The best professional photo labs in Spain

All photographers have one or more trusted professional photo labs on their list of favourites to which they send their clients’ orders. After the actual photo shoot and editing process, photo printing is a very important step in delivering a high quality end product to clients.

In this new article we have compiled 12+1 professional photo labs from all over Spain and we would like, with your help, to expand this list even further.


“Find here the best professional photo labs in Spain”.

Discover the 12+1 best professional photo labs in Spain

Yes, you could say that this compilation of professional photo labs is a bit small. We know that in every city you can find several such businesses and that the list could be almost endless.

That’s why we wanted to start this list of professional photo labs with old friends and new acquaintances and with your help we would like to put together the best guide to professional photo labs in Spain. What do you think of the idea? Can you help us to achieve it?

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1# Floricolor


Undoubtedly, one of the professional photographic laboratories par excellence and the great favourite among many photographers is Floricolor, which for years has become a benchmark in Spain, Portugal (current headquarters of its laboratories) and many other countries.

This photo lab offers a wide range of prints in professional formats such as: canvas, HD metal, passepartourt, desk block, express print, eco poster, retro wood prints, etc., wedding albums, communion albums and a wide catalogue of very interesting products to offer to your customers.

At Arcadina we have incorporated this lab into one of our latest flagship products, Arcadina Labs, and the truth is that our photographers are very happy with the results.

>> Alliance between Arcadina and Floricolor

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>> ‘Arcadina Labs is a good option and saves time’, Miguel Ángel Garrote

2# Laboratorios ATL Colormatic


ATL Colormatic Laboratories are located in the municipality of Sedaví, in Valencia and are another of the great professional photographic laboratories within the photographers’ sector.

On their website they offer all kinds of albums: communion, wedding, children’s and other studio sessions and a large number of accessories such as boxes, accordion prints, stickers, bags, signature books and a series of special packs. In this space you will also find a very interesting download section.

3# EGM


In the city of Barcelona you can visit the EGM photo lab, which specialises in digital printing and audiovisual production.

In terms of digital printing, EGM will offer you all kinds of professional services such as: digitisation, use of their own colour profiles, image retouching, fine art prints, prints on rigid, canvas and textiles, vinyl and light boxes. They also work with sustainable materials.

In this professional printing company you will also find a section of online shops where you will find a section dedicated to printing in professional formats and another one with all kinds of accessories such as planners, notebooks, calendars, etc.

4# Kitoli


Kitoli is a photographic laboratory located in the municipality of Villa del Río in Córdoba where they offer a series of specific products for: weddings, communions, children and Christmas.

Some of these products are: albums, signature books, cards, calendars and all kinds of accessories. In addition, Kitoli is also dedicated to fine art printing, cotton prints, posters and borders.

On this page you will also find a very interesting upcoming events section and a download section.

5# Sinfo Digital


The Sinfo Digital photo lab is located in the city of Barcelona and on their website you can find all kinds of digital albums for weddings, communions and children’s sessions, matching packaging, various types of framing, prints on different materials and a multitude of accessories such as photocalls, calendars, magnets, displays and many more products.

This website is linked to another one, sinfogo from which professional photographers can manage their orders more comfortably.

6# 3F Álbumes


On the 3F Álbumes website you will find a wide variety of products at your disposal, such as: communion, wedding, baby, Christmas and school catalogues with various models of albums and complements such as boxes or invitations.

In this printing laboratory located in Paterna (Valencia) they have just embarked on a new project where they combine the printing of high quality photographs with decorative elements in wood. Undoubtedly, a fantastic proposal for photographers.

7# La Comercial


La Comercial is a photo lab located in Burriana (Castellón) that works only with professional photographers and offers all kinds of handmade albums for weddings and children’s sessions.

In this photo lab you will also be able to print your clients’ Christmas photos, special prints such as accordion prints, mini magazines, signature books, frames of different materials and a series of packs for the most special sessions such as weddings, communions and newborns.

