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26 Jun 2020

We know that often a picture is worth a thousand words, so it is common that sometimes we need images to complete some of the sections of our website and it is difficult to find banks of quality images.

From Arcadina we have compiled a few professional image banks that may be useful to you. Some of them require you to register in order to download the images or to acquire a license for them. It is important that you read well its policy of use of the images, each resource is different and has its conditions.


1. PixaBay (pixabay.com)

Pixabay is a vibrant image bank of creators who share royalty-free images and videos. All contents are published under a Creative Commons CC0 license, which makes them safe to use without asking permission or giving remuneration to the artist. Even for commercial purposes.

It also allows you to search by file type (photos, illustrations, vectors, videos) so you can fine-tune what you’re looking for. The quality and originality of the totally free photographs in this image bank is incredibly extraordinary. Take a look and tell us. One of the most popular and fastest growing image banks in the market.


2. UnSplash (unsplash.com)

Beautiful images and free high quality photos that you can download and use for any project. No attribution is required. An impressive bank of free photos uploaded by the most generous community of photographers in the world. Every day photographers from all over the world upload thousands of images that you will love for your projects.

Take part in this great project yourself. If you dare, you can even be one of them, register and make your wonderful work known to the rest of the world. You can upload as many pictures as you want. And see if your work is as excellent as you think. As soon as you start getting downloads and acknowledgements, you’ll see that it does. And you will get worldwide recognition and visibility eye. one of the best image banks today, no doubt.


3. Free for commercial use (freeforcommercialuse.net)

Impressive bank of very creative and up-to-date lifestyle photos. Authentic images for your next commercial or personal project totally free for your use. High-resolution 300 dpi download even for jobs you want to print You can do whatever you want with the images since their Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license, with no rights reserved, is totally public domain. If we are also excited when we find this image bank.


4. Morgue File (morguefile.com)

Besides offering numerous photographic archives for free, MorgueFile has a news channel concerning art, cinema, photography, etc. A reference image bank, without a doubt, since it is one of the oldest in existence, in operation since 1996, just when the Internet began to take off to become what it is today.

But watch out for free but with a but, since to use their images MorgueFile requests that credit be given to the original photographer and creator. This is because the images actually have rights of use but not ownership, so it is recommended that you contact the creator or photographer simply to discuss the use you will make of their photographs. But this is enough, you’re not going to have any problems.


5. Free Images (formerly Stock.xchng) (freeimages.com)

Free Images has over 350,000 high quality photos taken by over 30,000 photographers. You are sure to find the photo you need for your commercial or web background. A bank of free photos and illustrations from all categories where you can give free rein to your imagination.

You are sure to find the ideal photo for your publications or creations. In addition to the free version (where you can download and use all the photos without any problem), you have a premium option with almost 3 million photos available with which you will directly be amazed. a colossal photo bank. 🙂


6. DreamsTime (en.dreamstime.com)

Stock photo bank providing high quality royalty free images. Dreamstime is one of the world’s leading image banks in the field of stock photography and undoubtedly one of the most reliable providers of high quality digital images at quite affordable prices.

Its exquisite image gallery that has been growing non-stop since 2000 and where thousands of photographers from all over the world make business by uploading their photographs and also videos. And best of all, it has a team of experienced reviewers who approve all the images that are uploaded so its database is of high quality and is renewed daily with new images.


7. iStockPhoto (istockphoto.com)

iStockphoto, is one of the most veteran image banks of stock photos and also videos, audios or illustrations on the Internet. You’ll find royalty-free media and design elements. Artists, designers, and photographers from around the world turn to iStockphoto to create, work, and learn. A bank of photos that will not leave you indifferent and that will make you grow as a professional.


8. ShutterStock (shutterstock.com)

Millions of royalty-free photos, illustrations and vectors. Find inspiration in 10,000 new high-resolution images that are added every day to this leading image bank. It also has a large and well known community of users. Shutterstock has become an image bank that also includes videos, music and even editable files with templates for your creations and illustrations.


