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1 Dec 2021

A few days ago we told you the great news of the new alliance between the photo lab Floricolor and Arcadina. And although at the time we already told you about the great advantage that this was going to mean for you, today we want to explain in even more detail how are the new formats Canvas and HD Metal that you can now offer to your customers so that they themselves send to the lab print your most impressive or emotional photos in very elegant and professional formats.

The new formats Canvas and HD Metal are now available through Arcadina Labs if you are from Europe (euro zone), where your clients’ images will be transformed into small works of art to decorate any kind of room in their home or workplace. What are you waiting for to go and tell your clients about it?


“With Arcadina Labs you will be able to offer your customers all kinds of decoration with photos thanks to the new formats Canvas and HD Metal available in your online store and private customer area.”

New formats Lienzo and HD Metal: the partnership between Arcadina and Floricolor has already begun


Arcadina Labs is already active on your photography page. If you go through the management panel of your website, in the online store section or customer area / formats, you will discover that since a few days ago there are 2 new formats: Canvas and HD Metal.

Thanks to this new feature of your photography website, you will now be able to offer your customers a new photo decoration service without any extra work for you. Your customers will be able to place the order comfortably from any mobile device or PC and it will be delivered to their homes in a matter of days.

Here we are going to explain in more detail these printing formats for decoration.

>> Alliance between Arcadina and Floricolor

Sale of printed formats directly from your online


Your clients will have it very easy to print their most special photos in any of the new formats Canvas and HD Metal that will be available both from your online store (ideal for selling images of author, sports, nature, urban, events,…) and of course, through the private client area (where your clients can select the photo par excellence of their session and send it to the lab to print in a much more special format). An incredible new source of income for you.

When using this new Arcadina Labs service, your customers will only have to choose the photo they like, select the Canvas or HD Metal format and in a couple of clicks their order will be sent directly to the laboratory. Undoubtedly a quick and easy process both for you (you stop being a mere intermediary) and for your customers.


Here we are going to explain all the possibilities that your customers will have when printing their images thanks to the new formats Canvas and HD Metal available in Arcadina Labs.

Photo Printing on Canvas: the preferred choice for classic photo decorations

Image courtesy of Floricolor © José Cruz

Can you imagine one of the images of your last photo session printed on a canvas with a frame and placed in a very special corner?

The truth is that in every session there are always 1 or 2 photos that stand out from the rest, they are those images in which a series of factors come together that make them almost a work of art. Now, your clients will be able to keep those special photos in a much more eye-catching format and show them off in any corner of their home as if they were an exhibition piece.

Image courtesy of Floricolor © José Cruz

When your customers order one of your images printed on canvas, they will only have to follow these simple steps:

  • Choose the photo you like the most.
  • In the cart section, select the type of format (in this case canvas).
  • Choose the ideal size to print your photo on canvas (your customers can choose from 9 different sizes ranging from 20×30 cm to 100×100 cm).
  • Select the finish you like best (gloss varnish, matt varnish or no varnish).
  • Decide what kind of thickness you want for your canvas: thin (1.8 cm) or thicker (4.00 cm).
  • And even decide what kind of printing material they prefer (synthetic or fine art).

Do your customers already know that all canvases are mounted on a wooden frame? Your photos will become small works of art in your own home.

All photos printed on canvas will include a small back support so that customers can hang their “little work of art” comfortably on any wall in their home.


Below you will find all the information available about the finishes and materials of the printed canvases.

HD Metal Printed Images: for the most avant-garde decorations

Image courtesy of Floricolor © José Cruz

Surprise your most exclusive clients and offer them the possibility of printing their photos, comfortably from home, on a waterproof and weatherproof HD Metal aluminium plate.

It has happened to all of us at one time or another to deal with more exclusive clients who are looking for a more sophisticated photo shoot or a more original final product than what the rest of the clients usually ask for.

It is precisely the printing of images in HD Metal that is designed for this prototype of more demanding customer who is looking for more genuine products that also respond very well to the passage of time.

Image courtesy of Floricolor © José Cruz

With HD Metal photo printing, your customers will have very few options to choose from:

  • Decide which image you want to print.
  • In the shopping cart section, choose the type of HD Metal
  • Choose from the 12 available print sizes (from the classic 10×15 cm to 70×100 cm for a more striking decoration).
  • And choose the finish that best matches the rest of the decoration (glossy white, matt white, semi-matt white, glossy silver, matt silver).

Depending on the size of the photo printed in HD Metal format, it can be placed on a natural, brown or black wood holder or hung (for larger sizes) on an MDF plate.


Here you can find all the details about photo printing on HD Metal.

With “Arcadina Labs” and the new formats Lienzo and HD Metal your photography business will be unstoppable

As you can see, this new functionality within your website is not only that you will be able to offer your customers new formats of Canvas and HD Metal so that they can send their favourite images to the lab to be printed.

This new addition to Arcadina Labs (still in the process of expansion, more formats will arrive soon), goes much further.

From Arcadina we want your photography business to take a big leap forward with us. We want you to leave aside the obsolete and outdated concept of using your photography website only as an online portfolio and transform your photography website into a fundamental piece within your online business, where your customers can interact, buy and order all kinds of photographic products and services comfortably from anywhere.

The limits, within your photography business, can only be set by you.

>> OPEN THE DOOR of your photography business

>> Videotutorial: Get started with Arcadina and create your test website

Today we want to share with you the experience of LimaLimón photographers with us.

>> We talked to Limalimón

If you also want to share your impressions about Arcadina’s websites with the rest of our colleagues, you can write to us or give us your opinion on the Social Networks. We listen to you.

As always, before we say goodbye, we would like to ask you a question: which of the 2 new formats, Canvas and HD Metal, do you think your ideal customer prototype will like the most to print their best photos? And what other formats would you like to have available through the labs? We’ll read you in the comments.

Open the door to your photography business

Fulfill your dreams and develop your professional career with us. We offer you to create a photography website for free for 14 days so you can try our platform without any commitment of permanence.

Arcadina is much more than a website, it’s business solutions for photographers.

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