How can I sell photos on my website?

6 Jul 2022

When it comes to selling photos on your photo selling website, it is important that you employ multiple marketing tools and strategies to create a photo selling website that really works and allows you to make more profit with every photo shoot you do. This is without a doubt one of the most asked questions by photographers who want to sell photos online: How can I sell images for free through my photography website?

In today’s article we are going to give you all the keys so that you can create a professional website for selling photos and with all the options that your customers are looking for right now.


Find out right here how you can sell images through your website.

How to sell my images online on your photo selling website?


When considering how to sell photographs on your photo selling website, it is important that you develop a series of prior questions that will allow you to create a business strategy to make sell photos for free (without paying commissions) successful.

We are going to give you some examples that you can apply to your own photography business to encourage the sale of sale of images.

  • If, for example, you do stock photography, you can have at your fingertips a multitude of stock photo sites where you can sell your images but you will have to pay a fee for this, but you will have to pay a fee for it. With a public photo gallery integrated into your website, you will be able to offer this extra service to sell photos for free (without paying commissions) and take all the benefits of each operation.

  • In case you are hired for a photo shoot at a sporting competition, landscape photography or auteur photography. In this case, these sale of photo platforms will not be of great help to you. For these cases, the ideal is that you can create a website for sale of images with a series of public galleries (online shop), easy to manage for you and your visitors, where you can upload all the images you want and sell photos immediately.

  • And if you want to “how to sell my photographs?” by offering your clients a private space where they can, buy more photos and place their own orders without having to meet in person, private galleries will be perfect for integrating the sale of free photographs into your business.

As you can see, in order to sale of photographs online it is important to have a website that offers you all these possibilities and many more to be able to create a full-featured online photography business.

How to sell my images from my website?

When it comes to implementing these and many other ideas for sell photos for free (and keeping all the commissions) through your website, you can define different business strategies, for example:

  • How to sell my photographs and videos from my website’s online shop?
  • Offer photos for sale in any digital or printed format.
  • Include the sale and booking of photo shoots through your website.
  • If you like to provide training, you can also add the sale of photography courses, a video tutorial or a book.
  • How to sell my photos with direct download option?
  • Selection and sale of free photographs through a private space and from any device.
  • Etc.


But before you start sale of free images, it is important that you define a number of parameters on your website for selling photos, for example:

  • Be clear about your rates. At what prices you want to offer print formats and at what rates you want to offer digital downloads.
  • Give the option to choose the number of copies of each photograph.
  • See how to sell my images publicly (to any visitor who comes to your website) or privately (only to your customers). Or both, depending on the type of photos.
  • Etc.

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Here are a series of articles from our help section that can be of great help to you in making these decisions.

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Can I earn money by sale of free images on your photo selling website?

Of course you can. Thanks to the sale of free photos, you will be able to get even more out of your photo shoots and get a number of sales automatically through your website.

With the private and public galleries that you can create with the Business plans, you will solve all your doubts about “how to sell my photos?” and also, all the benefits will be for you, in full. All you have to do is choose the type of plan you need (you have up to 6 Business plans available) and start creating your trial website. And if you also want to have a professional website, with the Web plan you can create it to your liking.

Did you know that offering these services on other platforms involves paying very high commissions? In case you still have any doubts, in the following article we explain how some platforms keep up to 80% of the sales of your images.

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What do I need to start selling photographs?

If you want to start selling photographs on the Internet today, all you need is to have a website for selling photos where you can upload them, configure a series of parameters (price lists, formats, payment methods, etc.) and promote your website for selling photos on the Internet.

Within a website there is room for all kinds of products and services that you can offer for sale. Here are some ideas.

  • Sale of photographs in digital format.
  • Selling photographs in professional print formats.
  • Web for sale of photos with private galleries for: sale, selection, download and/or viewing of images.
  • Sale of courses and training.
  • Possibility to book a session thanks to the direct sale of your services.
  • Etc.

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How to sell photos in digital or printed format?

With the advent of the latest generation of mobile phones and social networks, fewer and fewer photographs are printed on physical media. This is the digital era. But there is still a large percentage of the public who prefer to keep their images (or at least part of them) on media such as paper, canvas, a book or a personalised product.

