How to take the best communion photos? 3+1 tips for 2022


12 Apr 2022

The truth is that the best communion photographs are those in which the little ones are the protagonists themselves and where you can see that they have had a great time during the photo shoot. And if in addition to capturing their naturalness, you manage to bring out their funniest side. The first communion images will be the perfect souvenir of this great event for their families.

Because at 9 years old, spontaneity is still part of the children’s way of being and, making a fun communion session without forced posing can be very easy if you know how to win them over and create a fun atmosphere during the first communion session.

In this post we want to tell you about the best communion photographs that families like the most and how you can be one of the most requested photographers during this season 2022.


“Discover here all the secrets so that you too can take the best communion photographs of 2022.”

How to take the best communion photographs

Taking the best communion photographs may seem like a simple task if you are a family photographer. But the reality is that, although the protagonists may do their best, the best communion images don’t always emerge.

Therefore, in order to stand out from your fellow photographers, it is important that you take into account a number of recommendations:

  • Plan your session in detail. Leave nothing to improvisation. If you are going to do the photo shoot in the studio, have everything ready: sets, props, accessories, lighting and a large dose of patience.

  • Check the weather. The spring months are the most beautiful months of the year for outdoor photo shoots, but sometimes sudden storms and weather changes can also play tricks on you. If you already have an outdoor first communion session scheduled and rain is forecast, always have a plan B ready.

  • The games that children like the most. For the more shy children who you see that it will be more difficult for them to let go in front of the camera, you can have a series of fun little games prepared to give them confidence and help them forget about the camera.

  • Extra services that always come in handy. For these sessions where the family photo is almost a must, you can include the extra services of: a professional make-up artist for the mums, the possibility of inviting a special guest to the session (for a fee) such as the pet or the grandparents. And you can also add all the products that will be needed on the day of the communion, such as: communion reminders, signature books, or even a photo booth for the day of the celebration.

3+1 tips for an original first communion session

When it comes to planning each first communion session in detail and offering your clients the best communion photographs. You can plan several types of reports, so that no family will escape you when they ask you for information.

1# Pre-communion photographs in the studio


When planning a pre-communion photo shoot in your studio, if you want to offer a different product to other photographers, a good idea is to have a short interview with the parents to “personalise” (as far as possible) their child’s photo session. A good idea might be to have a short interview with the parents to “personalise” (as far as possible) their child’s photo session.

This does not mean that you have to do your photo shoots à la carte, as this would take up a lot of preparation time and the communion sessions would not be profitable for you.

But what you can do is to have several scenarios with different tones, props, decorations and styles so that the parents can choose 1 or 2 (depending on the package contracted) on the day of the photo shoot.

Other extras you can offer, in addition to 2 different sets, can be:

  • Photographs with the rest of the family (dad, mum and siblings).

  • A change of wardrobe for the first communion child. With this small detail you will be able to increase the number of photographs that families will finally buy from you when you show them in their private gallery.

  • A mini session at home. Although this session may be the least attractive of all. Since you won’t find the same lighting conditions in your clients’ homes as in your studio. You can offer it as a complementary service to your main reportage.

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2# Pre-communion photos on location


You can also offer your clients the possibility of an outdoor first communion session. Here the search for an idyllic setting will ensure 75% of the success of the session.

  • If you live on the coast, it’s very easy. You can go to a beach, the dune area or even the seafront. The sea, the good weather and a spontaneous smile will be the only ingredients you will need to take the best communion photographs.

  • And if your photo studio is located indoors, no problem. There will always be a wooded area, a poppy field, or simply a beautiful park nearby for a photo shoot.

  • Outside, you can also create a small decoration. Find a couple of trees and hang some garlands, lanterns or tulle fabrics. You can also use a teepee, which is very popular at children’s parties.

3# Pre-communion photos that become a dream come true


When considering what an outdoor communion photo shoot could be like, you can also choose to “sell” this first communion session to the parents as a gift for the girl who is going to make her first communion.

Talk to the parents and help them surprise their daughter with a double gift.

Chat about their biggest hobby or desire and help them organise a surprise photo shoot.

It could be going horse riding, going to the football field of their favourite team, visiting a special place or even having a first communion photo session with their best friend. The images from these sessions will be pure spontaneity and happiness and will become the best communion photos for the family.

3+1# Photographs on the day of first communion


These types of reports on the day of the celebration were a classic a few years ago. In fact, they were really the only ones that were done.

Nowadays, however, it is becoming more and more fashionable to take communion photos before the day of the celebration. And the truth is that many families miss having a souvenir of the day when their children are going to make their first communion.

Offering this other communion photography service will open many doors that other partners will not open for you. Take advantage of the opportunity and create the best communion photographs during the religious celebration.

How does Arcadina help you to make your communion images much more visible?

In Arcadina, with the help of your blog, fully integrated into your website, you can create a series of articles that will help parents who are looking for information about a first communion session to find you.

The blog, if you know how to use it, is a very powerful tool that will help you gain positions in Google for a series of very specific searches.

Here is the blog of the photographer Marga Aguado from Mae Fotografía.


If you are interested in this topic, here are a couple of articles that will be of great help to you.

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This year take the best communion photographs

Sometimes, taking the best communion photographs is not going to depend on extra training or letting your creativity flow. In the vast majority of cases, when you show a product where every little detail is well thought out and planned, the results are much more pleasing.

If you still haven’t planned your communion campaign, there’s still time. In the following article we give you all the keys to help you organise it.

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This time we want to share with you the interview of Gema Romero from Ilusiones Art Photography, who has a section just to explain what a first communion session is like.

>> Gema Romero: ‘I love what Arcadina looks like’

And to say goodbye for today, we would like to ask you a question: What factors do you think are most important when it comes to taking the best communion photographs? We would love to read your ideas in the comments.

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