The WhatsApp Business service is now available in Arcadina


27 Oct 2022

If you want to improve communications with your customers and visitors who come to your photography website, you can now hire the WhatsApp Business in Arcadina. This extra service that we offer will allow you to give a much closer service to people who visit your online photography business and you will also be able to solve their most urgent doubts much faster.

Thanks to WhatsApp Business in Arcadina your communications will take a huge step into the future. In this article we tell you all the advantages of contracting this service and how you can start enjoying all its options today.


“Get to know the new WhatsApp Business in Arcadina.”

What is WhatsApp Business in Arcadina?


With WhatsApp Business in Arcadina you already have at your disposal the option to include an icon of this instant messaging channel so powerful and that everyone uses nowadays. WhatsApp for web is a service that you can contract in addition to any Business plan or your web plan and is very easy to use.

Once you have a plan with us, from your Management Panel you will be able to consult all the possibilities that this new service offers you, configure it and publish it. As soon as you have everything ready, we will give you access so that you can contract the WhatsApp instant messaging service for your website and start answering your customers’ questions.

A few months ago we told you about it and now it is already a reality. WhatsApp for business is here to stay.

>> Partnership between Arcadina and

5 advantages of activating WhatsApp in your photography business


The truth is that if you contract the WhatsApp instant messaging service, it will be a great improvement when it comes to communicating with your clients and future clients.

This service will be active on any of the pages of your photography website, both on the web and in the different business sections. This way, your visitors will be able to ask you any kind of question or doubt wherever they are. And this is not just the only advantage that WhatsApp for business offers you, here are 5 more.

  1. You can remind your clients of their appointments via a WhatsApp message and make sure they see them on time.
  2. When they ask you for information about a report, you will be able to send them your dossier or any other information instantly.
  3. You will have the option to share discounts and special offers through this channel.
  4. By handling communications in this way, the customer’s closeness and sense of trust will be even greater.
  5. You will have the possibility to activate a second avatar so that a teammate can also answer some of the queries made.


Do you need more reasons to hire this extra WhatsApp service for your digital photography studio and improve communications in your business? Just tell you that many colleagues are already using it.

WhatsApp Business also on the mobile version of your website


Naturally, the WhatsApp instant messaging service application is also available for the mobile version of your website.

In this new service, as well as being able to activate up to 2 avatars, you will also be able to customise absolutely everything:

  • WhatsApp icon.
  • Background colour of the widget.
  • Personalisation of the agent’s name and welcome text (in all the languages you have activated in your online business).
  • Choice between 4 generic avatar photos or the possibility to upload the photo of your choice.
  • Widget placement (left or right).
  • And the possibility of displaying it open when they access your website (to encourage communication) or closed.

Use WhatsApp message templates from your Dashboard


Another new feature of WhatsApp Business in Arcadina is that, in addition to being able to chat with your visitors through the WhatsApp Web application, you will also be able to communicate with them from the management panel of your online business.

At Arcadina we have developed a series of predefined templates so that you can send your customers important information without having to waste time writing the content of the message.

As long as you have a suitable mobile phone of your customers saved in the dashboard (customer file, order, etc.), you will be able to send them a series of predefined WhatsApp messages from different parts of your dashboard.

These are the templates that you will be able to use at the moment with the WhatsApp for business service:

– Change in the status of an order.

– Link to download the images of an order.

– Link to complete a pending order.

– Send a password to a client to access their private gallery.

– Sending a customer’s link so they can view their order.

These are just a sample of the templates you can use, because the best thing is that you will be able to create your own.

In the following help article we explain all the possibilities of this novelty that photographers are loving.

>> Arcadina Help: Integrations – WhatsApp Templates

Do you want to contract WhatsApp Business in Arcadina?

To contract the extra WhatsApp for businesses, an essential requirement is that you have already contracted with us any of the Business or web plans.

Once you have your website or business active with us, all you have to do is go to the Integrations section of your panel, configure the WhatsApp widget and request registration for this service.


In addition to explaining the whole contracting process, in the following article of our help you will find all the steps to activate and configure it.

>> Support Article: Integrations – WhatsApp

Here is a video tutorial explaining this great new feature.

Integrate WhatsApp Business in Arcadina and improve the relationship with your visitors

If you want to improve communications with everyone who visits your website, you can now hire the WhatsApp Business at Arcadina. We assure you that the photographer who resolves doubts more quickly to their visitors and also offers a quality service, will be the one who will get more customers through your photography website.

If you want to know all the news we are launching in Arcadina, keep the following help article. In it we will keep you informed of all the projects we are creating.

>> Support article: What’s new 2022

And if you have any suggestions to help us improve the all-in-one business solutions for photographers that we offer, you can tell us your ideas in the suggestions section of our website.

>> Suggestions for improving Arcadina’s service

Today we want to share with you the testimony of the photographer Cristian Soto who told us that “Arcadina has everything an image professional needs”. We are sure that when you get to know this new service, you will love it.

>> ‘Arcadina has everything an image professional needs’, Cristian Soto

Finally, we would like to know your opinion about the new WhatsApp Business extra service in Arcadina. Do you find it interesting to hire it? We’ll read you in the comments.

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