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31 May 2022

Do you want to know how to delivery of photographs to clients in a professional, fast and effective way? This is a question that we know you often ask yourself if you are already a photographer or want to dedicate yourself to it, and today we want to help you answer it.

Because in addition to being able to offer your clients unique photo shoots and a final product where the quality of the images and the finishes bear your stamp of identity. Knowing how to show images to the client through online photo galleries galleries will help you save much more time in post-production and will give you the opportunity to improve the quality of your photographic service.

Therefore, if you want to learn how to delivery of photographs to clients without wasting a lot of time and offer a more qualified service. Thanks to the different options you will have when creating private galleries on your website, you will be able to send photos to a client and have them be delighted with your service from start to finish. In today’s article we give you all the keys to create pages to select images.


“Do you already know how to deliver photographs to clients through your photography business so that they will be delighted with their image selection pages?”

Why is it important to know how to deliver photographs to clients in a professional manner?

A few years ago, any photographer when considering the delivery of photographs to clients had no doubts. He used to arrange an appointment with his client in the photo studio and on that day he would view the photos of his session, without having to send photos to a client through any kind of media or platform. At that time it was the best way to present his final products to his clients and at the same time to sell the clients some extra product.

In those days all photographers knew perfectly well how to show images to the client in order to impress him with their images.


But now the behaviour of the client and therefore the methods of sending photos to a client have changed quite a lot. Due to the hectic day-to-day life of both photographers and photographers, a more practical and versatile method of sending images via image selection pages is now in use. With this new option to client photo gallery, customers can view and order from the comfort of their own homes without having to spend a day at the photo studio.

If you want to know how to delivery of photographs to clients in a practical, fast and professional way, today we are going to explain you how thanks to the private galleries of: sale, selection and/or download that you can create in your client area, you can save a lot of time in this process and your clients will be much more satisfied with your online service.

Discover all the options to show images to the client in a professional way to online photo galleries


If your photography business allows you to create all kinds of private galleries where your clients can interact with the photographs of their photo shoots, you will have a great advantage over other photographers who cannot yet offer this service to their clients to online photography gallery.

“Private galleries are a powerful sales tool to show images to the client and will allow you to offer a much broader and more fruitful service. “

Depending on the type of reportage you do and the ideal client profile you have, you can create different online photo galleries according to their needs.

In this way, your clients will be able to access privately (by means of a key and a password) to your client gallery and carry out a series of actions with the photographs and videos of their photographic reports, such as, for example:

  • Selection of photos in the client gallery.
  • View a multimedia presentation in the online photo gallery.
  • Enter a private sample gallery of photos and videos.
  • Buy photos privately in professional print formats (Arcadina Labs) in the online gallery for photographers.
  • Access to the sale of images with digital download option in the gallery for photographers.
  • Download the photographs of their reports in its client photo gallery.

With Arcadina, in addition to sending photos to a client, you will also be able to create all kinds of galleries with multiple options. Here we leave you a very interesting article where we explain you how the different online photo galleries work.

>> Now you can combine sale, selection and/or free download in one photo album

How to create galleries to send photos to a client with Arcadina?

Once you are clear about all the alternatives of client gallery you can and want to create for your customers. When it comes to materialising them in your private client area, it will be very simple.

As you know, all these processes in the client photo gallery can be carried out through the management panel of your online business. In this particular case, you will have to go to the Shop and Customer Area / Galleries section.

>> Discover the new improvements of your Arcadina Management Panel


If you enjoy any of the Business Plans, as well as being able to create any online photo gallery for sale, selection and download. You will also be able to create the private galleries you need:

  • Gallery for photographers to presentation. Perfect for showing photographs to clients with music to impress them even more.
  • Gallery for photographers to sample. Ideal for showing photos to customers quickly and easily.
  • Selection. You will be able to send professional photos to your clients privately and they will be able to select the ones they like the most.
  • Online photography gallery to download. The best gallery for sharing photos with clients who only need to download images.
  • Client photo gallery to sales. The most used to deliver photos to clients so that they can buy the ones they like the most in digital or professional formats.
  • Client gallery manifold. Sale, selection and download. Perfect for sharing photos with customers so that they can place their orders conveniently from anywhere.

>> Enjoy more space with the new Arcadina Business plans

How to plan the delivery of photographs to clients with online photography gallery to Arcadina?

When considering how to deliver the photos to your customers if you have created your online photography business with Arcadina, it will be very simple. Through your panel you will also be able to configure a series of personalised emails that will be sent to your customers when you want to inform them that their private gallery is now available.

>> How to avoid spam in your online business web forms?


In addition to having this whole process automated to online photo gallery, another advantage of sending photographs and videos to your customers through the private galleries is that when your customers place other orders, as well as always being informed, you will also be able to consult and modify all the information through the Orders area of your Management Panel.

>> New! Now available the quick purchase of photos in the same format

>> New shopping cart much more visual and intuitive

Are you already clear on how to offer photo delivery to clients on your photography website thanks to the online gallery for photographers?

As you can see, knowing how to delivery of photographs to clients through the private galleries of your online gallery for photographers will allow you to:

  • Save a lot more working time thanks to image selection pages: the more automated your processes are, the more time you will have for yourself, your family or to expand your photography business as much as you want.

  • Offer a higher quality premium service: your customer will appreciate the new methods of sending photos to a customer.

  • Increase your profits without spending more working hours: when you consider how to show images to your customers, if you give them the possibility to easily and quickly buy more photos, prints and/or products with their photos, your income will increase without the need to spend more working hours.

And if, in addition to an online business where you can sell your photographs publicly and privately and where you can organise a series of pages to select images, you need a website where you can explain your services and present yourself to your future clients. You need a website where you can explain your services and present yourself to your future clients, the Web Plan will be the ideal complement to your Business Plan.

>> Find out about Arcadina’s new Business and Web plans

On this occasion we would like to share with you the opinion and experience of the photographer Ricardo Lozano.

>> ‘Arcadina Labs is the present’, Ricardo Lozano

And as always before we say goodbye, we would like to ask you: did you already know how to delivery of photographs to clients in a professional and effective way? We’d love to hear about your marketing strategies in the comments.


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