How to sell sports photography? Find out all the options here

If you want to find out how to sell sports photography on your photo selling website to make a living from this exciting discipline. Today we are going to explain how you can make your sports reports even more profitable thanks to an online business that is well prepared and optimised for sales.

Because in order to know how to sell images it is important to know your clients (sponsors, athletes, organisers) and the other people who might be willing to buy your sports images, such as: athletes’ families, spectators or even fans of a particular sport.


“How to sell my sports photos? Here we give you all the keys.”

Things to consider when selling sports photography


When it comes to drawing up a strategy that defines how to sell sports photography on your photo selling website that will allow you to make a living from this work, you have to analyse several points:

1. Type of sport: because it is not the same to photograph a ping pong competition, where there may be 2 to 4 participants practically static in their positions, as it is to photograph a triathlon race where there is much more dynamism and competitors. How to sell my sports images?

It is interesting to analyse whether you want to specialise in a particular set of sports or whether you prefer not to close any doors to yourself in order to determine more precisely how to sell my images.

2. Selling methods: once you close your sports reports with the organisers of an event, that’s not the end of the business. If you organise yourself well, you can make your sessions even more profitable. You just have to find the necessary tools to do so and draw up a business strategy that will help you get more profit out of each of your sports photos.

3. Online presence: this point is essential to fulfil the previous step. That is to say, to make your sports images even more profitable. Sports are universal and are practised all over the world (with a few exceptions).

Think that at a sporting event you can interact with people (both sports professionals and fans) from any continent. Can you imagine being able to sell your sports reports anywhere in the world? If you pay attention to this article, you can.

Next we are going to share with you an article with more recommendations that will help you to define the most precise tactics to know how to sell my photos profitably.

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1# How do I know how to sell my photos depending on the type of sport to be photographed?


Whether you want to specialise in various sporting disciplines, or if your idea is to be able to photograph all types of sporting activities. It is important to consider a number of factors before defining how to sell sports photography:

  • Get to know each sport you want to photograph perfectly. In order to take stunning sports photographs, it is essential that you get to mimic each discipline. Know the sport perfectly, go to many competitions and be one of them on the day of the event.

  • Start with amateur competitions. In the previous point we mentioned that it is important to get to know the sport inside out and for this it is best to start from the bottom. Go to local competitions and little by little you will be able to attend higher category events.

  • Choose your camera equipment. Depending on the type of sport you choose, you may need to have more than one camera ready to shoot (one for close-range action and one for more general shots).

  • Pay attention to emotions. It is also important that, in addition to having photographs of the athletes in the middle of the competition, you also pay close attention to the final moments, those in which the emotion of the result obtained will be the main protagonist.

Below, we are going to share with you the work of some colleagues dedicated to sports photography to inspire you to sell photos for free (without paying commissions to third parties).

Examples of sports websites with sale of photographs

In the following article we have selected some of the websites of photographers who are dedicated to sports reportage with websites prepared for the sale of sports images.

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2# How to sell sports images on your photo selling website to Arcadina?


When it comes to “how to sell my sports photographs“, it is important that you establish a commercial strategy before each event.

As we mentioned above, not only is it important that you learn how to sell photos for free (without paying commissions to third parties) with the organisers of each competition, but you must also seek to make every shot taken during the event profitable.

To do this, go to the competition with your laptop and a pack of business cards with your details: specialisation, website, email address, telephone, etc… As well as helping you to attract new clients for future events, you can inform the athletes and the public that they will be able to download the photos of the event before the end of the day.

If you have a website ready to upload the photographs quickly and you have an online shop where attendees can sale of photographs, the profitability of your sports reports will increase exponentially.

This is one tactic for defining sale of sports images, but there are many more strategies to sell photos after a competition. The important thing is that you go to each event ready and willing, not only to take sports photographs, but to sell them to everyone who attends.

At Arcadina we are specialised in offering all kinds of business solutions adapted to photography businesses where you will be able to have a professional website and an online business that will allow you to sell photos in a professional way.

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3# A sports photographer’s online presence to boost sale of images


As you have seen in the previous section, it is important to be fully prepared for every competition, not only to take photos, but also to attract new customers and sell sports photos on your photo selling website to as many people as possible.

And for the latter, internet presence is essential. Think that the vast majority of people who will attend the event will not live near you. When you go to larger events, some attendees may not even live in the same country as you. It is therefore important to be prepared and to be able to offer them a system for sale of images that they can access from anywhere in the world, make their purchases and receive their orders at home.

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Direct sale of photographs to the public (online shop)

With the online shop, you will be able to offer all event attendees the service of sale of photo in digital format at any time and from any type of device.

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In addition to sell photos for free (without paying commission to third parties), you can also offer a photo shoot for sale, for example, so that sportsmen and women can have their professional book taken. They can instantly buy a photo shoot and pay for it online.

Private sale of images (customer area)

Having a private area to sell photos will also allow you to make your sessions even more profitable. On the one hand, you will be offering your main client an independent and private space where they can see and interact with the images (select, download, buy, share galleries, etc.) and, on the other hand, they will be able to place extra orders that were not included in the initial budget.

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How to sell my photographs? Use professional prints for sports reportage (Arcadina Labs)

Another line of business that you can put into practice is the sale of photographs printed photographs. From this type of sports reports, there will be many images that the protagonists will want to keep, not only in digital format, but also printed in a more special format. To do this, you have available on your website the service to sell photos for free (without commissions) from Arcadina Labs.

Thanks to the sale of photo with Arcadina Labs, participants of a sporting event, or even their families, will be able to place their own printing orders on: Canvas, HD Metal, Passepartourt (methacrylate), Desk Block (methacrylate), Express Print (high quality paper), Eco Poster (sustainable paper) and Retro Wood Prints (wood) and receive them comfortably at home.

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How to sell my sports photographs through my online business?


As you can see, you can get even more profitability out of your sports reports if you know how to define the sale of sports photo through your website.

In addition to closing contracts with the organisers of each event, you can:

  • Sell images digitally formatted to all attendees.
  • A range of more professional formats are available for the most striking sports photographs, with the possibility of ordering online and having them delivered to your home.
  • Offer participants the possibility to have a professional book made and pay for it on the spot.
  • Show your main customer a series of extra services that they can manage from their private area.
  • And many more business options to help you sell images.

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This time we are going to share with you the testimony of a great sports photographer, Manu Boutureira, who has solved the dilemma of “how to sell my photographs?” very well through the online shop on his website..

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Today we would like to end this article on “how to sell my sports images” by asking you another question: what do you think is the business solution that will bring you the most revenue from sale of sports photo? We’ll read you in the comments.

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