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20 Apr 2022

In the vast majority of cases, the photographers who sell the most first communion sessions are the ones who have the best first communion photographer websites.

Because families looking for a first communion photo reportage often base their choice on the websites of first communion photographers they find on their Internet searches.

That’s why today we would like to show you some of the websites of fellow photographers who take communion photos and who use a range of business solutions to promote this temporary communion campaign 2022.


“You too can be part of the best first communion photographers’ websites of 2022”.

What do the best first communion photographer websites have in common?


It is clear that the websites of first communion photographers that make these sessions most profitable have a series of aspects in common. Because in order to “sell” a first communion photo session, it is important to show it, explain it and promote it on the Internet. The truth is that you have a wide range of options to become part of the websites of first communion photographers in your town that close more photo shoots. You just have to know how to promote this temporary session.

Below, we are going to give you some ideas to promote your communion campaign 2022. But the truth is that there are many more ways to advertise this temporary report.

  • Create a banner ad on the front page so that your visitors can discover this session as soon as they enter your website.
  • Write a service page where they can find out what this report is like and what packages are available.
  • Thanks to the blog, your potential clients can know that you do these temporary sessions.
  • It includes a photo gallery just to show the communion sessions.
  • The private customer area can also help you sell communion photographs.
  • Offer your first communion sessions in your online shop.

As you can see, there are many strategies that you can use to get into the best first communion photographer websites. Below we leave you with an article where we give you more ideas to plan your 2022 first communion campaign.

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Front page advert on the best first communion photographers’ websites

This is one of the strategies that most first communion photographers’ websites use to attract the attention of their visitors.

A front page ad consists of a pop-up window that will appear to your visitors as soon as they enter your photography website. In this space, you can place one or several communion photographs and add a small text that will catch the attention of your readers.

It is a very quick and visual way to show your first communion reports to your visitors.

In this help article we explain the whole process of adding promotions to your site in detail.

>> Arcadina Help. Add promotions to your website

First communion services page

Once your potential clients are aware that you do this type of reportage, if they are interested they will want to know a number of things before contacting you, for example:

  • What is a communion session like?
  • Do you shoot in the studio, on location or both?
  • What is your style of photography like?
  • What packs do you have available?
  • Where is your photo studio located?

These are just some of the questions that parents looking for a first communion photographer will ask themselves. Having a professional website, as the vast majority of first communion photographer websites have, where you can explain this service, will help them to decide if what you offer fits in with their idea.

Gallery of communion photographs

In addition to explaining what a first communion photo shoot is like, it is important to show them an example of your work. If this year you have decided to innovate in the decoration of the studio for these reports or you have already done a communion report, creating a gallery of images on your website just for communion will be a great idea.

>> How to take the best communion photos? 3+1 tips for 2022


Blog with communion articles

If you know how to take advantage of the blog of your photography website, you will be able to make your first communion reports known to a much wider audience.

As a recommendation, don’t just focus your articles on describing each first communion report, you can also talk about:

  • Tips for mums who are organising their children’s first communion.
  • Recommendations for organising the day of the reportage.
  • It shows some of the locations where you do these sessions.
  • And answers the most frequently asked questions

>> How to create a photo editorial calendar?

Private customer area

Although the private client area of your online business is dedicated to offering your existing clients a space where they can: view, select, buy or download their communion photographs, you can also use this space to promote these temporary reports.

Thanks to a new feature we launched some time ago, where you can create public covers in private albums, your other clients or even your visitors will be able to see a sample of your latest reports.

And with one of the latest innovations we have launched this year, you are going to see an increase in the number of photographs in your orders, thanks to the quick purchase option.

>> New! Now available the quick purchase of photos in a single format

Online shop to sell communion sessions

This is another technique that many first communion photographer websites use. They offer their photo shoots for sale directly in the online shop.

This business idea is very practical for photo shoots where you have already closed the packs and where you have provided all the necessary information beforehand.

Those interested in your first communion photos will only have to enter your online shop, select the album of communion sessions and make the payment. In the following article we explain it in more detail.

>> Selling photographic services on the Internet: all the keys here

Arcadina Labs also for communions

Once you have done the first communion sessions, you can increase the profit percentage of each report by offering families a series of premium products. With Arcadina Labs your clients will be able to buy professional prints of their child’s photographs that they like the most from their own homes. Canvases, HD Metal or Passepartourt are some of the available formats.

>> Arcadina Labs now available in Europe

Discover the most amazing communion photographers’ websites

So that you can be inspired by the best communion photographer websites, we have searched for a selection of websites that know very well how to promote their communion photographs.

Front page advertisement

As soon as you enter the Bangkok-designed website of the children’s and wedding photographer Nacho Valverde Fotografía, your visitors will be able to see a pop-up with a selection of photographs to promote his first communion reports.


Services page

As we have explained today in this article, explaining what a first communion report can look like on your website is essential to capture the attention of your potential clients.

On Lanzara Photography’s Arizona-designed website, they have included a communion services page directly in the main menu of their website.



A very good way to show your visitors complete first communion sessions without overcrowding your image gallery is to use blog posts. This is the case you will find on the New York design website of Keña Fotografía.


Image gallery

Another strategy that most first communion photographers employ is to create a gallery of images just for these temporary sessions. On Carlos Ochoa’s Bangkok design website you will be able to enjoy a beautiful portfolio.


Private customer area

If in your online shop you add a public photo in each of the private albums, your visitors and potential clients, besides being able to enjoy a small sample of your photographs, will be able to see the volume of work of communion sessions that you are doing this season. A subtle way of showing all the families who have chosen you for this special occasion.

This is exactly what the photographers of the Tokyo-designed website of La Fábrica Fotografía have thought.


Online shop

And so that your agenda of communions this season 2022 fills up even faster, what better than giving the option in your online shop to buy directly a report. This idea has been put into practice by the photographers of the web with Arizona design Manuel Fernando Fotógrafos who offer in their online shop different communion packs ready to buy.


The best first communion photographers’ websites are in Arcadina

To get into the ranking of the best first communion photographer websites you can follow these recommendations. You will see how you will close many more first communion sessions during this 2022 campaign 😉.

This time we are going to share with you the opinion of the wedding photographer Ricardo Lozano, who also shoots communion and children’s sessions.

>> ‘Arcadina Labs is the present’, Ricardo Lozano

And to say goodbye, here’s our question: Which first communion photographers’ websites do you think focus their first communion campaigns the best? You can leave us their websites in the comments.

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