New formats Passepartout and Desk Block: your photos in methacrylate

1 Dec 2021

Today we are (once again) in a premiere, and since just a few days ago you already have at your disposal (and your clients) the new formats Passepartourt and Desk Block to print the photos of your sessions, or the images that you have for sale in your online store, through the Arcadina Labs section of your photography website. And we already anticipate that these will not be the last printing formats that you will be able to offer to your customers in a few months.

Because in Arcadina we know very well that one of the aspects that you have to strengthen to advance in your photography business and differentiate yourself from the rest of your peers, is to be able to offer your customers more exclusive products and services than the rest of your fellow photographers. And for this very reason, we are working every day to offer you an all-in-one business solution. Because we want you to be able to provide your clients with the most complete and high quality photography service possible.

Passepartout and Desk Block

“We present you the new Passepartourt and Desk Block formats: your most amazing images now also printed on methacrylate.”

Discover the new formats Passepartourt and Desk Block

A few weeks ago we introduced you here the new formats Canvas and HD Metal that you can offer to your customers through Arcadina Labs. And today we are going to show you 2 of the new printing formats that you already have available on your photography website. These are the Passepartourt and Desk Block formats with which your customers will be more than delighted.

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To activate the Passepartourt and Desk Block formats and make them available to your customers, both in your private customer area and in your online shop, just go to: management panel / online shop (or customer area) / formats and select (to activate) the Passepartourt and/or Desk Block formats.

As always, if you want to modify any data of each of the formats (such as price, description, available measures or images that can be displayed as an example), you can do it by clicking directly on the pencil and editing all the fields you need.

Your customers, when using the Arcadina Labs service (where they can send their own orders to print their photos directly in a lab without having to come to your studio), will only have to go to their personal album (in the customer area) and/or in your online store, select the photo they like and, in the shopping cart section, select the format they are most interested in (in this case Passepartourt or Desk Block), the size, vertical or landscape printing and the number of copies.


Passepartourt format: ‘your most endearing images printed on methacrylate’

Image courtesy of Floricolor ©

The Passepartout printing format is elegant, durable and gives a much more special finish to those more personal and emotional photos of your reports. With the images printed on methacrylate, your customers can give a little more particular prominence to the decoration of the house or workplace.

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What materials are used in the Passepartout format?

Image courtesy of Floricolor ©

In the Passepartout format, the chosen photograph will be printed on a metallic photographic paper and glued on a transparent methacrylate sheet (5 mm thick) that will give more body and notoriety to the image.

So that the photograph can be placed anywhere in the house or office (on any kind of shelves, on the table or on a piece of furniture in the living room), in the Passepartout print format, 2 supports are also included, also made of transparent methacrylate, which will act as stands.

Minimum sizes and resolutions for the Passepartout format

Image courtesy of Floricolor ©

The Passepartout format can be used to print photographs in the following sizes:

  • 21×15 cm, px resolution (2300 x 1699).
  • 25×20 cm, px resolution (2700 x 2200).
  • 30×20 cm, px resolution (3199 x 2200).
  • 30×25 cm, px resolution (3199 x 2700).
  • 30×30 cm, px resolution (3199 x 3199).

Desk Block Format: ‘photo printing on methacrylate that makes an impact’

Image courtesy of Floricolor ©

Sometimes, when choosing a format to print their photos in Arcadina Labs, your customers will be looking for a decoration with an original and resistant photo at the same time. For these cases, the Desk Block format will be ideal to place in the children’s room (and never break), in a special place in the house to decorate or even on the office desk of your workplace.

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What material is used in the Desk Block format?

Image courtesy of Floricolor ©

The material used in the Desk Block format will also be transparent methacrylate where the photograph printed on metallic photographic paper will be glued, but this time with a thickness of 20 mm! This will give much more volume to the chosen image.

Thanks to its great thickness, the Desk Block printing format does not need any kind of support or stand to stand on any surface.

Minimum sizes and resolutions for the Desk Block format

Image courtesy of Floricolor ©

The Desk Block format can be used to print photos in the following sizes:

  • 15×15 cm, px resolution (1699 x 1699).
  • 20×20 cm, px resolution (2200 x 2200).
  • 30×15 cm, px resolution (3199 x 1699).
  • 30×20 cm, px resolution (3199 x 2200).
  • 30×25 cm, px resolution (3199 x 2700).

Surprise your customers with the Passepartout and Desk Block formats available at Arcadina Labs

As you have seen in this article, the Passepartourt and Desk Block formats will allow you to offer your customers a much more exclusive and professional printing of images on methacrylate without having to leave home.

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Before we say goodbye, as always, we would like to know your opinion. Which of the Passepartourt and Desk Block formats do you think will be more successful among your clients? We’ll read you in the comments.

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