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29 Sep 2022

Can you imagine being able to delivery of images to clients through a private gallery where you could add a background photo on the login page? This option has been possible with us for some time now. If you weren’t aware that you can create a private and totally personalised photo selection page for each client, in today’s article we are going to explain how this fantastic option works in your client area.

With this possibility of personalisation of the login page. When delivery of images to clients. When they access their private area, they will be pleasantly surprised to discover one of the photos of their session on this page, which is usually quite simple.

It will be just a small detail when delivery of images to clients. But it will make them appreciate the quality of your photography services even more. So, if you haven’t yet found out how to send photos to a client in a professional manner. In this article we explain all the possibilities to further improve the user experience of your customers.


“Delivery of images to clients with professionalism by adding a personalised image on the login page.”

Delivery of images to clients in a private gallery with a public front page

When it comes to delivery of images to clients. You can improve their experience with you and offer a much more professional service if you take care of even the smallest details. One of those actions that you can do to please your customers and that will not require more than a few minutes is to deliver images to customers through a private gallery with a public cover.

This simply consists of including one of the photos from each client’s session as the cover of the gallery with private access on the client’s photo selection page.


When deciding how to send photos to a customer, it is important to find a solution in which each customer can quickly recognise your private gallery. In the following article we explain this interesting option in more detail.

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If you add to this option of creating a private gallery with a public front page, the possibility of adding a photograph of each client on the login page. The surprise will be maximum.

Customisable background image in the login of each page to choose photos

As we said. To this previous improvement we have added the missing complement to make the delivery of images to clients even more satisfactory. Once your client locates their private gallery, within your client area, and clicks on their personal folder, they will be taken to a screen where they will have to enter their user name and password. And click on their personal folder, they will be taken to a screen where they will have to enter their username and password.

Until now, this screen used to be quite minimalist where visitors were presented with the login form on a white background. Without a doubt, a small detail that broke with the rest of the aesthetics of your photography business.

With this improvement, when you consider how to send photos to a client, you will no longer have to complicate things. Because when your client accesses their login page, they will find one of the photos from their photo session integrated as wallpaper. And that’s when they will appreciate the exclusivity of the private space you have created for them.

When creating the page to choose photos and choose this image so representative of each client’s session (which will appear both on the cover of the private gallery and in the background of the login page). You will have several options:

  • Choose the first image that appears in each client’s gallery.
  • Or create a more prepared photograph as a gallery cover.


And although it may seem incredible. Implementing these small details that you can consider when deciding how to send photos to a client, are the ones that will make the big difference between you and your closest competitors. And, therefore, the ones that will help you build your branding as a photographer.

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6 Examples to show you how to send photos to a customer

To show you how good the delivery of images to clients can be with the option of including one of their photographs, both on the cover of their private gallery and on the login page. Below, we are going to show you 6 examples so that you can see for yourself how good this option of delivery of images to clients looks.

1# Foto Carmen: photos with heart

In the Foto Carmen photography studio, you will find 2 great professionals in love with their work. They are Carmen and Ana, who seek to reflect the magic of the moment in each image. In their photography studio located in Lleida, they offer children’s sessions, such as: Christmas, sweet waiting, babies, growing up, communions, young people, in family.

They also dedicate part of their work to weddings, couple sessions, sensual photography, vintage and pet photography.


When it comes to delivery of images to clients in the client area of their website with Arizona design. These photographers have seen it very clearly and have opted for private galleries with public cover, with the option of including the first photo of the gallery on the login page.


2# Gaizka Medina: social and corporate photography

Gaizka Medina is a photographer with his studio located in the city of Bilbao who specialises in all types of social photography, such as weddings, communions, family sessions, books and other sessions focused on the business and events sector.

If you go to the private client area of his Bangkok-designed website. Here you can see the large number of social photo shoots he has in progress at the moment.


As you can see. When choosing the cover photo for each private gallery (which coincides with the background image of the login page), Gaizka uses the first photo on the page to choose photos of each client.


3# Alba Foto Profesional: family, commercial and identity photography

At Alba Foto Professional, you will be able to find all types of photography sessions: family, commercial, aerial photography, identification photography, video, professional prints, design and production.


On their website with New York design. In addition to explaining how this team works, they have reserved a section on their home page for the online shop and the customer area, where users will be able to log in with their username and password to choose photos with a personalised image.


4# Wedding Photographer CG: weddings and family photography

Wedding Photographer CG is a website with Arizona design where you will find Cristina Grañena. A photographer based in Boxford (England) who specialises mainly in wedding, family and branding photography for professionals.

If you go to his private area, you will discover a sample of his latest sessions represented by private galleries with public covers.


Cristina. When choosing the background photo for the login page, she has chosen to use the first image from each of her clients’ galleries. And if you look at them all together, they show the visitors what her different reports look like.


5# Animan Photography: portraits, events and corporate projects

Behind Animan Photography is Marta Fernández. A photographer based in the city of Barcelona, she offers her clients a wide range of possibilities such as portraits, family sessions, event photography, product photography and corporate projects.


Marta is one of the photographers who is already using this new improvement in her website with Arizona design. When considering how to send photos to a client, she has chosen a representative image for each session. So that visitors arriving at this page can quickly differentiate between the different photo shoots she has in progress.


6# Foco Azul: social and editorial photography

In the Foco Azul photography studio, they offer various types of sessions: photography for events, weddings, editorial, family and communion sessions.

If you go to the client area of his New York-designed website, you can see a series of private galleries with public covers of some of his shoots in the client area. This is a great way for his clients to discover his wide range of shoots.


In the Foco Azul studio they have chosen for each private gallery (and login page), one of the most representative photographs of each session. In this way, just like their colleagues. Every time they create a new page to choose photos, they will be showing in a very subtle way all the reports they are delivering to their clients at the moment.

And in some collective reports, e.g. of schools, they have chosen to create an illustration for the cover photo and login background.


Surprise on your website with the delivery of images to clients

If you want to break away from the norm when it comes to delivery of images to clients. Opt for the different types of private galleries: selection, sale, download or multiple options that you can create with us and don’t think twice about how to send photos to a client so that they are really satisfied. At Arcadina we offer you the business solutions you need.

>> How to create a photo selection gallery for clients?

>> Create multiple photo galleries on your photography website

>> Delivering photos to clients? Use the private galleries

Add a representative image to display on the front page of the private gallery and on the login page, so that your customers will be pleasantly surprised. Because, to build customer loyalty, every little detail counts.

>> Start with Arcadina

With us, adding a background image in the login of a private gallery is a very simple and quick process that will add a more professional touch to this part of your online business. Here are a couple of our help articles so you can quickly set up how to send photos to a customer.

>> Client area – Gallery covers

>> Customer area – Private gallery login with background

And as we also strive every day to improve your experience with us. Today we want to share with you the opinion of our colleagues at La Ventana Indiscreta. This team of photographers has chosen to delivery of images to clients by creating a personalised poster for each of their sessions. It is also a very interesting idea that you can find in their private client area.

>> La Ventana Indiscreta Fotomatón talks about Arcadina

Before we say goodbye until the next article, we would like to know your experience about delivery of images to clients. Do you still do it in your photo studio or do you already have this process automated with the help of a website to choose photos from your website? We’d love to read your answer in the comments.

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Fulfil your dreams and develop your professional career with us. We offer you to create a photography website for free for 14 days so that you can try our platform without any commitment of permanence.

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