On their website they have created a very interesting initiative that consists of sharing their customers’ Christmas decorations with their public, without a doubt, a great source of inspiration for the rest of their colleagues.

8# Colorex Lab


We have known the Colorex Lab since 1996 in Villanueva de la Serena, Badajoz, where they offer a wide range of wedding albums organised with collections and several catalogues with different products for wedding, Christmas, baby & kid and communion sessions.

In the shop section you will be able to upload a photo of the album you like the most to see a simulation of what it could look like and if you like it, you can order it directly.

9# Carmencita Film Lab


Carmencita Film Lab is located in Valencia, and you have the possibility of developing and scanning photographs in all sizes, prints, fine art prints.

In this laboratory you can send your own negatives (which they will send back to you in a shipment) and they also have a catalogue of photo frames and the possibility to order a custom-made frame in wood and aluminium.

Carmencita Film Lab are classics of photography and for this reason, in their laboratory you will also find and buy all kinds of film.

10# Foto Dalia


At Foto Dalia you will be able to offer your customers a range of prints in more durable formats such as aluminium, wood and canvas prints, as well as the classic paper prints, in poster size and metallic paper.

This photographic laboratory has made all its information available on the web and also has an office in Peligros (Granada) where you can see a sample of its prints, paintings, fine art prints, displays and a series of personalised decoration products for the home.

11# Max Color Pro


Don Benito (Badajoz), where you can find a great laboratory and a great acquaintance of ours. This is Max Color Pro, where they offer their services of personalised digital albums for each type of photo shoot.

If you go to their website you will see that they have a specific section for: first communion albums, baby & kids and weddings where, in addition to offering a wide variety of albums, you will also offer your own customers other products with the same aesthetics as the album, such as: stationery, signature book, box, cloth bag, mugs, mini canvases and framed prints among others.

This space also has a section of very interesting programmes and another one of downloads that will be very useful for you.

12# Diana Álbumes


Diana Álbumes are another old acquaintance of Arcadina and fantastic specialists in making digital and analogue photo albums (for weddings, communions, babies, etc.) personalised and handmade, where service and quality are some of the main reasons to choose them.

This photo lab is located in Alicante and also offers other services related to the printing of images, such as: online development, photofinishing, cases, boxes and briefcases to store albums and a totally personalised service.

12+1# DL Spain Encuadernaciones


DL Spain Encuadernaciones is a photographic laboratory located in Valencia that stands out for its handmade bindings. This great team specialises in offering albums for weddings, children’s sessions, communions, studio reports and a large catalogue of accessories such as album boxes, frames and canvases.

On their website, in the blog section, you will find all the information about each of their products, their history and all the branches they have open in Castellón, Valencia, Alicante and Santander.

Do you know more professional photo labs in Spain?

This is a compilation of 12+1 professional photo labs in Spain that have a certain prestige, trajectory and a great quality in their products:

  • Floricolor.
  • Laboratorios ATL Colormatic.
  • EGM.
  • Kitoli.
  • Sinfo Digital.
  • 3F Álbumes.
  • La Comercial.
  • Colorex Lab.
  • Carmencita Film Lab.
  • Foto Dalia.
  • Max Color Pro.
  • Diana Álbumes.
  • DL Spain Encuadernaciones.

And remember that with Arcadina you can offer your clients a printing service in professional formats (Arcadina Labs) thanks to a collaboration with some of these professional photographic laboratories.

This way you will be able to get even more out of your photo shoots and dedicate your time to what you really want because did you know that with Arcadina Labs the management of orders will be done by your clients?

To say goodbye today, we are going to share with you the experience with us of the photographer Lourdes García, we are sure you will be inspired.

>> ‘I really value the 24-hour customer service’, Lourdes García

We are sure you know more professional photo labs, would you like to share them with us? We’ll read you in the comments 😉.

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