9. Smithsonian (si.edu)

The Smithsonian is a relatively new image bank where they have recently released nearly 3 million images in both 2D and 3D that have entered the public domain. On this free photo download platform, you will find a wide range of images on very specific subjects, such as museums, research institutes, libraries, archives and zoos. Without a doubt, a great collection of very interesting images for photographers and creative people to use freely.


10. Pexels (pexels.com)

One of the peculiarities of the Pexels image bank is that, in addition to being able to find photos and videos through a search engine, if you go to the Discover section, Pexels shows you collections of related images. In this way, if you are not completely clear about the type of image you want to search for, this tab will become a “brainstorm” for you.

In Pexels, all the users, besides being able to download the free photos they need, will be able to upload their own. Afterwards, those in charge of managing this image bank will choose the best photos uploaded by users.


11. Negative Space (negativespace.co)

One of the functionalities offered by the image bank of Negative Space is its facility to search for photographs by subject. If you go to the bottom of its home page, you will find a selection of the most popular tags and even a set of shortcuts that will show you pictures by color.

This free image platform is very focused on allowing amateur photographers to upload their stock photos. And if you want to be informed of all the new free downloadable images that Negative Space offers, we encourage you to sign up to their subscription list.


12. Moose (photos.icons8.com)

Moose is an image bank page run by photo icons8 where you can find a large collection of free stock photos.

In addition to having a large number of images available for free download, another feature of this online photo platform is its search engine located on the left side of the page, where you can explore free stock photos based on a number of very specific parameters, such as age, ethnicity or hair type.


13. PicJumbo (picjumbo.com)

Run by photographers and with almost 7.5 million downloads since this online platform for free image downloads was launched in 2013, Picjumbo offers you a wide variety of free stock photos with the possibility of easy searches thanks to its categories organized by subject.

In Picjumbo you will find images of a great professional quality of all kinds of subjects such as nature, business, gastronomy, etc. and in all of them the great colorfulness and showiness of the free stock photos prevails, a fact to take into account to use them in publications where the important thing is to call the attention of the public.


14. Flickr (flickr.com)

Flickr is a very select image bank where the first thing you have to do to enjoy its “tens of billions” of free downloadable photos and its two million groups is to register. Although if you want to take a look at the (impressive) quality of the free stock photos you can download from Flickr, you will have the option of viewing them without giving your contact details.

A very interesting feature that Flickr offers you is the amount of additional information it gives you in each of the free download images. For example, where the photo was taken, with what type of equipment and you will also be able to see comments from users who have already downloaded the stock image.


15. IMAGO (imago-images.com)

IMAGO is a quality image bank where you will find a great quality and diversity of themes in stock photos, for example: Winter Olympics 2022, nature, art, business, fashion, education and so on up to more than 30 categories.

IMAGO offers a number of interesting paid packages for downloading images and videos. And thanks to the newsletter, you will be kept up to date with all the latest news.


16. LibreShot (libreshot.com)

At Libreshot‘s image bank you will find Martin, a marketing expert and a great fan of photography who has created this free image download platform to make his large collection of free downloadable photos available to everyone who needs them.

At Libreshot, you can download all kinds of free stock photos. Business, architecture, nature, landscapes and people (among others).


17. Shotzr (shotzr.com)

Shotzr is a free online platform for downloading marketing and business-related images that offers more than 72 million stock photos for use in Social Media ads, blog articles and all kinds of content related to marketing and advertising of any kind of business.

In the Shotzr image bank, besides downloading the photos for free, you can create your own lists with the images you like the most and create your own “image bank” to use them in your future publications.


18. Gratisography (gratisography.com)

If you are looking for a certain type of stock photos that are more creative and fun, on the free online photo download platform Gratisography you will have all kinds of images available for free download with a certain touch of humour.

In Gratisography you will find free high resolution photos related to nature, animals, business and gastronomy (among others) where originality will be the predominant point in each of the free download photos. Without a doubt, this image platform will be the ideal place to look for original and rarely seen photos.


