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1 Mar 2022

Selling sports photography through your website can be a very interesting and profitable business option. If you like sports and you specialise in sports photography. In this post we are going to show you how you can make your photo shoots even more profitable. And we are also going to introduce you to 5 colleagues who already make a living from sports photography.

If you are thinking about specialising in sports photography or you want to dedicate part of your work as a photographer to selling sports photography. Here you will find many of the answers you are looking for right now.


“The sale of sports photography has become a great business opportunity. With Arcadina, you can have several business solutions so that your visitors can buy your sports images comfortably from home”.

What is sports photography?

In sports photography reportage you have to take into account the dynamism of each discipline, be very attentive to every crucial moment of the competition and capture those unique moments that sporting events always give.

Whether it’s a relay race or a rugby match, the sports photographer has to be very familiar with the type of sport he or she is photographing in order to be able to anticipate every highlight and capture all participants at their best.


“In sports photography, being ahead of the game will be essential to take the best sports photo.

The sports photographer

We already mentioned this in the previous section. A photographer dedicated to sports photography has to know perfectly how the sporting events he or she attends are going to take place. This detail will be essential to know when the most spectacular moments will take place and thus capture in his images these unique moments of each athlete.

Knowing how to control the movement in any sports photo and having the necessary experience to capture those decisive moments will be essential for a sports photographer. Because except for very specific moments, the vast majority of the images will be taken when the protagonists are in action.


When it comes to sports photography, it is also important to have a good knowledge of the sporting event to be covered by knowing a series of prior data. For example: how many participants there will be, where the event will be held, how long the event will last, where the audience will be located, etc.

Advantages of specialising in sports photography sales

One of the great advantages of working as a sports photographer is that you can get a large number of clients from the same photo shoot.

You can contact the event organisers to cover their competition and offer them a sports photo package. These images can be used to promote your event in other media, on your website and on your social media channels.

And you can also make even more profit from the sports session by offering the attendees of the event. Here the business will be as much in the competitors as in the public, offering the possibility to buy images of the competition through your sports photography website.

“Sell photos of a foot, bike or motorbike race, a children’s football match, a taekwondo competition or a dance class. And multiply your income by selling photos on your website”.

Arcadina’s tools for the sale of sports photography

Among the business solutions that we offer at Arcadina, if you are looking to offer the sale of sports photography through your website and thus make each report profitable, you can use:

  • Private customer area. Where both the event organisers and the participants themselves will be able to buy their photos from this private area.
  • Online shop. Where anyone who has attended the competition or who is a lover of this sport, will be able to buy a photo of the event.
  • Arcadina Labs. To offer a range of more professional print formats to the participants of each event.

You can also create different price lists depending on the type of licence (private or professional), quantity or size.

>> Sample price list for sports photographers

And one of the latest innovations we have just launched is that your customers can now use the quick purchase option to buy more photos in less time. In this new option available in your public and private galleries, your visitors will be able to select a format, for example, 10×15 print, and select all the photos they want from the same gallery. No need to enter one by one to choose the format.

>> Quick purchase of photographs

Private customer area to sell sports photos

In the client area you can create a private section for each of the sporting events and offer the possibility for attendees to access this private section for:

  • View the images of each competition. You can arrange with the organisers a pre-payment from them in order to be able to offer competitors this service after the competition.
  • View and download the photos. If the event organisers agree to pay you for all the images you take during the competition, they will then be able to offer them to the participants free of charge.
  • View, buy and download the photos they are most interested in from each race. In this case, it will be the participants and family members of the sporting event themselves who will become your customers thanks to the sale of sports photography online on your website.


>> New: display a background image in the login of an album

>> New in the customer area: public cover on a private album

Online shop selling sports photos

In your sports photography business you can also include a section where you can sell your sports photos to anyone who wants them. This is your online shop and will allow sportsmen and women, assistants, or even fans of that particular sport, to buy your sports photos at any time.