For this type of customer, you can offer them on your website a series of professional printing formats (Arcadina Labs) and personalised products so that they will not find limitations when printing their best photographs with you.


If you have your website on Arcadina, you will be able to customise all the details of each order according to the type of product:

  • Prices, shipping costs, payment methods.
  • Sizes, number of copies.
  • Media (paper, canvas, etc.).
  • Personalised products (mugs, magnets, key rings, etc.).
  • Collection points.

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How to sell images with digital download without paying commissions to third parties?


If we had to choose one of the most profitable services for photographers in recent years, we would definitely say that it is the sale of photos with download through their own photography websites (and without paying commissions to large platforms).

At Arcadina we have designed our business solutions for photographers so that these operations are simple and above all secure, both for you and your clients. Your digital files will be securely stored on our servers and your clients will only receive the download link when they have made the (secure) payment via PayPal or credit card.

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How to create a website for selling photos?


When creating a website prepared for the sale of photos, it is important that you take into account a series of aspects so that this service is attractive for your visitors and really profitable for you.

  • Online shop integrated with the rest of your website so that your visitors have a better user experience.
  • Full screen image viewer.
  • Possibility to upload your photos through Lightroom.
  • Private access (via username and password) for your customers.
  • Public and private galleries with multiple options: selection, sale, viewing, download, multiple.
  • Easy to use shopping cart with a multitude of options available to your customers.
  • Quick purchase option.
  • Possibility to purchase prints in formats such as canvas, HD Metal, Passepartout, Desk Block or Retro Wood Prints.
  • Etc.

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Create client galleries to sell photos


To make the image selection process easier for your customers (and for you), you can create private customer galleries on your website with login and password access.

In these private photo selection galleries, as well as being able to offer your clients the chance to choose the photographs they like best from their session, they will discover for themselves the great advantage of buying images through your website. With the convenience of being able to make the purchase from any device, from home or on holiday, with the option of online payment and the possibility of receiving the order at home.

As well as being a very convenient and practical process for them, it will also be for you, because as soon as one of your customers confirms the selection of their photographs or makes the purchase of images, you will automatically receive an email with all the order information.

And you can always consult the orders received in the Management Panel, track them, or copy the list of selected photographs with a click and transfer them to Lightroom or any other editing programme.

Here are some of the possibilities you will have with private galleries for clients.

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More tips for selling photos online


In addition to having a website ready to sell photographs, it is important that your customers or future customers know about it. To do this, what better way than to use social networks, online advertisements and all the possibilities offered by email marketing to let your potential customers know about all the options for selling images that they will find on your website.

In addition to keeping them informed, you can take advantage of the services page that you can easily create on your website to explain all the options for purchase, digital download, hard copy or professional format photography that you have made available to them through your online shop.

Sell your images, photographic services and even training through your website

Showcasing your photographs and detailing your photographic services on the web is all very well. But if you also include an online sales tool your income will increase almost effortlessly.

Because if one thing is more than clear, it is that many of the transactions we carry out online are guided by a first impulse purchase. Take advantage of the convenience and ease of direct online shopping and offer this possibility on your website.

In addition to knowing how to sell your photos, you can also promote the sale of photographic products, such as photo frames, portfolios or albums. You can also create a gift card of your sessions and sell it in your online shop, so that the client only has to agree with you the date of the session.

If, in addition to your photo shoots, you offer training in photography and video to other colleagues through workshops and courses, you can also offer tickets for sale. You will only have to take care of detailing the conditions (in the product description), setting the price and customising the payment methods.

What are you waiting for to sell photos on your website?

Being able to sell photographs, products, services and training through your website is the present and the future. Now more than ever your customers are looking for quality photographs, but also convenience when ordering and versatility of services. With a website for selling photos your photo studio will not close at any time of the day. Interesting idea, don’t you think?

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On this occasion we would like to share with you the opinion of nature photographer Efren Valiente so that you can find out how he is doing with the sale of free images.

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And to say goodbye for today, here’s the question of the day: what strategies do you follow to sell photos through your website? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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