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13 Feb 2024

The best first communion photographer websites have one thing in common. They take care and update the content of their website before the start of each communion season. Because in order to sell more communion photos it is important that you show detailed information about your services, a well cared for and updated portfolio, offer a practical booking system so that your clients can book comfortably from home and, after the session, make life easier for them by delivering the images to them through an online gallery system.

Because there are studies that show that professionals who do not have a well cared for presence on the Internet, do not manage to achieve the desired sales. And also, in the case of communions, most families who are currently looking to hire a photographer, usually do their searches through the Internet. Therefore, today we want to show you a small compilation of the websites of communion photographers who are having the best results and who also rely on the business solutions that can be found in Arcadina and that help them to publicise their communion photos.


Learn how to improve your marketing strategy and take a look at what these websites of communion photographers have to offer.

Key elements that you will find in the best communion photographers’ websites


The websites of communion photographers that get the most bookings have several aspects in common that are important for you to bear in mind: they explain in detail what the communion service is like, they show their best communion photos in their galleries and they offer all kinds of facilities to families by offering them an online service that ranges from the possibility of making the booking directly from the website, to providing them with multiple options for viewing, downloading, purchasing images or printed photographs through the website after the report has been taken.

We have said it hundreds of times and we will never tire of saying it.

Just because you advertise that you offer a communion session, families are not going to hire your services. They need to know how you work, what you offer and how you are going to take care of them.

Business solutions that are a must for your first communion photography business

That is why, when it comes to informing your clients about this type of communion report through the web and offering them a totally professional service adapted to the new times, with Arcadina you will have many options at your disposal. Here we are going to give you some ideas:

  • Create a banner on the front page of your website so that your visitors can discover this temporary session as soon as they enter your website.
  • Write a service page where they can find out what this report looks like and see your available packs.
  • Answer all the questions your customers may have on the web.
  • Make it easy to contact them, create forms, add buttons that link to your contact page and add WhatsApp direct chat to your website.
  • It includes a photo gallery just to show the communion sessions.
  • If you write blog articles on this topic, many families will find you on the Internet through them.
  • Private galleries can also help you sell communion photographs.
  • Give your visitors the possibility to buy a first communion report through your Booking area.
  • Etc.

As you can see, there are many strategies you can follow on your photography website to make your communion photo sessions a success this year. Let’s take a look at some examples of communion websites that are on the right track, but first, we would like to share with you an article that will help you finalise all the details of your 2024 communion campaign.

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10 examples of websites of photographers who do communions

To give you an idea of how the best websites for communion photographers are focused at the moment, we have created a small compilation of 10 websites.

And don’t miss the recommendations we make to each of them so that they can improve the figures of their communion sessions this 2024. We think that you too could benefit from our advice.

1# Agustín Pacheco: Seville



Agustín Pacheco is a photographer from Seville who shoots wedding and communion photos. On his website he explains in detail how he works in these sessions, what his clients think after having worked with him and what his current rates are. He also dedicates a section to resolve the most frequent doubts and facilitates contact with interested families by adding a contact form.

If this photographer wants his website to become one of the best communion photographers websites in Seville it is important that he shows his visitors a wider sample of what the communion photos of their children can be like, it would also be interesting to include an online booking system and a private area to improve the user experience of his clients.

2# Beatriz Amigo Fotografía: Granada



Beatriz Amigo has her studio located in the city of Granada where she offers families the possibility of doing all kinds of sessions for children (newborn, infants, communions, pregnancy and Christmas), couples and weddings.

When it comes to promoting her first communion photos, this photographer has created a gallery exclusively for communion, she shows how communion albums can look like and has set up a space for her clients to leave a small comment about their experience working with her.

What we recommend this children’s photographer to do is to explain to families how she works, what she offers them and to make it as easy as possible for them to book their communion sessions and to receive the images.

3# Carlos Almau Photography: Zaragoza



The studio of Carlos Almau Photography is located in Zaragoza, where he does all kinds of professional books (beauty, children, maternity, communion and corporate) and wedding shoots. Specifically to explain to families how are the communion sessions, Carlos has created a section on his website where he explains how he works these reports and the packs he has available this year. He also has a gallery where he shows some of his best images and offers a private area for his clients to view, select and buy photos of this special session.

A strategy that many photographers are using to increase the number of bookings for these sessions is to include a booking calendar on their website. This way families will be able to book a communion photo shoot at any time.

4# Dani Fotógrafo: Zamora



Dani is a photographer from Zamora who specialises in wedding and children’s photography such as: communions, Christmas and family photography. On his website he has an extensive gallery of beautiful communion images that other families will be able to consult and for his clients he has set up client galleries from which they can send their images.

This photographer has a cover advert for a temporary session that has already finished, as a recommendation we encourage you to change this advert for a communion advert so that families are aware of it as soon as they enter your website. And if you also explain on the website all the options of studio and outdoor sessions and different packs, the bookings for this special session will increase.

5# El Meu Núvol Fotografía: Barcelona



Another website of communion photographers that we want to highlight is El Meu Núvol Fotografía. Behind this beautiful website is Anna, a photographer from Igualada (Barcelona) who specialises in children’s photography. On her website, families will be able to see a sample in her galleries of some of her reports, such as: newborn, pregnancy, babies, smash cake, children, family and communion reports.