With this type of photo sale with online payment and direct download, you can attend a competition and almost in real time, upload your photos to your website (Lightroom plugin) so that both event attendees and participants can buy and download the photos they like the most before the end of the day.

You will also have the option to sell each file at a single price or offer the photos for sale at different sizes, licenses (personal or professional) and rates.

>> New: redesign of the front page and shopping cart of the online shop and customer area of your photography website

Arcadina Labs ideal for sports photo sales

Can you imagine being able to offer the winner of a triathlon a photo of him entering the finish line in methacrylate format to place next to his trophy? Or a mother a photo of her child’s first competition in a higher quality format? Now you can offer these and many other services by activating Arcadina Labs in your Management Panel.

In the sale of photos, being able to offer your customers the sale of sports images in professional formats with the convenience of being able to place their orders from home and receive them at the address of their choice is a very interesting line of business for you.

>> Arcadina Labs now available in Europe

Examples of photographers specialising in the sale of sports photography

As you can see, specialising in the sale of sports photography can be very profitable if you learn how to get the most out of each sporting event.

Below, we are going to introduce you to a selection of 5 fellow photographers who have specialised in covering sporting events and who use several of the business solutions that we offer you at Arcadina.

1# Ashai Photo


If you want to see the work of a trail running photographer in Spain and other similar sports, on Ashai Photo‘s Tokyo-designed website you will discover Lluís, a mountain and nature enthusiast.

This sports photographer has attended countless competitions in mountain biking, motocross, swimming, cycling and triathlon. In his photo download section, visitors will find a short explanation of how visitors can download his images (for a fee).

2# Aritz Gordo Photography


In the galleries with Infinite design of Aritz Gordo Photograpy‘s website with Tokyo design you will see that there is no type of sports photo reportage that resists him: running, mtb, cycling, surfing or skateboarding are some of the sports photos that make up his portfolio.

Aritz, who is based in Mondragón (Guipúzcoa), thanks to his sports photography sales section, can reach sports enthusiasts all over the world.

3# Foto Deporte Online


Foto Deporte Online is a sports website run by photographers who, after years of specialising in press photography, have now dedicated themselves entirely to the sale of sports photography through their website with Tokyo design.

In their online shop section, you will see a series of galleries where they have for sale all kinds of photographs of: dance festivals, children’s football tournaments, tennis matches, and even images of various dance masterclasses. They are all events with the same business idea. To make a day’s session profitable by offering the largest number of interested people the sale of sports images.

4# La Fotógrafa Zurda


In Castellón you can find a fantastic sports photographer who is passionate about sports and seeks to show in each image the effort behind each competition. We are talking about the website of La Fotógrafa Zurda.

In the portfolio section of his website with NewYork design, you can see a sample of his sports photos and in his galleries the sports photos he has for sale.

5# Photo Crama


Between Madrid and Barcelona moves Marc, the photographer who is in charge of the Photo Crama website where, both the members of these sports competitions and the attendees, will be able to comfortably buy the photos of these exciting matches from their mobile devices or PCs.

On his Bangkok-designed website, anyone who wants to buy the images they like the most of the sporting events of women’s basketball, men’s basketball and women’s football can do so easily.

If you like sport, what are you waiting for to integrate the sale of sports photography into your website?

Selling sports photography is big business nowadays and with the business solutions we offer you at Arcadina, you will be able to monetise your reports even more by offering them:

  • A private area for organisers and participants to interact with the race photos (view, select, buy or share).
  • Online shop to offer sports photos for sale to anyone interested.
  • Printing of sports photos in much more exclusive and original formats (Arcadina Labs).

And to say goodbye, today we would like to share with you the testimony of another great sports photographer, Manuel Boutureira.

>> ‘Arcadina is a good product and good service’, Manu Boutureira

Here’s today’s question: what business solutions do you think are the most profitable for sports photography at the moment? We’ll read you in the comments.

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