19. PikWizard (pikwizard.com)

Pikwizard is a digital platform for free downloading of images and videos, offering an almost infinite collection of all types of landscape, urban and nature photos. You’ll also find free images for everyday use.

Another peculiarity that offers you this photo bank with free download, is that it has an image editor integrated into the page itself, so that just before making the free download of the photo you can make a series of small adjustments to each of the images.


20. StockSnap (stocksnap.io)

StockSnap.io is a free image bank where you can find all kinds of stock photos that will help you show a better image of your creative project through your publications in digital media.

To facilitate the search for images, in StockSnap.io you can search for them through its search engine, by categories and by the most downloaded since one of the characteristics that this free download platform has is that it tracks the number of downloads that each image has in order to offer its visitors the free photos that its users download the most.


21. Kaboompics (kaboompics.com)

Kaboompics is a free image download site created by a web designer who in her spare time is dedicated to photography. Karolina, thanks to her work, knows how important are the images in a web page, and that’s why she offers in her photo download platform all kind of free images to be used in any digital media (web, blog, networks).

In Kaboompics you can find a wide variety of stock photos such as landscapes, interiors, people and also has a category with outstanding photos where you can find the images that are being downloaded more every day.


22. Life of Pix (lifeofpix.com)

In Life of pix you can download for free all kinds of images with a certain artistic touch. This is because at the head of this free photo download platform is a marketing agency’s team and they are very clear that offering a good image, in many cases, means the success of a transaction.

Another detail to take into account and that you will find in Life of pix is that besides being able to search for images through its search engine or in the gallery section (where the photos are classified by categories), if you go to the photographers’ section, you will be able to see (and download) the images that each photographer has uploaded. This way, if you like the style of a particular photographer, you can download all his stock photos that he uploads to Life of pix.


23. FreePik (freepik.com)

Freepik‘s free image download website, besides being able to find all kinds of stock photos to download for free, you will be able to have a series of customizable icons, templates for presentations, editable illustrations, collections (ideal for use in different online media), PSD format files and vectors. All of them with the free download option.

In the section of photos / categories, you can search for the images that interest you most according to the theme you need. As a curiosity, in this free image bank you can download abstract photographs, related to the performing arts, or even textures such as wood or water. And if you are a creative and you need more coverage of this interesting website, in Freepik you will find a premium service with almost 8,000,000 resources for only 9.99 euros per month.


24. StockVault(stockvault.net)

The truth is that every season a series of themes emerge with respect to the photos that are a trend in society. Whether it is due to the direct influence of fashion or some kind of current news or important event. The reality is that every few months a series of themes come to light that become trending topics on the networks.

Therefore, if you are looking for this type of free downloadable photographs with a very specific theme to be treated, in Stockvault’s web you will be able to search for images by number of downloads or the most popular ones, in this page you will have it very easy.

If you go to their “about us” section you will see that these professionals have focused this free image download website mainly on photographers, designers and students. And also, at Stockvault if you register, you will have the option to upload your own stock photos.


25. New York Public Library (digitalcollections)

Inside the website of the New York Public Library, where you can find all kinds of books, music and films (among other things), if you do some research you will discover a small corner full of real works of art. We are talking about the possibility of downloading for free almost 900,000 old photographs with themes as interesting as:

New York City, fashion, nature, manuscripts, the history of the gay & lesbian collective, images related to show business, old posters, maps, illustrations, video films and many more.

Without a doubt, this section of the New York Public Library, more than a stock photo bank, is a huge historical database where you can find every day thanks to its keyword search engine some new photos.


By the way…

Arcadina does not have any commercial agreements with any of the photo and video banks mentioned in this article. This article has been created with the sole intention of advising and helping the Arcadina user community to find quality photos for their professional needs. Or to publish your own images and creations.

Still don’t have a quality photography or creative website? So don’t think twice and come to Arcadina, create a free photo and video website for 14 days without any obligation. Now is the time.

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