Although this photographer has created a services page where she explains her main sessions, as a tip, we encourage Anna to include information about what her first communion sessions are like. And if she adds a Communion campaign in her Booking section, we are sure that her bookings will increase considerably.

6# Ferreres Foto Studio: Salamanca



In Salamanca you can find Ferreres Foto Studio, a photography studio that does sessions of: communion, Christmas, pregnancy, newborn, children, dance, boudoir, books and wedding reports, among others. Families who are looking for a communion photographer at the moment, if they go to their website they will find a page with information about the types of photo shoots they are offering at the moment.

A tip that can help to better organise the content of the sessions in this study is to group all the information from the different reports in the same space, e.g. “Information” by creating a submenu with each service page.

On the Booking page, you can also try to create a communion campaign to see if you receive more bookings through this medium. And if you dare to set up a private client area, we are sure that families will be delighted with your service.

In the following article we explain all the advantages and options that you can have at your fingertips thanks to private client galleries.

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7# Galerna Fotografía: Navarra



Marta is a photographer from Pamplona (Navarra) who runs Galerna Fotografía, a photography studio specialising in children’s photography, weddings and reports for professionals. Marta, when advertising her communion campaigns, has created a carefully selected gallery of communion images and so that families have no doubts, she also has all the information about these sessions available on the web.

Once the families have completed their communion session, Marta will be able to continue serving them through her private area where clients will be able to view, download and purchase more digital photos, printed images and any other product related to the communion.

From your own experience we know that by setting up a booking section, families are much more encouraged to leave their communion report booked and the deposit paid.

8# J M Reportajes: Zaragoza



In J M Reportajes they are specialised in making photo sessions of unique moments such as weddings and communions. People who are looking for a first communion photographer in Zaragoza and come to this website, will be able to get an idea of how they work by consulting their gallery of first communion images. And for those who are already their clients, they have created a private area to make the delivery of the photos much faster and more comfortable for both the clients and the photographers who are in charge of this photographic studio.

A piece of advice we give to Marisol and Javier, the photographers who run J M Reportajes, is to encourage them to upload more information about these sessions on their website. Families need to know what kind of photo shoots you do, what are the packages and answer all those questions they usually ask you every communion season. This is a very good way to get more requests for quotes through the web.

9# La Casualidad Fotografía: Burgos



In Burgos you can find a beautiful photography studio, La Casualidad Fotografía, where they mainly do wedding photoshoots and all kinds of children’s sessions, including first communion photos. On this website they have turned their blog into their portfolio, including complete sessions in each post they upload. And they have also dedicated a whole page to explain how these beautiful communion photoshoots are.

As an idea, we recommend José, the photographer who is in charge of this photographic studio, to create more didactic articles where he can solve the most common doubts of families, such as: “Locations for a communion session in the surroundings of Burgos” or “What kind of clothes can I wear for my child’s communion photo shoot? In this way he will attract more parents through his articles and they will be looking for a first communion photographer at this moment.

Once the families are on the website of La Casualidad Fotografía, it wouldn’t hurt to show them part of the portfolio in a communion gallery. And if they are already given the opportunity to choose the day and time for the report directly from the web, the increase in the number of communion sessions carried out in the coming seasons will be quite remarkable.

10# Mile Foto de Familia: Fuerteventura



And to finish with these 10 websites of communion photographers we present you the website of Mile Foto de Familia directed by a team of photographers from Fuerteventura who are specialised in making sessions with children, such as: newborn, children, babies, communions, smash cake, pregnancy and Christmas.

Families who enter this space looking for a first communion photographer will be able to enjoy a beautiful gallery of images, especially the outdoor reports. And in the first communion section they will be able to see, in addition to the packs, how they approach these special reports.

A tip that will make life easier for Mile Foto de Familia photographers is to incorporate a booking calendar. This way, while they are on location, families who want to book a first communion session will be able to book it themselves.

Does your website look like these communion photographer websites?

The secret to a good result for communion photographers’ websites is to offer families all the information on a plate. It is important to make this choice easier for them by showing a good portfolio and explaining all the information related to this special event, starting with the style of photography and ending with the packs you have for this season.

If, in addition to resolving all their immediate queries, you offer them the possibility of making their bookings through your website, you will have them practically in the bag.

And once you have finished your photo shoot, don’t forget to take care of the delivery too. If you do it online and you manage to get them to buy more products without having to come to your studio, as well as being totally delighted, you will ensure that they will repeat their experience with you and recommend you to their friends.

These and many other business solutions are available at Arcadina and, in case you didn’t know, you can try them for 14 days for free.

This time we are going to share with you the opinion of a wedding photographer who also takes photographs of communion and children’s sessions. This is Ricardo Lozano.

>> ‘Arcadina Labs is the present’, Ricardo Lozano

And to say goodbye, here’s our question: What websites of communion photographers do you think focus best on these temporary campaigns? You can leave us their websites in the comments.

Arcadina goes with you

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Arcadina is much more than a website, it is business solutions for photographers.

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