Spain to make the prints for your photographic reports. Here we present them to you.

>> The best professional photo labs in Spain

Today we want to share with you the extensive experience of the photographer Enrique Medrano from Tonos Fotógrafos with us, now on his 5th website! In his interview you will see how Enrique has a diversified business model and where the online shop and the customer area bring him multiple benefits.

>> Video: Enrique Medrano from Tonos Fotógrafos tells us how his Arcadina website has increased his sales

We know that Enrique recommends us to his acquaintances whenever he has the chance. Do you know that you can also earn money if you recommend us? Here we leave you all the information.

>> Do you want to get free months? Use Arcadina’s referral system

And to say goodbye, today we would like to ask you a question: How are you going to advertise this new option for quick photo purchases in a single format to your customers? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments.

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